The Apple Store Genius Bar Broke My $5,000 iMac Pro

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Louis Rossmann : You're buying it wrong

E E : Life-lessons: Don't buy any apple product.

Kyran Barber : 10 out of 10 this guy buys another apple product. It's not his fault, he got brain washed by the apple cult.

smiro : What kind of narcissistic megalomaniacs refer to their techs as "geniuses" anyway?

troy mclure : look, let me explain something to you... Apples products are made to target a specific type of user. a dumb one with too much money. If you are willing to dish out 5k for a freaking prebuilt with 0 upgrade-ability (and much less performance than a custom built PC at the same price point) . Than they assume a lot of things about you. They assume that you will probably have the machine for 2 or 3 yrs tops and than dish out another 5k for another prebuilt with slightly better specs. They assume that if your Mac breaks down, that you will just throw money at it until it works again.

SpiderEyes : And in today's lesson. We will be teaching you how to change the mounting bracket on your iMac Pro, using an angle grinder, a crow bar and some 50 grit sand paper.

Jason White : You bought an apple computer, thats your problem.

rio kos : you lost me at I bought something from apple

002 : Just buy a pc...

chrisderwicht : Apple is mucking around rich People, who have too little knowledge about PC Hardware. Apple is a master in legal scam.

EposVox : Thus the whole point of paying more for Apple is basically defeated.

epsleon : "I've been buying Apple pro machines for years and I have always received top tier support." Maybe that's the problem, you keep going back to them. If a company makes products I have to call support more than once for, they no longer get my business.

Jaosn Fuller : Any windows PC users would say... "why the **** would you go to a genius bar" and spend weeks waiting for them to take it apart and put the same screws back in.  Any windows PC users would have just went to a hardware store and spent $1 for stainless steel screws.   Save yourself weeks and money rather than go to a apple store.

Joseph Eber : I can buy a car that will last me atleast 5-10 years for $5,000 dont buy apple lol My $1200 custom PC out performs this $5000 mac.

Jim C : buying a $5000 mac computer is wack

Joker Productions : And this is why I build my own computers. I am THE GENIUS.

Richard S. : Funny That He says: Oh, I'll probably leave it on the Vesa now, since it is broken! typical Apple fanboy, just accept any shit Apple gives them! Unbelievable

Christian Escudero : $5,000 ? Why do people even consider paying that? Lemmings.

Ivan Ivanovich : You payed $5000, for a basic ass computer that you can't even upgrade or run any real games on. Sounds like you're on the same level as the "Genius Bar".

claude nobs : when are people going to educate themselves? apple is really expensive cheap hardware

Istir : Louis Rossmann warned us about this...

TheDizizope : You should goto Ace hardware and buy new screws with the same size and threading made of steel. And you'll never have this problem again.

SeroGrave : It's Apple's way of making money in Incognito Mode.

thegrimyeaper : "Geniuses". lol

TeenBling : $5000 *plays gta 5 on 60fps max* NOICE.

SunnyZ : Premium price for substandard hardware. Well played Apple

Navdeep Randhawa : This is why u don't be an apple fanboy

KingLutherQ : I'm a PC guy. I bought a $2000 iMac three years ago. Less viruses but a headache to repair. I will NEVER buy an iMac again. I still buy iPhones, but current Apple leadership are a bunch of greedy assh0les. If Tesla would make smartphones, I would totally dump my iPhone.

Random guy : every time he makes an “s” sound my ears die

Pikachueevee111 : Thats why i bought a PC instead

Neiva : So first Linus and now Snazzy... That's a lot of people seeing these videos and not good PR for Apple!

Kyle Broussard : This might be the whitest man on planet Earth

Bacho Pacho : 3:50 - 4:05 Answer: Because a penny more for a screw would yield a penny less in profits. It's just Apple's philosophy: Consumers do not matter - shareholders do!

Ben De Bie : Jeezzz.. I never liked Apple and never even thought about being this overpriced pieces of low performance branded hardware.. But all these videos lately has been opening other sheeples eyes.. So I hope... Down with Apple!

Lazy Ryu : 5000 dollars could get you better things... It's pretty shit to own an iMac (I used to own one) compared to something like an Alienware or Asus technology. The brand really does zombifies peoples spending, and those who spend on it will defend it to the death because they're pretty much the idiots who bought it in the first place... It's basically glorified branding that turned the blind eye. Though I have to agree apple make good (good not great) phones, the Macintosh line straight up sucks.

mynameis ______ : Apple deletes threads online so yea the place your supposed to chat with other customers to solve your problems dont exist because apple cant just admit that they dont ever do anything wrong

Ken G : Everything about this is so wrong. Dump Apple they are sleazy. And why are Apple store employees called a genius? If they were, they wouldn't be working retail.

1RebelDog1 : People who own apple products shouldnt mess about with screws.. leave that to the men...

Bluelaser : Funny how the mount is oem but they charge a price as if it was apple designed and maunfactured.

Kenneth see : I hate apple products they are junk.

Diego Oliveira : I can't stand apple anymore - no pun intended

Casper van Dieren : And that's one of the reasons i buy Samsung's

MGTOW : In 1985 I was mesmerised at the newspaper ad for the MAC computer at $5000. Huge money when I'd just bought a brand new 4 bedroom home for $65,000. Luckily I went PC and have had 30+ years of saving many dollars and learning about viruses, configuration, building to my specs and repairing any component I wanted.. Apple will be gone after their loyal customer base get tired of lost money. How rude of them to make screws that no screwdriver (except theirs) can be used.

RySec Newton : Step 1. Don't buy over priced shitty computers. Reason Apple products break so much? Poor quality parts, event though you pay a fortune for them, including leaving the powersupply completely exposed inside the iMac Pro! MacBooks and the bin style MacPro are other examples, chips burning out, chips even FALLING OFF of the motherboard, but why? Inadequate cooling and terrible design mixed with cheap shit. Step 2. Buy a decent machine or build one yourself with 100x better quality and specifications for less, even with a 4k display (5k, i mean, why)

khrom : don't buy a $5,000 imac pro

noxxi knox : Thats outrageous, if you purchased from apple, then they are the ones legally responsible for warranty, they are party to the contract, if they want to go after the 3rd party, then they can, but legally they cannot just pan this off onto you and some random oem

John Kasern : Long story short, you got SCREWED

CashStacks : You shouldn't be detaching it. When you mount a TV you don't unmount it and move it around. Also, a real pro builds his own rig.

Mathieu St-Onge : *** easy fix: buy a fcking pc ***

Versus : I do not understand why anyone would buy Mac's. LOL $5000