Turner And Hooch - a muffin

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nia habeeb-ullah : I BROUGHT A MUFFIN FOR YA!!! Tom's yelling voice is hilarious

courtwilliams26 : I like how later on the owner of Hooch was like," He didn't even break the skin, this dog loves ya Boy." XD Lol

zOsirisS19985zXxI : One of my favorites of Tom Hank's movies. Man i don't see why a person wouldn't love this.

something clever : It would have been even funnier if Hooch had of killed Hanks. End credits. That's an ending that would have taken courage! Also I think it would have been a 10 minute movie. Hilarious!!! People would be like "What just happened?" "What did I just watch?"

Lily Martin : best yeller tom Hanks :))

Shrita Small : this never gets old

Lord Papi Darkwing : Hooch a mufffiiiin!! A muffin hooch!!

James Von Wald : Hooch is funny, that partner of Turner's never stop laughing after that part.

MDthornton83 : Hooch was one hell of a dog.

monika hug : Here doggie have a muffin lol

Ypipable : Hootch and me go way back when peanut butter muffins with caramel chips were invented.

Raul Salazar : I believe Tom Hanks peed in that scene and sharted too all at the same time!

NickInfante1992 : 1:15 Carl Winslow is amused

Brian Tyler : You left out this funny bit afterwards: "I'm fine. I was looking forward to a nice quiet cup of coffee, BUT NOW I'M AWAKE!!"

Diego Betancort : I love Tom Hanks on every movie than shouts hysterically.  XD

Ma'a Nunu : Best dog eva

MischiefMeerkat : the Muffin, it does nothing!

Willgregg10 : Dogue de Bordeaux

John O toole dog games : What a dog 🐕

Jerry Terry : smart dog

John O toole dog games : One off the best tom hanks films

dylangiunta Dylan : Dylan

Apothegmatic Reality : What a lovely, well trained Dogue de Boudeaux!

Dave O : This reminds me of when I first met my wife. She had an American bulldog much like hooch, and I was like Tom Hanks with the muffin.

TheMotorman : Give him his 🍺 beer..He don't care for muffin


Amy Reid : Beasley is so ugly he's beautiful! French Mastiffs are in actual fact one of the most loyal, placid and loving breed of dogs out there. I grew up with one and she was my best friend until old age got her. I really do miss her. I hope Beasley was well looked after by his owners

Cretinous Jester : Hooch ran that aisle. Styled and profiled. And proved- to be the dog.....you gotta beat the man......

UFC Videos : great film but K9 is better jerry lee the dog has more of a personality

Noah Fike : chocolate chip hooch!!!!!!

Kristopher Alascia : I love the fact they used the epic theme from "2001 A Space Odyssey sprach Zarathustra" while The monster dog runs at Tom Hanks! Lmao!!! xD

Raul Salazar : I loved the ending in this movie after HOOTCH dies and Tom Hanks gets a new puppy that is cute and looks just like HOOTCH when he was a puppy!

BiG JuiCe : He's getting choked out by a dog and his partner just laughs at him!😂

parkoristite na Samokov : Това е смешно

Chotabear : That flapping slobbery top jowl as he runs, just beautiful !!! :)

Eric Jacobsen : God do i love mastiffs

The Roo : Tom Hanks best acting🤣

Matthew Joseph : I'll be Shaking myelf😰

Bill B. : This was such a great flick. I never get tired of it.

HEAVYMETALmovie1981 : I love French mastiffs :-)

Adam Palmer : Karl Winslow

Makaveli Thadon : Not trying to be funny but hooch kinda looks like Samuel L Jackson.

Adam Zimmerman : 1:00 how my dog greets me when I get home

Lili Warrior : My dog was barking so loud she is the same type of dog and she went co co!

sandy k : i love this dog !!!!

Çaroline Yvonne : Go go hooch go

Technotron G : hooch

-SKY- of Wonderland : Been ages since I saw the movie. To be honest, I really loved it as a kid because maybe I like seeing poor guy having to deal with the dog.

CJPrime931 : NOOOO!!! MUFFIIIN!!! D:

Du Over : My dog is a French bull mastif (the same breed as hooch) my mum made us watch the movie then two days later I was at my friends and when my mum came to pick me up she had a puppy with her😂😂😍