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MattVideo Productions : Blue xephos

Tuffie Tuna : 1:12 fucking rito xD

Dy Ray : The video should be called "Largest *Growing* Youtubers"

erjun : do you mean "RocketJump" by "freddiew" or does the freddie wong has a personal channel?

OwenB : RIP Yogscast man, they shouldnt be as dead as they're now.

m654 : Ahh, back when the biggest channel had like 100k subscribers.

Richard Yu : You should make one that shows subs instead of growth.

Whoopdeedoo56 : I'm there somewhere... probably the size of an atom...

TheRandomHat JF : Vsauce...*You where second, so close*

GrexTheCrabasitor : invisible children lmao

Trevor Altonson : It's kinda weird to think k that FPSRussia was the face of YouTube for a bit.

KallMeQul : Wow. I especially love the short-lived things-go-viral times. Something completely explodes for one week, then dies the next.

jigglymabob : this is some wacky gameplay

tellio 1000 : i like how youtube popped out of nowhere 2:48

Antoune : Haha Rebecca's channel going #1 for a week then falling down to Hell again

Splitterz : fucking VEVO....

Samirlekiller : Unlike other channels pewds just isn't going down without a good fight

Egonics : Pewdiepie: 80 week streak

Winx : Who is watching in 2017? :D

Daniel Burke O Donoghue : I find it sad that the comedy channels, the great ones that were really popular at the start are completely obscured by gaming at the end

jipjups : pewdiepie_in_the_thumbnail.mp4

Scarvolo : So riotgames is a music channel? :D

Cvm : 2:00 the rain of pewdiepie begins

Solublemoth : God some of the cancer that was on YouTube

Cave Bunny : Kind of sad seeing the yogscast (blue xephos) slowly shrink and wither away.

Jake Mapping : nice video you will become Big on Youtube i can see it

PYXEL : 5:27 wait, WHAT? I didnt think id see any german channel in here

All we had to do was follow the dang train CJ : I can tell this channel will get big...

Sminfin : unge........that fucking cunt?1

Whoops : 1:10 league of legends blew the fuck up

Rocky Do : ive never even heard of raywilliamjohnson

Sven Nero : What is this diagram showing? Subs per week or overall?

Dan Fox : would be nice to see this without the vevo channels, YouTube channels etc.

minty's old account : yourfavoritemartian was the shit

RetroBacon : GradeAUnderA would make this list if it were made today.

Hobart Grappledonger : Lmao when freddiew was a thing.

dwightx : I loved Ray William Johnson and Let's play but both rays left . Like if you know what I mean .

Sharbel Kh : This is agario on drugs

Emoticons : 1:11 i LoLed... pun intended

Daniel Brown : This should have had a clearer title that said most subscriber growth.

McDucky : I like how there's the occasional good channel popping up for a few days

slouch : Do new youtube accounts automatically get subscribed to the official "Youtube" channel?

gogotumor : unges #freiheit xDD er war auf platz 1 xDDD digga was

YC : what software are you using to visualize the data? is it like power bi or R?

Sarcastic Simon : Gee woulda thought the Game Grumps or JonTron would have shown up at some point. Same with h3 too

Yelooh : why is this video from Aug 2015 being recommended in Jan 2017

Matdrox : Wait, was Rito #1 once or twice on YouTube??

PiWiPi : Looks like

Ecl1psed276 : how the hell did you make that it looks so cool!

Nocsu : Not largest... it's most fast growing