I Lied To You - Janet Devlin - Official Lyric Video

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Get the song here! https://insomniamusicmanagement.lnk.to/D91VL I wrote about you. I'm not the best with words or apologies but I hope this makes up for it! If you like what you hear, I would be so pleased if you could help support ‘I Lied To You’ in any way you can - download it, stream it, watch the attached video - and of course, please share it out as best you can. Sharing is caring I MAKE MUSIC! Stream it here - https://goo.gl/paoHR6 SUBSCRIBE to my channel - https://goo.gl/XLtVKC ENABLE 🔔 to receive notifications Website - http://janetdevlin.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thejanetdevlin Twitter - https://twitter.com/JanetJealousy Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/janetdevlinofficial/?hl=en Sign up to Janet's mailing list for updates & exclusives - http://eepurl.com/Kw_yP

Comments from Youtube

EMOTION BIG LIFE : Just what i needed, i strugle with pain and cancer and this showed me how i lie to myself . ...i just said to myself, e you are sick...very hard to admit that....hug Janet.

Leo Delperdang : You nearly knocked me over with a hug when Paul introduced me to you at Union Chapel, you bounded off the stage at Hertferd to give me a hug when I showed up unexpectedly & you chatted with me for an hour & a half when you should have been rehearsing for a StageIt. There is no way you are not a caring appreciative human being so you will always have a place in my heart & you will always be a friend that can make me smile.

William Winder : The crulist lies we tell are the one we tell our selves

IBTV - Internet Broke the Television : I still picture you with a bow and arrow being Brave

Carl Sohlman : Been thinking all night about what you can lie about that would make me not like you anymore and so far I've come up with nothing. The song is really good and I'm super excited for what's to come in 2019. 😍😀😘❤️🎶

Kevin Carney : I'm not crying, you're crying

Benjamin Wagener : So beautiful. Love your voice and how you use it to express emotions. Thank you!

MAGICDRAGONPETE : Just amazing. Seems strange without you giggling at the end, though :)

Jack Medcalf : Simply magic!

Rick Fron.music : Comment 216, maybe never to be seen but it doesn't really matter. This song is so beautiful. It's one of those songs that can take on it's own meaning to whom ever listens to it. For me it tells a story of someone who lies about there love for someone so as not to hurt them. But the truth is there was never real love it was just a lie. Like I said that's how it plays in my head.....Janet keep being you, your amazing ✌

Famous Things : That's so freackin amazing and incredible 😭😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️😍

2BarrelShotgun : alright let's listen to this on loop guys and get those views up :)

Alison Winters : It was stuck in my head the whole day after hearing it first. It does hit some personal feels. it's awesome.

Peppers : Thank you for feeding your fans with such beautiful music. We appreciate ya!

Ryan True : This is an amazing song, it's so powerful and emotional

Star Dust : Ahhh this needs more views it's frustrating. P.S. video please Janet!

ali saad : Keep going Janet we love you so much ♥️♥️.

Rick Chambers : Top Top ;)

Bobby McDowell : Thank. You. From long. ISLAND. Ny

Joe B : It's amazing Janet, very soulful and moving, the emotion in the lyrics is so intense. Congratulations on it's release!

hannahbrockmannn : wow janet this song spoke to me. awesome song :)

Fly Boy : Hi Q.T.Pi -- Haven't heard from you in a while. Glad you popped up today of all days; it's been raining forever (3 days), but for San Pedro that's forever - LOL. Truly like the new mix, but I cannot help but wonder who it's really about that was in your life at the time. Will never ask, hope you don't tell. Padriach Kelly aka: Flyboy of San Pedro, SoCal, USA -- Peace/Out.

SevenWings SevenWings : No deal with liers! :-)

will : Love that you can hear that signature accent. Ugh, so good it's a killer. ❤️💔

Franny Becker : Parabéns belíssimo canal super 🌹 Saudações 🇧🇷 Love 💚 You.

Mark Conway : Beautiful & Lifes Lessons 💞 Hugs to You Janet. 💗🎵

Michael B Perry : Thank you Janet Devlin for the beautifully sad song, And the images of your beautiful solemn face haunts me. God bless the Irish girl.

Gods punishment : I forgot how amazing your voice is

Ahmad Ibrahim Vlogs : Ur channel is my comfort zone ❤️❤️😍 i wish i can find a girl like you where i live, ur perfect

Dana Rasmussen : Super.I really prefer your original music to the covers...

Andy Rodriguez : I must say, looking good, I imagine this being played in a movie, two thumbs up if it does haha! <3 xx

n9iui : Wow. Janet, I love your sweet voice, and your Irish lilt. Hugs!

Miraculous Tikaani : I loved your music and now I love it even more!

93aceboydean : This is beautiful

Joe Richards : Don't forget guys, in the words of Janet herself, "There will be vinyl if you want to be more modernly retro... "

Constanza Pereira : Hermosa 💙 Beautiful Xoxo dron Argentina

Scott Taylor : recently discovered your channel after listening to your cover of I see fire and it is one of my favorite versions of that song by far. I would love to hear your version of If you still believe from Legend of Dragoon.

Jkrandall645 : One of my favorite new artists! So refreshing to hear such an amazing angelic voice!

Riley Lowe : *Top 10 underrated artist of 2018*

Duy Huỳnh : your voice is still here, thanks for do this art!

Rick Chambers : Top👍

Darren M : Another brilliant song Janet Your voice is WOW WOW WOW absolutely love and adore your music

Pluto. Goofy : Do you still sing and post to YouTube regularly? Don't give up on it girl! Your voice is beautiful!

Pokemon Pokemon : Janeeeeeeet, where did you go on social media??? 😢🤕

Michael Curtis : That was lovely Janet. Lots of love, Mike.

Robert Barnard : Wonderful , powerful and emotional song .

Coolbreeze Productions : thanks Janet It's a very beautiful song.

candortube : You're not the best with words? That's a lie you tell yourself :) And the song... so beautiful. so sad, so true. Something we all do.

a guineapigs life : Gorgggg😍😍😍