Turner And Hooch - a muffin

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nia habeeb-ullah : I BROUGHT A MUFFIN FOR YA!!! Tom's yelling voice is hilarious

courtwilliams26 : I like how later on the owner of Hooch was like," He didn't even break the skin, this dog loves ya Boy." XD Lol

zOsirisS19985zXxI : One of my favorites of Tom Hank's movies. Man i don't see why a person wouldn't love this.

Lily Martin : best yeller tom Hanks :))

something clever : It would have been even funnier if Hooch had of killed Hanks. End credits. That's an ending that would have taken courage! Also I think it would have been a 10 minute movie. Hilarious!!! People would be like "What just happened?" "What did I just watch?"

Shrita Small : this never gets old

Lord Papi Darkwing : Hooch a mufffiiiin!! A muffin hooch!!

Willgregg10 : Dogue de Bordeaux

monika hug : Here doggie have a muffin lol

James Von Wald : Hooch is funny, that partner of Turner's never stop laughing after that part.

Chotabear : That flapping slobbery top jowl as he runs, just beautiful !!! :)

MDthornton83 : Hooch was one hell of a dog.

Diego Betancort : I love Tom Hanks on every movie than shouts hysterically.  XD

MischiefMeerkat : the Muffin, it does nothing!

Bill B. : This was such a great flick. I never get tired of it.

NickInfante1992 : 1:15 Carl Winslow is amused

xspondeex : I flippin' love this movie. I will never understand why Beasley wasn't nominated for an Oscar that year.

John O toole dog games : One off the best tom hanks films

Kristopher Alascia : I love the fact they used the epic theme from "2001 A Space Odyssey sprach Zarathustra" while The monster dog runs at Tom Hanks! Lmao!!! xD

Brian Tyler : You left out this funny bit afterwards: "I'm fine. I was looking forward to a nice quiet cup of coffee, BUT NOW I'M AWAKE!!"

Bob W : Can we all agree that Family Matters Dad is the worst partner ever? For all he knows Turner is getting his throat ripped out and he’s just laughing his ass off, having a grand old time.

Raul Salazar : I loved the ending in this movie after HOOTCH dies and Tom Hanks gets a new puppy that is cute and looks just like HOOTCH when he was a puppy!

Ypipable : Hootch and me go way back when peanut butter muffins with caramel chips were invented.

Raul Salazar : I believe Tom Hanks peed in that scene and sharted too all at the same time!

Ma'a Nunu : Best dog eva

Jerry Terry : smart dog

TheMotorman : Give him his 🍺 beer..He don't care for muffin

Apothegmatic Reality : What a lovely, well trained Dogue de Boudeaux!

Dave O : This reminds me of when I first met my wife. She had an American bulldog much like hooch, and I was like Tom Hanks with the muffin.

dylangiunta Dylan : Dylan

Amy Reid : Beasley is so ugly he's beautiful! French Mastiffs are in actual fact one of the most loyal, placid and loving breed of dogs out there. I grew up with one and she was my best friend until old age got her. I really do miss her. I hope Beasley was well looked after by his owners

John O toole dog games : What a dog 🐕


Cretinous Jester : Hooch ran that aisle. Styled and profiled. And proved- to be the dog.....you gotta beat the man......

UFC Videos : great film but K9 is better jerry lee the dog has more of a personality

Luke M : This is what you call a sleeper classic. Tom Hanks is wonderful as a cop with OCD whose whole world is turned upside down by a dog.

parkoristite na Samokov : Това е смешно

Lili Warrior : My dog was barking so loud she is the same type of dog and she went co co!

Noah Fike : chocolate chip hooch!!!!!!

BiG JuiCe : He's getting choked out by a dog and his partner just laughs at him!😂

Adam Palmer : Karl Winslow

Adam Zimmerman : 1:00 how my dog greets me when I get home

HEAVYMETALmovie1981 : I love French mastiffs :-)

The Roo : Tom Hanks best acting🤣

Eric Jacobsen : God do i love mastiffs

The Roo : Hanks has the clean cut, hard working American down to a T at this point

Makaveli Thadon : Not trying to be funny but hooch kinda looks like Samuel L Jackson.

Matthew Joseph : I'll be Shaking myelf😰