The Backwards Brain Bicycle - Smarter Every Day 133
The Backwards Bicycle

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Christian Mahon : “I’ll give you 200 bucks to ride this bike across the stage” Ya boi about to pop a wheelie

tracey carter : So you should try teaching a child, who hasn't tried a bicycle, to learn how to ride the backwards bike first and see how that works out.

wisnu yogapraditya : 1817 : now we have bicycles, soon we will have flying cars 2019 : *reversed steering bicycle*

Gaurav Bhalerao : "You can see that I'm laughing, but I'm actually really frustrated!" Yeah, story of my life bruh -_-

jopageri1964 : "I did something that damaged my mind. It happened on the streets of Amsterdam." Says it all.

Wilza : You should try switching back and forth, seeing if you get quicker and quicker at relearning, until maybe you can switch between them seamlessly.

Eat an ask No vids : Guy cant ride a bike” Crowd” “LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY”

yeah yeahyeah : 1:44 😂😂😂😂😂 I was wondering why that lady was the only one being censored.. then I understood xD lol

David C : I love this video!!! This lesson can be applied to so many area's of your life. With a lot of discipline and patience, you can change so many behaviors.

Josh Roc007 : I thought you would pedal backwards

matt krischke : There is a very good example of this with inverted y or x axis on joystick controllers in video games

som25 747 : No one is going to talk about the green lady?????

Warren Postma : Piano student here. Also amateur student of neurobiology. Ballistic (muscle memory) skills in the brain are deeply learned, and hard to unlearn. You are totally bang on about Neuroplasticity. I don't think it's bias. It's ballistic. Realtime. Unconscious. It's not the same thing as Bias. Or rather, our cognitive patterns are actually the only possible way that anything like cognition can exist. The term "bias" here is itself, too biased. Too loaded with secondary meanings and perhaps even negative judgment. It's amazing that we can learn things, replace them, rewire them, and maybe if you did this enough you'd be able to Code Switch, and switch your brain instantly to doing both things. Think of a musician who plays different instruments, some of which are very similar, and where muscle memory (ballistic skills) overlap. Organists playing organs, for example, mechanical (not electronic) air-driven pipe organs, have a long delay from when a note is pressed to when it is heard by the audience. A pipe organist learns to basically queue up a song, and play it about 300 milliseconds ahead of where the congregation will be singing. Put a pianist in there and get them to try it. The ballistic skills are not biases, they are neuromuscular adaptations, where your brain processes things without your conscious choices being IN THE WAY. That is not a bias. It's just a brain.

ROCK SOLID : My first thought is that you're gonna ride the bike *backwards* as in it's going the opposite direction to where you're pointing it to.

eddlang x : Dustin: Do you want to ride? Person: I WANT THE BIKE. Dustin: YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE BIKE.

Bojonne : 6:04 aww that’s so cute! “Je kan het, je kan het!” This Dutch kid was encouraging him by saying “You can do it!”

Miami Body Cast : Obviously this man never played Nintendo on the inverted settings growing up

Plasma Shark77 : That kid won’t be able to ride a regular one now 😂😂😂

Snookers _ : Plot twist : Destin just cant ride a bike in the first place

Wandering Marine Veteran : This is totally awesome! Great long term work. Thank you.

Andy Sousie : I saw this at a fair a long time ago. $2 for 3 attempts. The lady running the booth rode the thing like a champ.

Ozren Radovanović : Make model with backward pedal motion..... and later combine with this! 🤯🤪😜

Brian : Yeah, I could feel the same resistance trying to learn advanced math, and that's why I'm not an engineer, lol. The difficulty was internally palpable.

Faisal Khawaja : Destin, this blew my mind! Thank you for this.

Jemzo Maclain : I met a guy who had one of these and he could ride it fine

Juliano Calabresi : Nice 80's educational film style at 6:40!

David Fisher : When I was a child my friend and I reversed the steering in a go cart. We don’t tell one of our friends, he was going 25 mph before he noticed and boy did he wipe out.

Mike White : A Friend of my father build the Samen reverse bike BUT, the pedals work backwards too! :D Nobody can ride this:D

Othman Tamim - عثمان تميم : After 2 years wow I did ride the Reversed wheel bike, but I can't ride a normal bike anymore 🤣

Griffin Teller : big brain moment: ride no-handed

Ana Karen : Dang this video was Informative and dam well executed props!

Marius Fiegenbaum : Thank you so much for that test. We had one of them in the university in Stuttgart GER and I thought exactly that what was happening with you and your son now. This was an awesome video :)

ᖇᗩ乙0229 : This is technology! Who'd 've thought of reversing a bicycle?!

jonah lausch : I feel like u could learn both ways if u practiced enough I remember i used to sometimes play Halo with left hand controls and it has a similar effect on you.

Dave : Man I love this man I haven’t heard this kind of wisdom from very many people and they were usually old

not a channel : I guess this explains my frustration when I start a new game and the camera axis is inverted.

Shadowbane25 : Hearing the last bit at the end made me think of a question I've always been tempted to ask people. How many sides does a coin have? The answer would be three or more because you have to consider the rim of the coin too which can have many facets. An Australian 50 cent piece has more than 3.

Teomen : You sure u didn't smoke some in Amsterdam? 😉

Zoltán Huszár : I think you should make it reverse pedalling, that would be the real bike😂

Seth's Bike Hacks : Oh man, I'd love to try riding that bike!

Cato Hostilius : I wish i would have found your channel sooner you have such amazing and interesting content

New Zealand Videos : Yeah, it's true, I have tried one of these bikes before... They are very hard to get the hang out.

Cloud : My mind just can’t understand this. At least when you try the normal one again. Maybe it’s just because I am 14 y/o

Kevin Roberts : It's learned in your sub conscience. Your sense of balance takes over and knows just which way to move the handlebars to keep you upright and going. When you switch the steering to backwards steering you are trying to think through this but your subconscious is already steering the way it knows how to. And your subconscious will do what it's supposed to before you actually get the thought in your head to do the opposite. You can reorient your subconscious to a new way of doing something with a few weeks of practice. But then your brain wants to do it that way and the old way or the correct way is now wrong to your sub conscience

Bart Snel : This bike is a good way to make sure no one steals it because they can't ride it.

pablomanc : They should have a competition [like the Tour de France] just for this style of bike 👍🏻 lol

Roksva : Great effort on how to visualize brainwork. I’m currently reading Thinking Fast and Slow. Trying to understand how brain works.

alan shores : Similar bike built by engineering students at Delaware State University.. The pedals work BACKWARDS... Its almost impossible to ride! LOL! Your brain cant seem to wrap itself around peddling backwards to go foreward.. And pushing the peddles forward to apply the brakes! Pretty much EVERYONE who tries to ride it falls off!

ノア・ウィーベス : Nobody: Also nobody: Me: Boats steer the same way, does that mean i can do iT in one day? Nobody: