I Lied To You - Janet Devlin - Official Lyric Video

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EMOTION BIG LIFE : Just what i needed, i strugle with pain and cancer and this showed me how i lie to myself . ...i just said to myself, e you are sick...very hard to admit that....hug Janet.

William Winder : The crulist lies we tell are the one we tell our selves

Leo Delperdang : You nearly knocked me over with a hug when Paul introduced me to you at Union Chapel, you bounded off the stage at Hertferd to give me a hug when I showed up unexpectedly & you chatted with me for an hour & a half when you should have been rehearsing for a StageIt. There is no way you are not a caring appreciative human being so you will always have a place in my heart & you will always be a friend that can make me smile.

Carl Sohlman : Been thinking all night about what you can lie about that would make me not like you anymore and so far I've come up with nothing. The song is really good and I'm super excited for what's to come in 2019. 😍😀😘❤️🎶

hannahbrockmannn : wow janet this song spoke to me. awesome song :)

Benjamin Wagener : So beautiful. Love your voice and how you use it to express emotions. Thank you!

Kevin Carney : I'm not crying, you're crying

Rick Fron.music : Comment 216, maybe never to be seen but it doesn't really matter. This song is so beautiful. It's one of those songs that can take on it's own meaning to whom ever listens to it. For me it tells a story of someone who lies about there love for someone so as not to hurt them. But the truth is there was never real love it was just a lie. Like I said that's how it plays in my head.....Janet keep being you, your amazing ✌

Ryan True : This is an amazing song, it's so powerful and emotional

Alison Winters : It was stuck in my head the whole day after hearing it first. It does hit some personal feels. it's awesome.

MAGICDRAGONPETE : Just amazing. Seems strange without you giggling at the end, though :)

2BarrelShotgun : alright let's listen to this on loop guys and get those views up :)

Joe B : It's amazing Janet, very soulful and moving, the emotion in the lyrics is so intense. Congratulations on it's release!

Dana Rasmussen : Super.I really prefer your original music to the covers...

DaOneFame : Wow wow this is amazing song 💙 💙 💙 💙 slay girl!!

wizkid2000 : Amazing song. I hope this leads you to the path of forgiving yourself.

Steve fromOz : Wow this is a beautiful song! A little bit country, a little bit ... Irish ballad! So nice Janet,thank you. Love the strings, have downloaded on iTunes and ordered CD from your store. Looking forward to your album Confessional next - can hardly wait! 🙂🌹👍

James Pywell : This is the perfect soundtrack for a breakup scene in something like Greys Anatomy! You have such a gorgeous and beautiful voice Janet. Love you! x

Star Dust : Ahhh this needs more views it's frustrating. P.S. video please Janet!

Famous Things : That's so freackin amazing and incredible 😭😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️😍

9bike9 : You can lie to me as much as you want as long as you do it in person.

DERICK MACDONALD : Absolutely stunning my love my angel my saving grace forgiveness is all I do and I'm sorry I lied to you. FORGIVENESS GRANTED BUT NOT NESSISARY IN MY EYES MY HEART AND MY SOUL YOU CAN DO NO WRONG FOR EVEN YOUR LIES TELL MOSTLY TRUTHS you are and always be the sweet songbird who like an owl swooped down and swept up this little door mouse and gave my music back it's tune.

Randy Mallaley : Oh by the way I'm half Irish .Randy mallaley .

Jens Liebgott : This is the best song i heard in the last Time, absolutely amazing!!! I just love this Song! The instrumentals are perfect for this song and your beautiful Voice makes it perfect. Please Janet, never stop making music like this. =) Thank you for this song!!

Radagast LOTR : Dearest Janet, I've been watching your evolution since the talent show. You are genuinely gifted with unique voice and presence, I totally agree with your other admirers. This song is so emotional and sincere that it simply elevates our sadness to ... the very relief from it. I surprisingly found out that, after "polishing" the REPLAY button by repetition, your sorrowful song makes me ... happy! I keep wondering: if your sad song can make us smile and feel great, how exquisitely inspirational might be a joyous one, sung and composed by you? SURPRISE US MORE!... BRAVO BRAVISSIMO! Best regards from the Netherlands

Remi Plutschow : You must be a very lovely girl

Joe Richards : Don't forget guys, in the words of Janet herself, "There will be vinyl if you want to be more modernly retro... "

Snazzareth : You’re perfect!

Gods punishment : I forgot how amazing your voice is

Bobby McDowell : Thank. You. From long. ISLAND. Ny

Peppers : Thank you for feeding your fans with such beautiful music. We appreciate ya!

Gaming Lincs : Janet - does this mean that you've been forgiven? I can remember you performing this in the Engine Shed @ Lincoln. It was a moving performance. If I recall correctly, you said that you weren't going to release the song unless you were forgiven (or your apology was accepted).

MrRedScorpion1 : I don't know if you will actually read this. I am a Veteran, and I suffer from PTSD. I Can't seem to get close to any one any more no matter how much I try. So, I lie.

Ken Therapy : If you want to go, I understand....It's enough to keep everyone listening with open mouth.

93aceboydean : This is beautiful

n9iui : Wow. Janet, I love your sweet voice, and your Irish lilt. Hugs!

James Berryhill : Lovely.......just Lovely!

yLeprechaun : My God, could you be any more gorgeous? What a heavenly voice, always.

ANTON J.B.R. : Congrats Janet ! This song is genuinely amazing... My sad a** is now depressed but damn it's a fantastic piece of music you just made there 🎶👽🖖🏻 again: congrats for this amazing job ! And congrats to everyone in your crew who contributed to the making of this song ! Much luvvvv 😘

Andy Rodriguez : I must say, looking good, I imagine this being played in a movie, two thumbs up if it does haha! <3 xx

Mari Swart : Wow...this is so beautiful... Love it.

McShortNfat : What an emotion provoking song! Conflicting emotions at that. Well done, as usual.

Jkrandall645 : One of my favorite new artists! So refreshing to hear such an amazing angelic voice!

chetox : it showed up in an ad but the voice got me also the lyrics ugh poetry

Bohemoth : I've lied to people I care deeply for. This song is not an answer or an excuse, but it helps.

ALEX LIZARRAGA : beautiful song thanks for sharing, shout out from Mexicali, Mexico

Scott Taylor : recently discovered your channel after listening to your cover of I see fire and it is one of my favorite versions of that song by far. I would love to hear your version of If you still believe from Legend of Dragoon.

Richard Razonable : Wow amazing song janet:-D

Paul Barnes : When is the next stageit Janet? It must be very soon, I need a bit more Janet :)

Michael B Perry : Thank you Janet Devlin for the beautifully sad song, And the images of your beautiful solemn face haunts me. God bless the Irish girl.