The Apple Store Genius Bar Broke My $5,000 iMac Pro
The Apple Store Genius Bar Broke My 5000 iMac Pro

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Getting your iMac Pro repaired is even harder than expected... Update video - Apple's new iMac Pro is a $5,000+ machine but many users are reporting that Apple Support isn't servicing them—even under warranty. They repaired ours, but the Genius Bar destroyed it in the process. What a disaster! Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on Instagram -


RadicalEdward37 : Honestly, the fact that apple calls their repair technicians "genius's" continues to be the most hilarious thing to me.

tyson145 : Apple is digging their own grave. Crappier products with less features and higher costs. There will come a day when Apple falls like Blackberry did.

The Farter : I wish I had a 5 grand pc. It would have a 9900K, 64gb of 3200mhz ddr4 ram, 2x 2080ti's, a custom water cooling kit and another 2x pg279q displays to make a 3 multi monitor setup. It would be a beast

Rusty : when Steve Jobs was CEO: We're here for innovation. now Tim Cook's CEO: We're in it for the profit.

Born Again Farm Girl : I’ve never been so excited to not have $5,000 .

jack steel : Just got a GTX 1070Ti for 290 dollars, why would you ever buy a PC for 5K dollars

Luis Lopes : I remember how proudly Steve Jobs would anounce that Apple had the best customer care. Well done Tim Cook - it`s not lack of money, it`s not lack of creativity, it`s just bad management.

ItsJxcob : Solution: buy a windows PC

Silentype Student Producer : I like how they call their employee's geniuses and yet they can't get the job done without wrecking your computer.

Noel López : The real mistake was buying an apple product.

IIPixel : When you have to worry about if the people fixing your device broke it too... Apple at its finest.

john m : You should send Tim Apple an email about this.

Jordan C. Wilde : You got appled. Everyone, buy a PC, if it break at least you can repair it.

Moony : And people still throw money at them...ah well!

B P : unfortunately your first mistake was buying an apple product.

Ben Braunstein : Just curious Quinn. Why not run down to the local hardware store and buy identical sized screws that are stronger than the shit Apple includes ?

msbrownbeast : You spent your hard-earned money on the wrong brand. Stay away from poison apples.

Raphael Nollau : Stop buying Apple ffs Also watch Louis Rossman, he is awesome

Vitor Salles : "i dont know why..." It's amazing how many people are still blinded by Apple even tho we are in 2019

IIPixel : For Christ’s sake just stop buying apple products! They suck! The only thing good is the original iPad series!

IIPixel : Apple, where we screw up and charge you a ridiculous amount to fix it. 😄

Electrics : and next year you'll buy the newest iMac like every mac user. y'all have the memories of a gnat

NP4030 : Really it shows how stupid Apple Sheeple are they would pay $80 for that adapter.

The Anthropologist _Forensic : You lost me at "I spent $5,000+ on an Apple Computer".....

Felipe Angiuli : The amount of times he emphasized his computer was “$5000+” like wE gEt iT

Grand Tickler : yet people are still buying apple products, thats the biggest joke here

Apex : Have you considered suing them for all this

theNecksLevel : Lolol, did anyone else notice the "you gotta be freaking kidding me" he said under his breath at 10:11? I rewound it like 5 times, lol.

SpiderEyes : And in today's lesson. We will be teaching you how to change the mounting bracket on your iMac Pro, using an angle grinder, a crow bar and some 50 grit sand paper.

maajkemii : $80 for that shit LOL but hey, it has that shiny logo I guess...

random sonic : You have a lot of patience my dear man, I say is time to break free from the failing Apple eco system

Poop Poop : Hey I have a “genius” idea, don’t buy APPLE

DAN IT UP : Do you know how many Hoes i can buy for $5000. Such is life to each his own.

Istir : Louis Rossmann warned us about this...

fenafeses : instead of telling their customers that the stand cant be removed instead of telling their customers that the screws are cheap shit they make you go through the experience IT'S A FEATURE

starlite556 : I  would stay  away  from  Apple  period because they  are a  dishonest  company.

Johnny English : I just realized, someone who's job title "Head Genius" can't be bothered to arrive when his shift is supposed to start, but 1 HOUR later!!!

spoder men : "the genius", that always sounds sarcastic lol

Cub In : Your first mistake was buying an iMac

zivex : $5000 for 60 FPS, and there's a 70 dollar graphics card that gets 60 FPS

Erik Ahl : 80 dollars for a peice of metal that holds the screen.....yeah apple

Lord Young Dagger Dick : The fact that this guy is surprised his apple computer is broken

Tony Sweet : Louis Rossmann of ROSSMANN REPAIR GROUP is better than any “genius” repair guy.

Fishxii ? : 3.5 million people are never going to buy a mac

Hyp3rR4lph YT : Miscrosoft: Like Apple: Comment

Aryan Curry in a Hurry Gotur : The worst designed Apple product is the Magic Mouse charging system.

KNIGHTFALL : should've sued apple guaranteed, you'll get compensated XD

WuzNab : 5000$ Mac.... Or An extremely, and I mean, extremely beefy computer, with all the best components on the market.

Nathan Idk : You broke your own thing, the proper way to use an Apple product is to leave it in the box forever and to just admire it 10 feet away Omg thanks guys for 500 likes!