The Backwards Brain Bicycle - Smarter Every Day 133

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Seth's Bike Hacks : Oh man, I'd love to try riding that bike!

jopageri1964 : "I did something that damaged my mind. It happened on the streets of Amsterdam." Says it all.

President Donald J. Trump : I can do it.

James Novick : I could ride that bike with no handlebars....

꧁Røbø ༒ Bītch꧂ : Now spend more 6 months on normal bicicle and repeat this until you be pro in both

SmarterEveryDay : Trust me, you can't "handle" this bike. (grin)

Jason Lee : There's another issue at work here - because of the diameter of the gears, the handlebars are very sensitive which leads to overcompensation from the rider

Tom Peck : The turn ratio is way too high compared to a standard bike; this is why it cannot be held in a steady straight line from a stationary hold.

AirsoftFatty's Meat Salad : You basically described how drugs rewire the brain into addiction

1wan2die HD : I can't even ride a real bike

Cyanapse : Please leave this bike unlocked in the hood and record people trying to steal it

Francisco Scarpa : One thing to cobsider though: I've ridden bikes all my life and I can spot from afar that those gears the invert the handlebar are way to loose. This is almost a trap to entice you to fall off the bike. If you tighten up a bit, the riding would be much easier.

P TRAP : Your son is legend.....

BornToRunBarefoot : George Costanza would be able to do this because it is the opposite of your instincts.

HarryIsTheGamingGeek : 1:41 - dude, omg wow. I was literally in Amsterdam 2 months ago in the exact same position you filmed that footage. So cool.

DooM49 : Your content is amazing

Henry Wiebe : Two years ago someone had a bike like that at a reunion. The only way I was able to ride this bike was that I had to set my mind, like I was riding a snowmobile in deep snow where you always steer the opposite way then you want to go. After 30 min I was able to go a 100 yards without putting my feet down. Got to admit, it’s way harder then it looks. Kind of cool the way it messes with your brain!

Vortex Freerunning : It's because the microscopic adjustments your brain automatically makes are now in the wrong direction, merely amplifying the error instead of counteracting it. So the smallest wobbles can be amplified to throw you off entirely.

Dhanesh Nair : So it's possible to unlearn a language if we tell our brain A for Zebra.

GAVIN’S FREIND : I could use that bike to search all around New Austin for my friend Gavin. Oh Gav...

Veritasium : Great video Destin! For the record I tried riding this bike in a hotel hallway and crashed into the wall. I've experienced other unlearning problems driving on the left/right in Australia and Canada and even flicking on light switches (in Aus it's down for on).

ScrewsNutsAndBolts : Awesome channel ! Subbed 👍🏻

uhavemooface : This is just crazy how your brain and unlearn something and learn the same thing a different way. That is just funny how you couldn't ride an actual bike after learning how to ride a bike backwards.

Truong Anh Thu : Hi SmarterEveryday!

TheMightyKinkle : I wondered why that womans face was blurred out. Now we know!

Carlos Garcia : You need to put this bike on a rack in New York City without a lock and watch as someone tries to ride away with it and epically fails

Василия -x- Vasilia : *You can do this experiment by switching your hands on the stirring wheel. The reason is because you move your hips and body to make a turn*

Strung Out Outdoors : Very interesting. Would definitely like to try this

Crumbsnatcher : Would this work on a car,truck,or a bus?

kleautvieul : I feel his frustration, got the same motor skills when I try to pee standing while brushing my teeth

monkeymafia729 : I think you have just discovered the best anti bike theft mechinism

BovineWife : Destin, is your son capable now of switching back and forth between the backwards bike and a traditional bike as easily as a bilingual can switch between languages?

BornToRunBarefoot : “It happened on the streets of Amsterdam.” You probably inhaled some drug fumes.

Douche master21 : It's so easy because its just like you are counter steering

Sanjay Madhavan : I'm watching this video for the third day in my life. Guess I'm not getting smarter everyday:(

Dr Shaym : It's like riding a bicycle, you never for— Oh.

UrbanLifestyle : I bet every Dutch person can do this, we do the craziest things on bikes you know...🇳🇱😂

The Dusty Shredder : Motorbike rider here. The first thing you learn when riding a motorbike is you press the bars in the direction you want to turn. Give me a shot at that thing.

Naman Mishra : I am 14 and have never ridden a bike. I feel stupid.

Persepsi Liarku : the most brilliant chanel ever

Marin Kwabbels : The kid in The background said “u can do it” if someone was wondering.

Gam3Master : There is a youtuber who did it!

kiraanimerawr1 : I feel like motorcyclists could figure it out faster, because we're used to countersteering. Just need to rewire the brain to countersteer at the low speed of a bicycle.

Corey Grandmaison Archive : Same happens with poi :) love this channel!

Bart Snel : This bike is a good way to make sure no one steals it because they can't ride it.

Shafiq Herrington : I know how to ride it, put it backwards

3p1ks : And now people can't steal your bike congrats.

Julius Goze : It's just like your drifting

brownpill : Lol J-Rock's really improved his life

Ben Spears : I would love to see this bike in a theif bait prank video!!!