The Apple Store Genius Bar Broke My $5,000 iMac Pro

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SpiderEyes : And in today's lesson. We will be teaching you how to change the mounting bracket on your iMac Pro, using an angle grinder, a crow bar and some 50 grit sand paper.

Rachel Rogers : Ever since Steve Jobs died apple has gone to shit. They have no vision, no standards, no pride, no ambition. They're just content to be another soulless corporation, milking the consumer for every penny in the short term.

Official Mandarijn : How can you play gta on mac???

poopybutt : why do people keep giving this company money?

Jason Halverson : your first mistake, buying an apple product. the most overpriced pieces of garbage imagineable

Neiva : So first Linus and now Snazzy... That's a lot of people seeing these videos and not good PR for Apple!

Steam Punk Angel : Take a drink everytime he says "but whatever" and you will be drunk enough to think buying into apple is a good idea. Serriously, people need to stop giving this company money. It use to be it was "good for creators" and "it just worked." I can see paying extra to by pass the hassle of getting hardware to behave just right, but that's clearly not happening anymore. The price is so outrageously high at this point, even if it did "just work," but it doesn't, does it. People keep giving to Apple, supporting that company and then get suprised when they too, like the countless before them, get pissed on.

Regular Plays : todays lesson, buy windows

Anthony Bair : How can they sell it you asked??? Because you bought it, and will again. BTW the Apple Geniuses here in Indiana make around $12 and are outsourced. I was one. You literally have classes on how to sound like you know what you are doing instead of just teaching you.

Orteiga100 : apple was never good with anything but marketing to morons. Sorry, but apple has a particulary poor trackrecord of design flaws in their hardware and then pissing on their customers. i Recomend watching "The horrible truth about Apple's repeated engineering failures." on Louis Rossmann 's channel here on youtube. its 24 minutes but its worth it.

SunnyZ : Premium price for substandard hardware. Well played Apple

CAPP 360 : Apple is junk!

Damaged Industries : It's cute that you game on an Apple. Honestly, you got what you deserved, Apple is as anti-consumer as you can get, and you should feel bad for supporting them.

motokiller82 : thats why i heve android

Nipps nipples : Apple is just over priced garbage

EposVox : Thus the whole point of paying more for Apple is basically defeated.

Pelle Thrane : Apple is trash

SharkByte : You think that's bad? Nissan dealership destroyed my 370z engine and refused to pay for it.

Brandoxic : You purchased a mac, there is your first mistake.

Kenny Riveron : If anybody has ever said, "Ah, Apple's products are not overpriced, it's all worth it because they do not cut corners!" They can take it back now.

Istir : Louis Rossmann warned us about this...

Netist : And yet you'll keep buying them, won't you?

Natalie : 10,068 comments and like what, 10000 of them are "His mistake was buying an Apple product". It's funny, I get it... But like... Jealous much?

Lemons Are Lemonade : Buy a 500 Dollar pc for way better stuff. And 5000 is WAY TO MUCH

Abdul Susmono : this is why i hate apple...

Andrew Nguyen : Moment of silence for *Linus'* and your iMac. (f for respects)

Tonny : And this is why I use Android and Windows. Apple only cares about your money. They don't care about user experience. And when something happens, they either come up with a excuse to not fix it or just break it even more, so you come back and they say: "Well you used all of your free repairs so this will cost money." PEOPLE WHO BUY APPLE PRODUCTS ONLY BUY THEM BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY ARE HIGH QUALITY. PEOPLE WHO BUY APPLE PRODUCTS ARE GULLIBLE AS HELL. EVEN ANDROID AND WINDOWS CARE ABOUT SUPPORT. I GOT WINDOWS SUPPORT, THEY FIXED MY PROBLEM. I GOT HELP FROM GOOGLE ABOUT SOMETHING WITH MY PHONE, THEY FIXED IT. APPLE IS A DYING COMPANY

TheWeirdKid : this is why I almost NEVER use Apple!

Jannie Schlüter : Stay away from Apple products.

daddyjankie : "Apple great in design" *that's were you went wrong*

noxxi knox : Thats outrageous, if you purchased from apple, then they are the ones legally responsible for warranty, they are party to the contract, if they want to go after the 3rd party, then they can, but legally they cannot just pan this off onto you and some random oem

Oliver The Nerd : And this, my dear children, is why you should get a PC.

Fire Mob : quem mando se rico

Heather Brenner : I don't know why people still buy apple products they just laugh at you and take your money

Heather Ellis : Just buy another iMac Pro.

Piscean 45 : Expensive Poor quality

Rocky Carlin : then stop using apple.

peter petrov : Apple is the biggest trolling scam EVER.

Bajskorv Fen : why do you even buy apple's products? they are the worst

Aidan Montoya : thats why i dont use apple wait i dont even buy apple

SirDuffet : Bit overpriced...

Lulu Love : I had the same thing! SAME APPLE STORE ASWELL. Fashion Place Mall Utah

KNIGHTOFELEMIA : Apple over priced crap just buy a pc next time

SIDE MAN : Anddddd this is why Apple computers aren't viable products ;)

El Isra : WTF you were waiting an APPLE to be a good product, idk why even that brand exists, like they do crappy things in a inflated price....Even Razer it's better at least they give a good warranty service...(i think...).

Opus Vita FANDOM : Man apple is killing themselves with all this bad PR.

Professor Oak : a lesson in buying apple products: Don't. they give you a system that won't run well after 6-8 months and parts that don't even last 1. and then they proceed to charge you outrageous prices and do their best to drag you around town to every store in the tri-state area just so you won't want to try and contact their support system anymore.

windows 2000 lover : Yay! more proof why apple sucks!

Eyaniyb : Apple is trash.

Visual : Thats the apple we know by the way apples are just for show and flexing