The Backwards Brain Bicycle - Smarter Every Day 133

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Seth's Bike Hacks : Oh man, I'd love to try riding that bike!

Cyanxde : Please leave this bike unlocked in the hood and record people trying to steal it

YewTo0b : Do this with a car

Mishchievious Badger : Id just do a wheelie over to the 200$....

Edgar Paniagua : Now I'd like to see someone steal this bike and trying to ride it away!

SmarterEveryDay : Trust me, you can't "handle" this bike. (grin)

Veiss seven : the secret is to ride no handed.

Mr. I am everywhere : Stop scrolling through the comments while watching the video.

jbiasutti : One of the problems with the backwards bike is that the gear system creates friction in the steering column. So the backwards bike is not just backwards it is also more similar to a bike with worn out steering. The force that put the wheel so it runs straight is very small, so not matter what, the backwards bike never goes straight. They should check this by getting the backwards bike and seeing how far it will ride by itself.

President Donald J. Trump : I can do it.

Carlos Garcia : You need to put this bike on a rack in New York City without a lock and watch as someone tries to ride away with it and epically fails

The FLaRe : Yo it’s just like playing with inverted controls on a game, chill tf out.

Jeremy Gonzales : the gear ratio is very bad. its like you have to turn the handle bars like 60 degs to get 15 degs on the wheel.

Yy Person : Your son was motivated to ride that bike

Dragan Crnogorac : Every excavator driver know the drill. Engineers built those two sticks two ways. ISO standard is; right hand moves bucket up and down and left hand moves bucket back and forward USA standard is opposite; left hand moves bucket up and down and right hand moves bucket back and forward. It's mind blowing hard to swap between. It's whole day or two learning to use another practically same machine

Azus : Who needs a bikelock?

FlicksTv : Omg this also affected me with my native dialect, Bisaya (Filipino Dialect) When I was a child I used to speak bisaya fluently for anout 8 years until I went to Manila and people are speaking English And Tagalog there. So I studied tagalog and learned how to speak tagalog fluently BUT here is the twist, after a year of not speaking Bisaya I cant speak Bisaya anymore but I can understand it, its like my brain is processing and trying to build up the words so that I could just speak but I still cant do yep I entirely forgot how to basically speak the first dialect I have learned (but ofc I could only understand) Edit:the same thing also happended when I was ice skating and using the skateboard

Moon Pie : Raise the dang saddle dude. looks like you're riding a mini clown bike.

Christian Ueckert : I've built the exact same bike a few years ago. It took me one and a half months to learn it to drive. After that, I tryed to ride a normal bike, and in the first moment I wasn't able to

Dr Shaym : It's like riding a bicycle, you never for— Oh.

J V : Bull. Fake You hatin boy

Charlie Day : Tighten the handlebars!

Die Zauberbox : One of the most interesting videos i‘ve ever seen.

DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals) : That first discussion was key. Riding a bicycle is 'easy' but to get good at it is deceivingly difficult. I have been riding for decades and still consider myself pretty bad at it.

monkeymafia729 : I think you have just discovered the best anti bike theft mechinism

Krish Talati : Its like riding fakie

Bloke Jr : 1:45 What?😂

VendPrekmurec : As a child i've learned to walk with stilts... soon whole neighbourhood of children started to learn it too xD I remember, it was hard to learn, i needed at least few weeks. Your brain sooner or later give up and start to memorize everything and correct mistakes...

BJ JR : *Philosophy*

DooM49 : Your content is amazing

Pbounds : Is it not just cause you think you are balancing it but it instead is making it unbalanced

Daniel Alejandro : I remember I had to relearn how to drive a forklift with the opposite steering for a new job and it was sooo frustrating! I felt stupid because I was so good at it and thought I wasn't gonna be able to get it but sure enough now it's no problem. So I understand what this is like!

JuiceCoil : Lol just don’t move the bars

Mohamed Mokrane : I remember when playing GTA and I've to use car with inverse wheels, it becomes so hard to adapt in the first minutes.

captainspacehammer : *pops wheelie* *rides 10 feet* *collects 200 dollars*

Arek Kocot : Maybe just ride on the back wheel? Xd

Euryx : What is Learned can't be Unlearned

brody weitzel : *What would happen if u were taught to bike before a normal one?*

linux750 : Practice. Gamers deal with this kind of issue when game developers try to get "cute" and make their games more difficult than they need to be. The fanboys who tell others to "git gud" aren't helping but they did accomplish what can be done.

Ben Spears : I would love to see this bike in a theif bait prank video!!!

ArcheWhatzitGonnaB3 : What does this have to do with with remembering how to ride a bike? Bikes are nothing more than muscle memory. The reason the reversed handles are difficult to control is not only because it's the opposite of what you're used to, it's also a very counterproductive way to turn. When you're turning right on a normal bike you lean to the right and turn the handle to the right. If you didn't turn the handle to the right you would just become unbalanced and fall. This reverse handlebar bike has you lean to the right, but have to stretch to the left to turn the wheel to the right in order to maintain balance. By stretching to the left you shift your balance and change the entire equilibrium of the bike to the point where it's nearly fallen.

Landon Blackledge : This was such an amazing video, probably one of the best you've made actually. You are willing to dedicate so much time & resources, to seeing an experiment through; not only are you an excellent content creator, you are a SCIENTIST and EDUCATOR!

GrarGirl : It's like having an inverted x or y controls in a game. It doesn't work and sucks.

Lachlan Bird : Just ride it backwards :)

Veritasium : Great video Destin! For the record I tried riding this bike in a hotel hallway and crashed into the wall. I've experienced other unlearning problems driving on the left/right in Australia and Canada and even flicking on light switches (in Aus it's down for on).

Jake Sirola : If you can close your eyes and make ur self forget how u ride a normal bike and shake/ turn left right left right extremely quick yes you will go straight.

Morgan Carder : Why’d he hit that lady? He could have steered around her.

Geron Kincaid : it be good for anti theft

East Waco Entertainment TM : This video makes me wanna cryyyy I don’t even know why.😭😭

3D maniac : If you use a backwards bike, you don't have to lock it because nobody can ride it!