Dolphins getting high

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Kawaii Desu : Stop hogging the puffer fish, Derek!

Toasted Fan Art : I love how he specifies they are teenagers...

Swol Team 6 : You hear that Jeff Sessions? Even dolphins do drugs!

Robbin Staup : OMG ! Lol ! 😂 Flipper is Stoned !


Redbones Honeypot : Puff puff

Zappa Woman : Dolphin mum when they get home, "Have you been puffing puffer fish again???"

Breyonna Morgan : They swam to the top and had the "Is Air Dry" debate.

Mauro Molinero : imagine if you where in highschool and 5 bullys started pushing you and hitting you only to, when they finally stop, start liking your skin to get high. what would you do? actually nvm im getting aroused...

Ronald K. Drum : Teenage dolphins act the same as human teenagers.

Laurie Sorenson : Next, they will be snorting Angel Fish dust. I am sure they are headed for an intervention. Lol

Joanna : The scientists that discovered this must've pissed their pants from laughter.

Apex : Don't do pufferfish kids it's a gateway drug to jellyfish and electric eals

larryjohnny : Puffer fish was later arrested for dealing drugs.. But got out on bail..

Alexis Moreno : I bet they have drug court down there too.Step 1 we admitted we were powerless over puffer fish and that our swimming had become unmanageable.

Jason G : That pufferfish now has PTSD.

VHS Text : I like how they're just sitting right at the surface, stoned as hell. Probably saying to one another, "Woahh man, what do you think is really out there?"

Gamer3672 : See its natural to do drugs

julian de la o : Failed that drug test for sea world bruh :

Backyard Music Feedback : "duuuuude.... What if like.... There's other dolphins looking down at us or something?" "Nooooooo waaaaaaay!"

NTDM : *distant police sirens*

Angelo Calderon : They didnt let borrow that fish, those dolphins are very *selfish*

Gonçalo Carneiro : Damn teenagers these days...

MrsHyde92 : I love them!!! 😁😍😍😍😍😍🐬

I'm confused : *Puffer, Puffer, Pass*

Mucusmayhem 111 : Dolphins get high. Whatever next in the hood? Octopus getting crabs? Itchy stuffy. Electric eels playing with the puffer fish, they'd be in their element.

Joe Rob : Are you feeling it Mr Crabs?

Dᴏᴡʟᴘʜᴡɪɴ : Ahh, the luxury of apex predators. No one trying to kill you while you're floating. This might explain why dolphins are such awesome dudes. ... No drug laws. (At least I don't think so. O_O) Pufferfish: "I feel violated!" Wait until some humans kick the bucket trying to find the right dosage, haha. (Eventually figuring out it is looking the wrong way at a pufferfish from a meter away.)

JML689 : "DUDE you won't believe it! "What?" "I'm swimming bro!!!" "You've always been swimming..." "Ya but now... I feel it!" "Ok." "I'm gonna go swim on land like Dolphin Jesus."

Tony78454 : What? Our Congress is allowing the dolphins to abuse the puffer in this disgusting way? What about the overdose crisis in the sea community? This is a disgrace, one of those dolphins was merely a child! Where are our morals next they'll be getting gay married

Real Dumbass. : they’re lucky its free.

Richard Weiss : This explains why I saw a dolphin buying "The Dark Side Of the Moon" last week 😉

poogoosee bagoomba : Unfortunately Puffer fish lead to more dangerous activities like Sucking on Sea Snakes, and Tipping Whales.

Dimension7 : Legend has it they went to IHOP afterwards and skipped out on the bill.

tuna G : That music when they got high😂😂

chizpa305 : I'm here in 2018 doing the puff puff pass, and these dolphins in 3018 doing the puffer puffer pass...

Pineapple : 2:05 He high as hell 😂😂😂

MrMarbles : lol dolphin at 2:06 looks ripped

Big M : #LegalisePufferfish

The_Fro_Zone : *REEFER*

spuspu Absher : i was gunna clean my room, but then i took pufferfish.

squizill : Puffer fish is a gateway drug

CK_32 : And people say drug use is a people problem 😏

Brakkebraamie : Just when you thought dolphins couldn’t get any cooler...

Siobhan Beatty : Goddamnit pass the puffer, jerry

shadow336k : Puff, Puff, Pass.

Tita : Thanks David Tennant for teaching us, how dauphin get high xD

steph plays26 : Barely a few seconds in, I realized that the thick Scottish accent is David Tennant's.

〈〈CatRandy〉〉 : “Playing catch is a great pastime”, unless you’re the ball.

Jeffrey Vences : Even Dolphins love to get high... They're so smart.. 🚬😂💯🔥