Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized

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Adrian De León : Why doesn't Kaitlin text their parents?

FourthDerivative : 1:18 "Caitlin's not brain-dead, she's just an idiot" lol

A MarkUponCain : Forget the video... are the people in the comments for real?? Lmao

Isaac Newton : 1:19 caitlins not braindead shes just an idiot lol

CrazyKraut20 : the real tragedy is this comment section

Dat face Tho : Read the bottom messages 😂😂

Mr.Grill : "Are you for real killing me right now" HAHAHHAHAH

VividMac101 : She may murmur: “Are you for real killing me right now?” LOOOOOL

Donovan W : 1:19 “She can still apply lipgloss”

AnimePandacorn Queen : "...And then she might murmur 'Are you fr killing me rn'...."

‘Multi Fandom’ : Just take her phone and computer.

Michael Lewis : This is my first video of thier's I've watched and even I knew the Onion was satire years ago.

Dog Lover!!! : This has got to be fake.... Plus take her phone, find something physical she likes doing and make her do it every day, you can't KILL a child!!! It's her parent's fault for letting her be on her phone all the time

WetBeaver : Reminds me of my sister.

Alyshia : 2:26 Donald trump vomits during helicopter ride 😂😂😂😂 This might be un-original. Idk Edit: thx for 22 likes!

Mycroft Holmes : Give these people an Oscar

Jovan Krstitelj : My mom used belt as medicine....

Combine : When you realize the majority of the comments are brain-dead veggies who thought this was real.

Shirley Wallace : This isn't real at all

Rhya Ellice : She was freaking talking! And I am pretty sure this is not freaking real!😕😒

Dev Gaming : *Onions?😅*

jorgie Turner : Eating all the candy in the waiting room 😂😂😂 That was funny for some reason

Linavatic Swift : We can give her eyes to someone who would *actually* use them to read a book.

mrs_ wolfhard : “her eyes may flutter a bit, and she may say “are you for real killing me right now?” LMFAO IM WHEEZING THIS IS HILARIOUS

Pandalicious 2006 : This was the funniest video I've ever seen

alejandro jara : Legend says shes a Jake Pauler now days

Tiana Taylor : She was not brain dead....they killed her for insurance money

yasmine ould slimane : The amount of people thinking this is real. 😑

King Darkstalker Of the NightWings : I should be watching this hecc on my alt accounts so my recommended doesn't get infected with fake news. And I knew from the start this was fake news. If someone was "brain dead" they couldn't text, needing mental capability to process what they're saying.

This is a comment that I have written: : “Are you for real killing me right now”

Msp Flickah : take her phone and problem solved

Eleanor O'Neil : Category: “comedy”. Wow that’s harsh okay then

mvmvplugs : Lmfao a lot of people are so gullible

Nykz : Sounds to me like laziness

A K : Oh, Onion, how I love you

Emily : That phone in her X-ray scan 😂😂

LtLonely : This is why you don’t watch jake paul

Yutz : 'Coma patient does not respond to being dressed in humiliating chiquita banana hat'

Phoebe Pikachu : 95% of girls nowadays

Song Ling : We can just make a fundraiser to donate money for research to cure the girl, instead of ending her life!

Natsumi ♡ | Dual Agar : why was this recommended

xXxDarknessxXx 069 : Faze adapt i found your daughter😂😂😂

FrenchToastPlayz : y can’t they put her in a camp

john molnar : This absolutely scares the hell out of me knowing that some people making comments think this is real. It goes to show you how some people will believe anything if it's presented in a convincing manner.

Glubfun Vlogs : This is fake look at the desc. Also, the channels category is "Comedy". Plus, "Are you for real killing me rn". FAKE

Hate Chan : ...the amount of people thinking this was real...

Taz xox : Is this real ?

Lalacandy : Do you people really think this is funny?


Mrs.GRETHAN .Dolan : The ending WTF did I just watch