The Apple Store Genius Bar Broke My $5,000 iMac Pro

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Louis Rossmann : You're buying it wrong

Grey Fox Mishima : The real mistake here is buying a $5000 Mac

Nathan Idk : You broke your own thing, the proper way to use an Apple product is to leave it in the box forever and to just admire it 10 feet away

jamie stuart : Solution: take your money and build a PC with better specs for probably half the price

Mike Reno : I don't think the term "Genius" is what you think it means...

DevilNinja : Macs spelled backwards is scam

9Volt Productions : *Have you tried rebooting it?*

oldskoolhead0 : ive never had any trouble with an apple product and never will because............. ive never bought one and never will lol

fuzzywzhe : Let me answer a question posed at 3:51 The reason that Apple is not using stainless steel screws is because everything Apple makes, is purposely designed to break so you will purchase a new one. This is done because Mac users are convinced they are using a superior operating system, with superior hardware, and that they are, themselves, superior people so it's not has if they have much of a choice what sort of hardware they will purchase anyhow.

Stickman : Windows users laught in the background

SpiderEyes : And in today's lesson. We will be teaching you how to change the mounting bracket on your iMac Pro, using an angle grinder, a crow bar and some 50 grit sand paper.

eternalobi : I'm pretty sure a 2k PC can outperform your 5k MAC you got scammed.

Morphyne : "Apple is great at design." ...Have you seen an iPhone lately?

peterpeterpeter101 : Dear sir, your first mistake was to buy a Mac.

John Deurbrouck : They did a number on my iMac too. Power supply blew out, taking logic board with it. I took it in for AppleCare service, and admitted I didn't have a current backup. They promised to save my data if at all possible. They returned it a week later, saying it was fixed. I tried to boot it, but got black screen every time. Booted into Recovery, but can't use Restore to clone the drive. Apple says, all we can do is wipe the drive and reinstall, your data is gone. So I took the iMac to a data recovery service. They ran a single command with dskutil, and found the SSD portion of the Fusion drive was not responding. So I took the iMac back to Apple. They opened it up, and found they'd reassembled the iMac without installing the Fusion drive's SSD. They'd left my SSD -- half the Fusion drive -- on the now-recycled logic board, and threw it in the trash. I asked if they could look for it. "It's already ground up by now."

EposVox : Thus the whole point of paying more for Apple is basically defeated.

Franz Galahad : Apple Genius = Oxymoron Apple Head Genius = Simply Moron 😉

Rafael Martinez : Who buys iMacs the worst money you could have spent. You paid $5g for outdated technology.😂😂😂

bvallie2 : This is why I quit my job as a "Genius". Quality has dropped immensely. My team used to pride itself on the quality of our workmanship and the knowledge we held but at a certain point there was a very clear focus shift on support/repairs that I was embarrassed to be apart of. Now I'm a senior systems administrator making.. a lot. So I appreciate all the resources Apple had to offer while I was a "Genius" but shit.. They've really got it backwards these days.

Micheal Ellis : Who the hell still buys apple?

SunnyZ : Premium price for substandard hardware. Well played Apple

Al N : it is absurd that they include shitty zinc screws, but it's also absurd (if you're really into value) to say that this computer is great if a little too expensive. It's not a little too expensive, it's ridiculously over-priced for what you're getting. Now, if I were someone that was unscrewing something and found that the screw broke inside of the cavity, and i called up support and they gave me the story they gave this dude, i'd have RIGHT AWAY, bought myself some new screws on amazon or ebay, because i wouldn't care so much about proving a point, or making a video on my $5000 computer, i'd want to ensure that my $5000 computer wouldn't be further damaged by a mount, of all things. Maybe that's indicative of the sort of consumer this product is geared towards. Not someone that will always choose to think critically and super analyze the situation and figure out a proper method for dealing with it themselves, but someone that would rather rely on apple support and not coming up with a workable solution. Someone that has $5000 to spend on a $2000 computer....and in that way, i feel like although it is 100% wrong for apple to sell a less than perfect piece of appliance, if you're someone that cares a lot about the details and customization, then you're also wrong for purchasing something from a company that is UBER against customization of any sort once in their product-line. It's not this guys fault, but he does fall within a certain category of consumer whom through their purchasing power have allowed companies like Apple to get to a point where a sub-par product with a premium price tag is totally legit and doable. They're the same customers that made it seem okay to Apple to make it so that parts cannot be replaced on their motherboards. It makes life more difficult for the savvy consumer, and of course he has no responsibility to making the savvy consumer's life easier, but i find videos where people complain about the products they buy from companies that employ shoddy practise to be a little annoying.

Burpless : buy a pc not a mac

Riven Of A Thousand Voices : Apple... the company that cuts corners to charge you more

Urrutia 86 : Why not just buy new screws that are stronger?

Joker Productions : And this is why I build my own computers. I am THE GENIUS.

La Mancha Noctámbula : This wouldn't happen with, you know... a PC.

Cajun Rider : Apple and Harley Davidson have done a GREAT job at brain washing people. And I love it when people who make half of what I do say I'm mad cause I can't afford it.

mudfly3 : 5000 ??????? that is insane

Leo Fitch : I’m selling pretzels DO NOT STEAL Like if u want to buy 🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨

Istir : Louis Rossmann warned us about this...

The Potato : Your fault for buying an apple product

Brian : I’m done with Apple two years ago... I just enjoy watching Apple sheep struggle dealing with Apple rip offs and miss steps... lol enjoy your Apple rip-off products!

Manny Land : That's what happens when you think you're cool because you own Apple products.... Loyalty to Apple will bring you nowhere!!!

Reppy07 : I wish I could convince people around me who think Apple sells "top quality" products that it's complete horseshit. It's because they've never seen these things taken apart. These people happily buy the next line when theirs breaks down. I finally upgraded to the Galaxy S8+ when it came out to replace my worn down S5 which is still being used to this day. A company is a company, but when you have a company that refuses to let you fix your own shit, you got a problem.

mynameis ______ : Apple deletes threads online so yea the place your supposed to chat with other customers to solve your problems dont exist because apple cant just admit that they dont ever do anything wrong

Twisted Faces : Dont buy apple lol

Sensorama2000 : Just the normal problems every Apple custumer faces...

Matt Lewis : 5000 dollar base model.. Jesus Christ.

RQCAPTAIN : Custom computer building with windows for the operating software is the best way to go.

Neiva : So first Linus and now Snazzy... That's a lot of people seeing these videos and not good PR for Apple!

Joe Black : what the hell happened to this company.....they can spend millions and millions making their own chip sets but job out a .99 cent piece of aluminum and substandard screws.... Hey Apple what is the deal if some one from apple doesn't respond to this …..all should stop buying apple .

Baldur the Lascivious : Your first problem is that your buying an apple

Steven Milare : It's almost as though apple products are really poorly designed

- : The question is whether after this experience your opinion of Apple has changed and you've seen them for who they truly are, or if you remain a fanboy who will continue to pay far too much money for a name. 🤔 (You don't care about cosmetics? 🤨 You paid $5,000 for a brand new computer and now it's damaged now and that's fine? 🤨)

Diego Oliveira : I can't stand apple anymore - no pun intended

videoloops1 : I imagine Tim Cook's evil laugh every time I see someone buying a new Apple product.

Spo : Don’t buy a Mac easy solution

IronForceTv _ : I can build a better looking and running pc with under a third of that price Apple computers are absurdly overpriced.

TominBach : So... $5000 for the computer and they charge you $80.00 for a monitor stand?. Apple customers. Repeatedly getting punched in the face since 1979. The best part?. Calling them "Genius ".