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MattVideo Productions : Blue xephos

RomaaPlays : *Youtube does not count as a channel*

TheRandomHat JF : Vsauce...*You where second, so close*

jigglymabob : this is some wacky gameplay

tellio : i like how youtube popped out of nowhere 2:48

et 37 : Ahh Ray, the good old days

Ash Stolley : Make an updated one

Daniel Burke O Donoghue : I find it sad that the comedy channels, the great ones that were really popular at the start are completely obscured by gaming at the end

Dy Ray : The video should be called "Largest *Growing* Youtubers"

TheGaming Melon : I know what the video should be called: The rise of PewDiePie

Cave Bunny : Kind of sad seeing the yogscast (blue xephos) slowly shrink and wither away.

Flower : the fight between youtube and pewdiepie was amazing

dwightx : I loved Ray William Johnson and Let's play but both rays left . Like if you know what I mean .

Whoopdeedoo56 : I'm there somewhere... probably the size of an atom...

Minino Is HΞRΞ : when pewdiepie join youtube A C T I O N I S C O M I N G

Laser Bean : King PewDiePie

Zimbo Gamer : so many channels have come and gone

ObjeQ : I can see myself in one of these bubbles.. Somewhere deep ;-;

KallMeQul : Wow. I especially love the short-lived things-go-viral times. Something completely explodes for one week, then dies the next.

Dario Casciato : wer suchte auch Julien Bam? :D


DannyOFTW : Who remembers when our profile pictures were square?

Pritter : I wish we had all the old channels with original content.

TL Mapping : Ray used to be big in the old days. What happe- oh right Kaja

ToxizZ : 1000. Comment

julie wilde : Where is no copyright sounds. He has 15Million

Afiq Afdal : OMG Pewdiepie had the longest streak #brofistarmy

ZungleIF : So the things are getting more cancerous as the time flows


Avada Kedavra III : Starting his top ten spot on 04-11 to 17-2012, Pewdiepie got the longest-reigning #1 YouTube channel with 19 weeks in reign and on 02-19 to 25-2014 got about 800k subs

Jesua Pinto Dorado : Wismitwo 😂😂

Trevor Altonson : It's kinda weird to think k that FPSRussia was the face of YouTube for a bit.

Tourning : 1:56 As the demon we now know as PewDiePie commences, The earth is doomed for all eternity

Davide Pellerano : It's fake

Davide Pellerano : Pew die pie is the most important

Djefan Rasyaffa : This is war

7공칠이7 : psy was first when 2012(when gangnam style lol)

iSubbb : Why did you have to make it look like agario

Senpai OC : more like greatest YouTube sellouts!

Prateek Panda : *its blowing up*

Egonics : Pewdiepie: 80 week streak

gaybe : lol nigh higa was almost always in top 10

Abhishek Singh : where is nigahiga?😭

TheDarkAbility : I jumped up when -unge- popped up xD He's a german Youtuber and I didn't expect him there tbh.

YoungLove Gaming : This completely shows the struggles of being staying and becoming relevant....

Richard Yu : You should make one that shows subs instead of growth.

ZyloxHD : Unge. lol.

karan Rawat : The title is completely misleading

Ben Dover : this seemed so wrong i belive that noone was never even close to pewdiepie since a certain time i don't remember but this tells us that pewds wasn't always the first. smells fishy.....

Northwind Draws : To be honest this is not at all helpful.