The Backwards Brain Bicycle - Smarter Every Day 133

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Veritasium : Great video Destin! For the record I tried riding this bike in a hotel hallway and crashed into the wall. I've experienced other unlearning problems driving on the left/right in Australia and Canada and even flicking on light switches (in Aus it's down for on).

SataNiels : There will actually never be someone stealing your bike😂

Blackwood : I feel like there's something wrong with the backwards bike. Normally when you begin biking you aren't turning right or left, but going straight. If the handle only inverts left and right, then going straight should be the same right? Why can't people do it?

desulv : As a welder I find this hilarious

iPingWine : This is like inverting vertical controls on console fps

DooM49 : Your content is amazing

Top World : 5min everyday for 8 month? Thats an overall 20h.. so u could have learned it in just under 2days

Moon Pie : Raise the dang saddle dude. looks like your riding a mini clown bike.

3D maniac : If you use a backwards bike, you don't have to lock it because nobody can ride it!

/b/ Tard : Seems to me like the bike is simply not stable... as you see them riding it, even in a straight line, they all seem to have a problem holding the handle bar still... the gear ratio is too finicky and therefore any slight movement of the front wheel will make it turn. And besides you never really turn the handle bars that much whenever you go in for a turn... I have never turned more than about 1 inch of displacement from the exact center... I'm sure it could easily be ridden, as long as the steering is made more sturdy. Which is extremely hard to do because you are using cogs. Just rewatched the part where the kid is trying to ride forward on the stage. He is having troubles holding the front wheel still. He's not having to turn and therefore he is not moving his hands. As I have previously stated the problem is within the Turning mechanism. Improve upon the mechanism and then retry. And also I have written a backwards pedaling bike perfectly, then again I am ambidextrous... would that help in your ability to do it better? Not sure if it would but just putting that out there.

Shawn Barbour : ever try shaving the back of your neck with a ravor in a mirror, im guessing its as anoying as this bike

28 to 3!! : I did it easily

Veiss seven : the secret is to ride no handed.

Davis Tuck : Destin i have riden one of those bikes. One of my friends has one and i did master it. And its because i hadnt riden a normal bicycle since i was a kid and i lost my childhood (memory wise) dude to medications for add. So i didnt have to rewire my brain, i just wired it. And i cant ride a normal bike very well anymore

KrackaJax : Best video I've watched in a while. Very interesting

Dr Shaym : It's like riding a bicycle, you never for— Oh.

FlicksTv : Omg this also affected me with my native dialect, Bisaya (Filipino Dialect) When I was a child I used to speak bisaya fluently for anout 8 years until I went to Manila and people are speaking English And Tagalog there. So I studied tagalog and learned how to speak tagalog fluently BUT here is the twist, after a year of not speaking Bisaya I cant speak Bisaya anymore but I can understand it, its like my brain is processing and trying to build up the words so that I could just speak but I still cant do yep I entirely forgot how to basically speak the first dialect I have learned (but ofc I could only understand) Edit:the same thing also happended when I was ice skating and using the skateboard

Azus : Who needs a bikelock?

YewTo0b : Do this with a car

Charlie Day : Tighten the handlebars!

Brian Ervin : This is a great video!

Krish Talati : Its like riding fakie

Jaber Tagi : one of the best videos I have seen since the start of YouTube! trust me, I'm dull and hard to please, and rarely comment on youtube.

It's PATRICK : Do a wheelie

Joshua Bayas : Funny thing: I don't use my hands for riding it. Maybe I could..

animosity IV : This is the first video I watched from your channel and boy did I find treasure.

DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals) : That first discussion was key. Riding a bicycle is 'easy' but to get good at it is deceivingly difficult. I have been riding for decades and still consider myself pretty bad at it.

Yy Person : Your son was motivated to ride that bike

AbdullAh Tube : 😂

VendPrekmurec : As a child i've learned to walk with stilts... soon whole neighbourhood of children started to learn it too xD I remember, it was hard to learn, i needed at least few weeks. Your brain sooner or later give up and start to memorize everything and correct mistakes...

Seth's Bike Hacks : Oh man, I'd love to try riding that bike!

East Waco Entertainment TM : This video makes me wanna cryyyy I don’t even know why.😭😭

Thomas C : Wow... I ride a Mountain bike everyday I see the frustration in rideing swiched steering and that's the same when I first started in my garage that was a crazy feeling and yes no one believed me ethier that day. And also try using your other hand for most jobs I tried my left hand to throw a ball no way

Steve Blake : If you have ever ski raced the backwards bike would be like running gates lead with your hand

Jake Sirola : If you can close your eyes and make ur self forget how u ride a normal bike and shake/ turn left right left right extremely quick yes you will go straight.

monkeymafia729 : I think you have just discovered the best anti bike theft mechinism

Luis Ortega : Ummm....

Matrix Science : Wow , Real brain monstors here.

Ziggy Klein : Funny thing i ride my bicycle everyday for atleast 1 hour and in that hour i usualy have my hand on the wheel for just 2 minutes, i think i can ride that bicycle.

Son Bo : What a nice guy : )

SmarterEveryDay : Trust me, you can't "handle" this bike. (grin)

Barry Hazlehurst : Making one of these this weekend now . Thanks!

alex herridge : just ride a wheelie

RubyPiec : I'm learning russian rn, i'm 8 and i knew english when i was 3. I'm dutch.

The Hippo God : My history teacher showed us this

Global Cycling Network : This looks like a bike we'd really struggle with - but what a great video Destin - bikes, engineering and science all rolled in to one! A more common problem of something cycling-related being almost hard-wired that we've come across though is brakes being switched - the front brake lever is on the right in the UK and the left in the US and Europe. This is fine until you're riding a borrowed bike and have to stop suddenly...

Joon Playz : So false! Too be honest if you were as sensible as that young child maybe you as a father you’ll probably be able to ride the bike with an inverted steering wheel! To be honest you need to focus more and take it serious, it’s really annoying.

SillyTube : When you've never drove a car in reverse.

deanmoncaster : They didn't really design anything new. About 25 years ago this bike was around but you also had to pedal backwards.... Try learning that!

James Teal : I know I'm not the only one who feels like I'm an exception and can do it lol