In my feelings challenge

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Zoe chavarria : 🖕 the haters, Dope but crazy..👍👍

Chester Sopczak : The 3 thumbs down are from the California Highway Patrol.

james wisniewski : You won the challenge cant nobody beat that🔥

DJLitProductions : that car honked like stuntermegaman didnt know he was standing on top of his bike like lol 💀

Jason Bmx : You should start to motovlog

Youtubez : How does the motorcycle keep going without him holding the throttle?

Kryisz Flint : I need to know who you are. I've been on a serious hunt to figure this out. Not in a creepy way, I swear. But if you have fb. Search Krista Richardson. I've officially become your biggest fan.

I miss Lil peep : This is how you live life

FelishIsLit Bazley : This was the Fucking best he won the challenge it's over he won props to this dude

MM B : Love it! I did the challenge myself, but in the rain...Stop by and check it out! Much love...from Chitown!

Art Cutor : the only acceptable one lol

Shaelynn : Where can I find me a man like this

Red_Panda_Nation VCK : Reaction time reacted to this man

The Retro Surfer : Absolutely killed the challenge!

DiBi : Wow I saw it and I said that's the best video !!! Start motovlog. I was trying it but it's hard for me to stay on Moto :D gj bro 🇵🇱

Braap Bro : You are my spirit animal

scabab : Risking peoples lives just for YouTube views. That's the world we live in now.

Don Atello : this is better than all the thots combined

mark snyder : This is beyond legendary

NightDreamer231 : I love it so much, one of the top ones I’ve seen, but how did you stop??

ducks can moo too : Me trying this 1 day later.... tragic death by keke do you love me challenge EDIT: thx for the highlight

stop now : How are you not falling lmao

Abdul Dayyan Noraschid : Just imagine a cop behind his ass

alizandra was here : Killed it

Makamae Abella : I subscribed and notifications on

DezyPlayz : That boy is CRAZZZZYYYY dang

Delilah-starr Dagoulehi : I loved this too much.

Dian Robertson : Nice moves, he seems hot

Beanie & Zay : dope

N.45 : my dude really breaking it down this is my favorite of them all

TheAvocado : Dude you desevered to be in the "In my feelings" video

cr4zyfox39 xd : THATs IT HE WON (next week someone does it on a plane) ...

Jonathan Macagba : He’s hella dope

randomkdjwjjsj dkdjjeejjsjjdhejsikqohsbds : what is bike brand

scary foxy : You are legent and your motocycle 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😘🙌

chris13779 : Who did it better will smith or this guy

Jman 51 : I can't stop watching this

theAZKABANinmate : challenge dominated in 1 take IMO.

Jman 51 : I want to be this cool

joe joe : This madman videos up in the look in the media hoooo 🤗🤗🕺

popwiner 1234 : Are you crazy

Griffin Myers : amazing

aaliyahsmommy1608 : Legendary

beasting Owl : Dude this guy is dope I look up to him know😂😂😂

Nathan Pham : This same dude did the same thing but with a song called "Rocks"

Jman 51 : How hard is standing on the bike?

hail ally : i’m a fan

Cdog2708 : What bike do you have??