The Apple Store Genius Bar Broke My $5,000 iMac Pro

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Andrew Nguyen : Moment of silence for *Linus'* and your iMac. (f for respects)

Hamsterwheel : > Renowned as a world class computer brand > Can't figure out how to make decent screws

Han van Litsenburg : "A bit overpriced" LOL!!!

Under Pressure - Power Washing LLc : Lmfao. That's why you build your own rigs

unrealone1 : Apple has more Lawers than Engineers, end of story.

SunnyZ : Premium price for substandard hardware. Well played Apple

Mismis315 : I bet that with 5000$ you can get a monster custom build, with at least 4 time the performances

Steven Dunning : If you are that idiotic to buy a 5 grand mac pro then this is very deserving .

Sivix : Well this is the reason we make fun of you for owning a mac

Veikra : Friends dont let friends buy apple products

Neiva : So first Linus and now Snazzy... That's a lot of people seeing these videos and not good PR for Apple!

COOKIES : all apple products are ass,the chargers are like paper and the outer plastic that protect the wires snap like nothing

IIIspirit : I think Apple can act like this because with well done marketing they created this kind of cult around them. So a normal Apple user will take a lot more shit from Apple till he gets mad about their rude and careless behavior. Some brands are created around this idea to turn their users into consuming drones of overpriced stuff, not to create great products you know. And Apple is a leading example of this kind of business strategy.

Oskar : I absolutely understand all of your standpoints except for the fact that when they put the new mount on the iMac, you could have just left it on! Why detach it again, if you already know, that the screws are super fragile? Still pretty embarrassing for Apple tho😅

Santiago Cabezas : Why why why why why why after hearing stories of bad Apple support, over and over again, day after day, people like you STILL buy Apple products? The only flabbergasting thing in this video is THAT. I can't wrap my head on this. Apple does this on a day-to-day basis, and EVERYONE talks about this. WHY does everyone think "it never happened to ME, so obviously this is false"? And what's that about a PRO Support and a REGULAR USER Support? *giggles*

noxxi knox : Thats outrageous, if you purchased from apple, then they are the ones legally responsible for warranty, they are party to the contract, if they want to go after the 3rd party, then they can, but legally they cannot just pan this off onto you and some random oem

Fixx Foxx : I really wish people would stop buying Apple... They were awesome back in the early days, but now they are just greedy. And people tolerate it. It's just insane...

Mimiyo Chan : This definitly made me switch to PC now. Never ever am I wating on a store just to get my mac killed. Nope I'm out apple!!!

Carly Mason : Apple is evil

joe Acosta : I'm waiting for people to realize that they are buying garbage with a name slapped on it.

SpiderEyes : And in today's lesson. We will be teaching you how to change the mounting bracket on your iMac Pro, using an angle grinder, a crow bar and some 50 grit sand paper.

XxSrelhowxX : Here is a fix don't buy overpriced crap(Apple)

XBOXRULES : Never heard of a PC?

grape : ive never understood why people buy any type of apple pc when you could get a great pc for around/<$1000. im not hating on apple but someone just please tell me why?

Whatever Vids : Why do most people buy Apple IMac's? For video and audio that's literally it.

Istir : Louis Rossmann warned us about this...

Jayhawk2024 : This is why you _Get _*_Android_*_ and a _*_Windows_*_ computer_

Sidney Turner : 'When I had a trashcan Mac Pro, everytime I called support' like, you always have serious issues with their 'Pro' PC's?

Thomas Jackson : Thanks so much for posting this. I was on the fence about whether or not to upgrade my late 2013 Mac Pro.

SaltyEddy : Only at Apple ...

Piscean 45 : Expensive Poor quality

bguiby bhyui : You guys ever notice anyone with an apple product doesn't give a damn about anything that has to do with android. Now look at it the other way around.. android users make it a life long mission to downplay as many things about apple as they can. We see who really cares about the other.

Elery Robert Libo-on : 4.2k diehard apple fanboys :D :D :D

V The Villain : Why do people dislike these kinds of videos there just telling there story’s are they just total apple fanboys

AssumedRocket 58 : And heres an example of an cancerous product

EposVox : Thus the whole point of paying more for Apple is basically defeated.

AssumedRocket 58 : Just buy windows computer its much more easy then apple

John Madsen : They should have never called them genius. Just standing there means a level of below average intelligence.

Metalmachine467 : I would have been fuming if that happened to me . If apple support told me I was on my own after spending that kind of money on it

statinskill : For $5000 dollars I would get something that doesn't break (easy).

cyndn : *T H A T ' S* *A P P L E* *F O R* *Y A*

Mister Fusion : "The other geniuses know what to do, it will be fine." "Some of the geniuses were confused." These belong on a t-shirt!

Jolan XBL : Yeah it's a bit overpriced, but I bought it anyways cuz I'm a tool 😆

Domino : if you use apple for computers you have no sense about computers and have been brainwashed into apples products...

DarthSpeedForce : Sometimes I'm glad to be a broke ass and can only afford a $700 computer opposed to $5,000 computer also being able to work on it at home is another up. As an i. T this confirms that the high-end Apple stuff especially is sold and designed for people that have tons of money to throw away and would probably not even notice things like this usually anyway sorry this happened hopefully you get everything worked out

SirDuffet : Bit overpriced...

Andrew Kim : Gosh i dont understand ppl buying apple products

Khall : Welcome to another video of some poor shmuck succumbing to the marketing wank of Apple and is now pissed like the majority of people who own or have owned an Apple Product and has led to yet another video on Youtube discussing the frustrations of dealing with the company. At this point, anyone who has common sense truly knows the terrible business practices that Apple uses. It goes something like this. New Apple product engineered like no other. (Seriously. Like. No. Other.) Engineered specifically to have a list of faults and ultimately your product will require some basic maintenance. Yes BASIC Maintenace. A large list of products suffers from the improper use of capacitors too small for the circuit. The simple fix would be to replace a single component that cost less than a Big Mac. But you can't service these products without some serious knowledge of how these things are built. That's part of what makes their engineering so great and yet so bad. Engineered in a way you would need to resurrect Indiana Jones to help you find your way through the maze that is your computer case. But instead, Apple has those hidden policies that make the consumer send in their device to repair and then charge a large amount of money. Why? Because instead of fixing what is broken apple replaces a large amount that never needed to be replaced and throws out all the related components that are in most cases still in good shape. So say you wanted to just fix it yourself and VOID your warranty. Then be prepared to spend years of your life searching for one part to replace and you can't find it because apple only makes whole components pre-built that are extremely overpriced compared big-name competitors that also make replacement components. So in short Apple creates a new fancy never before seen device that will fail. Then make you pay more than the device costs just to fix it or buy a newer version. In the end, Apple has one goal. Sticking their grimy hands as deep into your bank accounts as possible. Lucky for me I have never had to buy or deal with Apple in my lifetime.

Gianfranco Fonseca : 2k windows computer 5000 times better than that overvalued and overpriced shit

Jäger : To save you all 12 almost 13 minutes of your precious time; some uses Apple (I do), and we all agree that Apple Support sucks. Have a nice day.