A Way Out but we finish the game

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Kokoboi : **get's shot in the neck in what's absolutely a fatal manner, starts bleeding profusely** "He's bleeding out of his head, he's _extremely_ dead right now" **drags struggling body across tabletop, leaving a smear of blood** **through the power of god alone he somehow stands back up, clutching his neck** "Oh nah he's still good"

Ally_A : But Kevin... *Is tomorrow visiting day?*

DerpySnake : Despite only seeing some of this game and seeing it played unseriously, I gotta say the ending was a shock and made me feel bad.

Mert Karahancı : What's he gonna do, knock him out? "Proceeds to knock him out"

Anna Does Things : "Throw the baby at the cops, what are they gonna do, not catch it??!" genius 😂😂

Naömi Vélez : I guess we’ll never know if tomorrow is visitation day

Zap Actionsdower : "HA! jokes on you, im wearing a-AH FECK!"

Gemma Brown : His nose gets me every time

John Doe : SPOILER: So he was an undercover cop..................But cops were definitely shooting at him, lol

Golden Hammer : Yo Kevin, I didn't know u had enough friends to play a two-player game! Jk, love ur videos dude

Baikal920 : This game is an odd blend of boring and interesting

Alyaa Amir : Kevin is the only person who can make a gameplay/walkthrough fun and informative without having to watch a bore Ragnorgk numbers of episodes Edit: thanks for the 90+ likes 🖤 It would be really nice if you followed me on twitter @fluffkin101

Raychool : My twin really wants to play this game with me, but I pretty much know the entire game already. She told me to not watch these videos, but Kevin is awesome and I couldn’t help it. Also, my friend and I were texting each other and she meant to type “I’m” but it autocorrected to Jim, so I responded with “Jim Pickens?” She had absolutely no clue what I was talking about and even asked “who is he?” I was disappointed in myself because I realised I had not yet educated her on the fabulous channel of Kevin’s.

crazypants88 : Cheesy writing but it seems fun and gameplay's sort of original

Toknak. : That scene where you're surrounded after getting off the plane really reminded me of the ending to Red Dead Redemption. And now I'm crying.

Picture_of_a_Swan : Kevin I've been browsing your old channel and we're getting close to your old subscriber count again (Eventhough you'll probably end up with 5 million subscribers if you keep this up) and I just want to say how happy I am that you're making this content for us. You give all your subscribers something to look forward to every day and your humor is a perfect mix of inside jokes and just regular hilarious jokes. (+ whenever you're refrencing to old stuff that has happened, you always put a clip of it in the video) I've been sick for a week now and your videos make it bearable. Thank you for your stuff, it's beyond great.

Mike Collins : Everybody betray me! I fed up with this world!

Sunpeace : Kevin! You should play ”welcome to the game”. Cheers m8, luv ya

Daniel Verespej : I'm still here Kevin,I'm not leaving until I see that glorious Vampire the Masquarade Bloodlines gameplay.

Nuutti : Play more god of war

hentai guy : Jerking off rn good to have something to finish to

Mr.Plankton : The wheelchair thing reminds me of that one mission from gta San Andreas where you have that low rider car contest.

Wiggity Wack : I wasn't prepared for this to be over already D:

fred burten : I came across you on YouTube recently and you have been making my days way happier than they were before. Thank you

emtm319 : When u two laugh almost perfectly in synch=😇

Ryan Watt : Do the other ending 🙃

Rafael Alódio : I have a very important question that must be asked, Is this visiting day?

Hedgehog coyotecage : Me with an Irish accent goes “oh boyo don’t let Kevin drive”

ZomePeople13 : This was an awesome series, the game seems both amazing and derpy and watching you two play is really fun :D I'd like to see other cooperative multiplayer games on this channel, Max seems really cool :)

Ashworth Gaming : Finally kevo

LastLoneWolf FTW : This game is just a less impressive uncharted 4...

Patrick M : Why your thumbnails looking like the next bug ablum

Jakob Husson : Love this new Quentin Tarantino movie

Carl Rios : now you have to do the other ending right?

Hermione Granger : Please play Deathly Hallows

Mr C : This game is fantastic

Shogunate K : So this game stole ideas from Prison Break and Scarface and rolled them up into one unoriginal game; coolcool.

Toasterde : I allmost cried by this game ;-;

Jim Mount of olives : "What are your hobby’s?" "Unnecesary woodwork"

Ms MVP : You are the best gamer, Kevin! Please, you two, make more collaborations, your combination is just hilarious!

icy corpse : Kevin ruins EVERYTHING!

Sunpeace : Feckin amazing

Moscow Ghost : Kevin’s laugh......

Timo Fluit : Wait I don't get it. The guy who killed that other guy now drives away with the wife of the guy that guy killed?

Gluten Free : Wow

Avez : Oh fuk Im early

Rhinocerical : Brad Marchand escapes from prison

please be patient i have autism : The most unrealistic part is the way they kickstarted those bikes on the first try.

Dwarrowdelf : Can the end be the other way around, i mean, can the cop survive?

LosingSole : Hey I'm early. This is unusual.