Dolphins getting high

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Kawaii Desu : Stop hogging the puffer fish, Derek!

Redbones Honeypot : Puff puff

Mauro Molinero : imagine if you where in highschool and 5 bullys started pushing you and hitting you only to, when they finally stop, start liking your skin to get high. what would you do? actually nvm im getting aroused...

Robbin Staup : OMG ! Lol ! 😂 Flipper is Stoned !

Swol Team 6 : You hear that Jeff Sessions? Even dolphins do drugs!


FishGuts92 : That akward moment when you realise dolphins have more freedom than you.

Miguel Vargas : I wonder if Aliens have footage of humans getting high set to relaxing music

M. Happy : Dolphins getting high 😂

Alexis Moreno : I bet they have drug court down there too.Step 1 we admitted we were powerless over puffer fish and that our swimming had become unmanageable.

Zappa Woman : Dolphin mum when they get home, "Have you been puffing puffer fish again???"

Arcana7609 : lol when you're so high your drugs swim away.

Nicolette James : So it's like the dolphin equivalent of licking toads. XD

Tide Pods : “Yo, dude, that sponge looks like a sea cucumber” “That is a sea cucumber” “Oh”

MrsHyde92 : I love them!!! 😁😍😍😍😍😍🐬

Breyonna Morgan : They swam to the top and had the "Is Air Dry" debate.

nvbasedlad _ : That puffer fish is just an easily bullied dealer

MFVEGAS : That poor puffer fish probably feels all abused .. it needs a shower & some shots of vodka followed by a hard day of blow to forget the crime...

Jimmy Lopez : So the pufferfish is essentially the joint of the ocean

poogoosee bagoomba : Unfortunately Puffer fish lead to more dangerous activities like Sucking on Sea Snakes, and Tipping Whales.

Clown Afra : Freakin stoners. They even got together and formed a click circle.

fakeSavian : The reef is a LIT stomping ground

Rain : legalize pufferfish

Joanna : The scientists that discovered this must've pissed their pants from laughter.

Jason G : That pufferfish now has PTSD.

Apex : Don't do pufferfish kids it's a gateway drug to jellyfish and electric eals

Juan Yaotl Torres : Dude look at my fins!!! Oh crap i forgot to breathe...

Mightymousy : I'm Bill. And I'm a Puffer addict. Hi, Bill.

MrMarbles0Xecution : lol dolphin at 2:06 looks ripped


Sinister Gentleman : Are the dolphins getting so high they started to poop themselves?

Gamer3672 : See its natural to do drugs

Stephen Stern : David Tannant narrating dolphins getting stoned while I'm blazed this is great

theWolfKing3615 : The original puff, puff, pass!

xohillary : Makes it even better that David tennant is narrating

Raiche58 : Puffer Fish - "I feel so used!"

I'm confused : *Puffer, Puffer, Pass*

Jess Connelly : Everyone gets a hit man🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

daniel guzman : "Dudeeeee imagine being a human dude."

オドリスコルルク-さん : puffer fish are a gateway to harder substances like stonefish and seaweed. don’t do pufferfish kids.

julian de la o : Failed that drug test for sea world bruh :

VHS Text : I like how they're just sitting right at the surface, stoned as hell. Probably saying to one another, "Woahh man, what do you think is really out there?"

THEORIGINALALFONSO : dolphins where like why are they callled puffer fish ? the homie was like , idk lets pufff one and find out ! .....duddddddeeeeeee!!!!.....brooooooooooooooo....are u feeling it !!? yea mannnn !!!!! right onnnn

Star Dreamer : Take a Puff and pass it around.

Name not found : 420 puff it.

Backyard Music Feedback : "duuuuude.... What if like.... There's other dolphins looking down at us or something?" "Nooooooo waaaaaaay!"

larryjohnny : Puffer fish was later arrested for dealing drugs.. But got out on bail..

Donnie Darkko : Dude dolphins are dope

Nismo12345678 : legalize it

Andre Abreu : Idle fins is the devils workshop.