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ROL G : No offense to SRV fans but Hendrix played SSB a million times better.

Pretty Girl : Came here to cleanse my ears after Fergie disrespected every US citizen lol

Jonathan Wilson : This would have to qualify as one of the greatest guitar performances in history. THIS is a big part of the reason Hendrix has ended up at #1 on so many "best guitarists of all time" lists and he deserves every bit of it.

ArbyTV : respect the classics man! it's Hendrix!

hunter severson : This is a super deep political statement right?

Ryan : My grandpa was actually in the crowd. He said this was the greatest musical experience of his life.

Natalia Kruschev : This was no anti-American song. This was no condemnation of the American people. This was a condemnation of the US government sending young men off to die in a war that we had no business being in. I hate communism. But we had no business putting our boys in a war where we could have just as easily remained as military advisors to the South Vietnamese. Jimi Hendrix did not hate America. Jimi Hendrix hated the war that the government forced young men to die in. Jimi Hendrix hated the Man.

mrdomofan56 : What's with Who Are You at the beginning?

Michael Garcia : Terrific camera work. We finally get to see the guitar at around 1:56.

KalebGames : Jimi Hendrix was way ahead of his time doing this kind of guitar playing in 1969.. This is truly amazing.

Pamela Doyle : THE JEMI HENDRICKS EXPERIENCE !!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎵🎵🎵🎵

strangeladae262 : I remember doing Jimmie Hendrix for my black history month project and played this for the class. I was in fourth grade.

rockerseven : If he were alive today and did this, Republicans would be blasting him for disrespecting the national anthem.

john ruthger : i wonder how many people in that audience realized that they were bearing witness to something truly special, to a once-a-generation act, a cultural moment even

MrRictusGrin : Just watched "Voodoo Child" on Netflix. He didn't even get to enjoy "doing something fresh" with his envisioned big band after a break from touring. Bummed me out. He sounded so positive about it, too. Although he did say at the same time, " I don't know if I'll make it to 28. I don't see myself being around when I'm 80..." Gave me the chills.

Peace sells : This is the Greatest moment in rock history without a doubt. God speaked to an entire nation with only guitar and without a single word.

Vinny Roth : listening to Jimi today on July 4th and proud as Hell to be an American!

michael allen : As a white, middle class, Midwestern man, I believe THIS should be the OFFICIAL version of "Banner" as it incorporates the tone of war, economic and racial injustice but also the positives and hopes and dreams of the U.S. in such a complex manner. Sadly, I do NOT believe the U.S. will go on forever. The Egyptians, The Greeks then Romans, various Chinese dynasties ALL thought they would never disappear. But I was stunned when I first played this in 1979 at age 15!: so jarring and so beautiful.

Sean O'Brien : Look at the stern look on his face @3:04 while he plays "taps", the tune played during soldiers funerals. this wasnt just a condemnation of the war, but the ballad of those who fought it. the respect and sadness for those forced to fight is there, you can see it in hie eyes.

Beavus And Bomber : Spec ops the line

Pedro Lopez : The only version that matters

Shayna Ratliff : What the F is wrong with u fools who gave thumbs down for Jimi Hendrix playing the star spangled banner? Idiots!

Aswin Anil : Now, this should be played at full volume at every NFL game.

David Ayarra : Home? We can't go home. There's a line men like us have to cross. If we're lucky, we do what's necessary, and then we die.

A TC : Play this for trump, in its full ironic suggestiveness.

Pelon 003 : Kaepernick not on this level

Clouded Mind : One of the most iconic musicians of all time if not the number 1

Rashaun Jones : Wow

Sean Rogers : My favorite version of our national anthem


Alexander Glinskiy : Look! No smartphones! How awesome is that? =)

Stealthy Raiden : Jimmy Hendrix's version of the Star Spangled Banner is powerful enough to go against The Soviet Anthem.

Mitch Rimland : Jimi served also. That makes this even more awesome !

GamingMemesFTW : When he does the part with the bombs and people screaming it gives me chills..

Allen Saunders : Fabulous

Alessio Riina : 2:21 is he tapping?

Michelle McDonald : the baddest MF guitar player to walk the face of this earth my OPINION

Jonathan Hylgaard : My father was at this concert, right before he was forced to go to Vietnam to fight in the war. Right before he left, he told me it was the best musical experience of his life. I never saw him again.

David Ferrara : why the hell is there a Who song going at the same time

TG Special : I don't think Jimi was making a political statement. He just wanted to play a kick ass version of our National Anthem. That He did.

dawson wood : And the fact that he did this wile tripping on acid is insane

Billy Corgan : Respect the classics man it's Hendrix

Mitch Ryder : Way ahead of his time is an understatement, Guys and girls now can't do what he did 40 yrs ago

MsCankersore : If they played this version no one would dare take a knee!!

JFJ C : Jimi was so cool 😎

Robert Lane : He captured the chaos and terror of War and Patriotism in 3 minutes. Top that.

Thugg Staz : Le plus gros clash de l'histoire de la musique.../The biggest diss track in music history...

Max Teicher : Favorite star spangled banner performance

Dark Boubou Fr : Who could have disliked this???

TheOuskie : Those football players can stand for this anthem... no need for a knee