Dolphins getting high

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Toasted Fan Art : I love how he specifies they are teenagers...

Qu4ttro Tube : Now, it makes even more sense why it’s called a “puffer” fish. They’re taking tokes and passing it.

BlackieChan383 : When you develop a lethal toxin inside your body as a form of self defense but the neighborhood junkies just use you to get high.

Oscar 420 : That's why it's important as a dolphin parent to keep your dolphin teens involved in sports and after school activities lol.

prolo : Damn. They're so much like us, but at the same time they're so much different.

Kawaii Desu : Stop hogging the puffer fish, Derek!

Two Buffalos Making Noise : *Gets pulled over by a great white* “Excuse me son, do you know have fast you were swimming?” “How many puffer fish have you had tonight?” “Ok, put your fins behind your back.”

B.O.A Yang : *Ay yo pass the puffer*

That's Hilarious Dave, Don't Die : "Duuuuuuude, this water like.....the best water, bro"

Thomas Greenhill : *gets high *immediately shits everywhere every few seconds...

Haha MissMiss : One got SO high he shat himself

Fire Nation Files : Apparently dolphins do drugs. That's just great.

HammerofDawn : why does every dolphin have to poop like five times?

James Bond : 2:07 that's 1 stoned dolphin......🙃

Ronald K. Drum : Teenage dolphins act the same as human teenagers.

Pyro Is A Nazi : *Surfer accent * Brooo this is the shiiit

Professor Teddie Bear : That dolphin just let out a big, wet one 0:38

mugen mugen : Puffer fish is a hella of a drug

VeganMikedizzle : Coral reefer madness.

Redbones Honeypot : Puff puff

martyisabeliever : Dolphins Tokin' on a puffer fish!!!... Now tell me again how God's not good and has no sense of humor.

Nish Limbu : The title basically sums up my youtube recommendations

Sarthak Parashar : God! Why the hell doesn't some Government confer to Dolphins human rights already! They are so.. conscious of their world and so intelligent.. I have a strong feeling the generation of humans a century from now will be loathing and criticizing us for our treatment of nature and it's wonderful inhabitants just the same way we criticize Slave owners, Caste enforcers and colonizers of the past!

myresoriginals : Lmaoo these teenage dolphins pass the puffer fish like a joint

Mauro Molinero : imagine if you where in highschool and 5 bullys started pushing you and hitting you only to, when they finally stop, start liking your skin to get high. what would you do? actually nvm im getting aroused...

Raul Garcia : This takes the term “puff puff pass” to a whole....nothaaa..... levaaaa

Wat : Man they passin that puffer fish around like we be passin the blunt. These dolphins know how to live life 😂.

Leilani Lani : They smokin that good kush Edit:HUUUUH THATS WHY THEY CALL IT PUFF-ERFISH

x Whaledream : at least they pass it

Ace 4 Gamez : Reggae dolphins

Fire Nation Files : Humans say dolphins are the humans of the sea. Dolphins say humans are the dolphins of the land. *Who is right?*

shadowsinmymind9 : Now dolphins are getting high? What has this world come to?!

PunksNotDead : They are literally passing a blunt 💀

poogoosee bagoomba : Unfortunately Puffer fish lead to more dangerous activities like Sucking on Sea Snakes, and Tipping Whales.

Joseph McGee : Watch the government somehow make this drug illegal

shmoo : Damn dolphins are xanied out!

Szwedu : "Yo dude what is that" "Bro shut up i need to focus how to breath"

Daniel Luster : Dolphins are cute, even if they're high. :)

Swol Team 6 : You hear that Jeff Sessions? Even dolphins do drugs!

Sal S : Dolphins stimulated their endorphins....probably got a s.u.i.....😁

Mia R : Dolphins: *Oh yeah lemme get high on this freaking puffer fish* 😂

lem0nwings : Can someone edit Elon Musk’s face on to one of the dolphins

Franci : Nature has better weed than human

Rain : legalize pufferfish

Gloria Borger : I thought this would be a joke.

Black Cat : Poor pufferfish 😂😂😂😂

John Doe : High dolphins describing the camera man: "yo yo check out this dolphin with weird structure, he looks so funny hahahaha" "Hahahaha"

Blake Seekford : OMG! They are like us.

John Riley : "Dudeeeee imagine being a human dude."

E M : puffer puffer pass