Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized

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Eyema Duhmass : "Are you forreal killing me right now?"

James Ireland : I can't believe how many people on here are this stupid to think it's real lmao

KatieThatRobloxian : Tbh the music in the background makes me laugh...

Josh :D : Did you try turning it off and on again?

Waldo Hodel : 1:18 omfg I love the protester's sign, "CAITLIN'S NOT BRAIN-DEAD SHE'S JUST AN IDIOT"! This actually did make me laugh out loud, actually the entire video made me lol!!!!

Mitchelata : These actors are actually good 😂😂😂

ConnerHasDysentery : I think the people in these comments are brain dead lol

Marz : Better question is... *who is she texting?*

KatieThatRobloxian : She’s probably pissed off for not getting the permission for a night out. You know she’s still texting (was) which means her brain’s working

JIB101 : 0:48 idk why but that "its your dad" had me dead bro😂😂

Rodrick H Smokes Dank : Every girl in my class smh

EnigmaNET : I'm more impressed with the Casting than the story here. They literally look like Fox news and those stereotypical hollywood humans

Melissa Love : Omg when i first saw this 2 yrs ago...i LITERALLY THOUGHT THIS VIDEO WAS REAL...lmao now knowing this is fake i feel stupid

DoctorBrendens Animating : ArE YoU FoR ReAl KiLlInG mE RiGhT NoW?

Davidci Codex : The recent comments here makes me want to be euthanized.

alejandro jara : Legend says shes a Jake Pauler now days

halleluia2025 : People who think this is real are also brain dead

Kitten Games25 : My favorite sign is "she's not brain dead she's an idiot"

PeachSoduh : *Are you for real killing me rn?*

Nigel Farage : All of the people who think this report is real should also be Euthanized. the ones who posted comments as if it was real... Time for some self examination on how stupid you are.

VazzyCow : *The description is amazing*

John Ruud : What's wrong with the youth in Asia?

George Secelean : if you belive this stuff you are truely brain dead

Girl Strange : 0:55 “Off Duty Cop Shoots On Duty Prostitute”

darren motise : Lmao. 1:44. She couldn't even put the phone down for her X-ray/scan!! Brilliant.

Nick : well they're better than some Hollywood actors

JM Marble Racing : "she can still apply lip gloss"

The Spade Network : The best part is reading all the headlines as they scroll by lmao

butter pecan : Rolling of the eyes and being on facebook/text all day??? Sounds like your typical 21st century teen

Ace Marshall : There are a bunch of brain-dead teenagers out there now days

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : Her eyes are paid actors

nickflig : Mate when I was a teenager euthanasia would have been the humane thing to do, honestly.

Deplorable Dave : If anyone did not realize that this is SATIRE just from the title!!!!...then they should take a pledge to get sterilized and never ever breed so they do not pass their defective genes on to pollute the world gene pool.

streeTkiDwannaBe : Sadly had to put my own son down due to being brain dead last month. All he could do was play Fortnite while repeatedly mumbling incoherent things like 'savage' and 'logang 4 life'. Occasionally the dying nerves in his body would make his arms shoot and lock in a straight line across his face and to the right of him while his head slightly dabbed down. Sometimes he did this rapidly multiple times and I had to quiet my screams of anguish from seeing such a horrible and pathetic sight play in front of my eyes. I tried so hard, even at the end, to see if any form of intelligence or coherent thought could be seen left in his eyes but alas....there was none. He was a brainless idiot.

Deplorable Dave : I love how an image of her cell phone was right there on the image of her brain scan. SOOOO funny!!! The girl was either a great actress or possibly too much like her fictional character. LOL

Eyema Duhmass : Her "emotions" summed up in a couple emojis: 🙄😑😒😖

ZackieLovesSalad : i wish the onion wasn't so dead, people believe anything on the internet nowadays

Gabe Weisdorfer : 1:45 Introducing the brand-new iPhone XRay

China or Thepresedent : 0:33 when u see something that you don’t want to see

Frank Black : THIS IS ALL DONALD TRUMP’S FAULT! . . . DAMN HIM! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Compulsive Screamer : The amount of people reacting to sarcastic comments are so funny

Dayveone Nichols : Did you try turning her off then back on

Carolina Hashimoto : "We keep reminding ourselves that the real Caitlin is already gone... that's just her body texting." 👌😭

1956soulmate : Hahahahaha so funny, couldn't stop laughing.

Yumna Ilayna : Technology. These. Days


Lynn : Oh dear, some people are new to the game.

Myranda Partaker : it's wicked hilarious to sort comments by new on these videos

KatieThatRobloxian : 2:13 rather give her eyes to someone who wants to become a great actor

The Eternal Knight : *_the description is the best story of them all!_*