Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized

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Jessica : the description

Noodle Boy : Is she a Logan Paul fan?

POW Gaming : She'd probably murmur "are you for real killing me right now?" But then her "struggle" will finally be over.


Hasti Fattah : This is so sad alexa play despacito

Sasha’s Stuff : The description of the video is just the funniest thing in the world... No and what the doctor says: “She might say something like are you for real killing me right now?!?!”

If you're on the internet Then you have no life : Those stupid kids at the end are the ones thinking the onion is real

CG4165 GAMING : She probably saw this video and rolled her eyes in heaven

Petty Bitch : I thought this was fake at first

Char Curry : If you killed every teen like this There wouldn't be any teens left

Eyema Duhmass : "Are you forreal killing me right now?"

Sammieboy115 : Lmaooo 5years ago I thought this was real😂😂I was so shocked!!😂 But now I am in a better place🙏playing roblox😂🔫

RadioDan : I love onion news seems to be youtubes most reliable news source

ChimChim’s Lost Jams : I can’t believe that some people in the comments think that this is real.

Josue Guzman : Half the people ate the onion, the other half ate the comments onion

Emily : That phone in her X-ray scan 😂😂

Rozalin : Goddamnit I thought this is serious!!

Ginger Leigh : Geniusly funny. Did u see the X-ray with the phone. Like it was permanently attached 😂😂😂😂😂

Adventures With Bailey : “ are you for real killing me right now”😂

ThatCookieDoughBoy : This is so sad, alexa play despacito

Andrew Martin : me

David Star : Don't let Caitlin's death be for nothing!!!read a book, hug a dog!! STOP your whining, put down your phones,go outside and play with your friends and family.😇😇😇😇

Chender Edits : Is she having adolescence?

Michael Beauvais : Mofos just trolled an entire generation!

xbbymoonave : I actually thought this was real

alejandro jara : Legend says shes a Jake Pauler now days


Moonflakes : Her (satirical) retardedness is only matched by the collective (and genuinely real) retardedness of the people arguing in this comment section.

emoji man : Wow they killed her

emoji man : Screw the law

Compulsive Screamer : The amount of people reacting to sarcastic comments are so funny

SAMUEL FLYNN : So your saying Facebook is the reason for why she became brain dead.

Mohammed Abumelha : She is literally texting to death

B-Dubs Gaming : this is fake

Vasi Moa : What would happen if you took her phone off her??? Maybe discipline her in a more harsh and efficient way???

Rodrick H Smokes Dank : Every girl in my class smh

Hope Andro : I thought this was real at first 😂

Spoiled Rotten Great Dane : Looks like quite a few people commenting here have never heard of The Onion and satire.

akkdd awy : 1:17 skskksksks

Sea_Dolphin Cool : This video was uploaded such a long time ago, and I'm only noticing it now?

Jam Jam_ : "are you fr killing me rn?" 1:56

just a pigeon : What has the 21st century become...

JB Prime 2006 : Harmful levels of stupidity

ZOBIX : 0:48 *top 10 anime betrayals*

Rain Drop animates : This is so sad can we shit on eachother

Mycroft Holmes : Give these people an Oscar

Pink Milk Subliminals : Lol do people really think this is real ?

lone digger : Lmao my mom saw this video and she started ranting about internet addiction xdd

hitler 777 : Technology and stupid kids

JB Prime 2006 : Take the damn technology and another think she is 13 and uses Facebook.