Dolphins getting high

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Toasted Fan Art : I love how he specifies they are teenagers...

Ryan Tendieson : “Aye bruh are we wet?”

Ray Mak : Getting stoned in the sea

Giovannie edgar : Puffer fish:release toxins to defend themselve from predators Dolphins:use toxins to get high Puffer fish:am I a joke to you?

Kaptein Kaos : Dolphins : Bruh, pass the puffer Puffer fish : *internal screaming*

Qu4ttro Tube : Now, it makes even more sense why it’s called a “puffer” fish. They’re taking tokes and passing it.

Violet Man : Who the hell keeps sucking spaghetti in the background

Fire Nation Files : Humans say dolphins are the humans of the sea. Dolphins say humans are the dolphins of the land. *Who is right?*

Dhruv Anant : Symptoms that your teen is high: 1. Swims upside down 2. Unnecessarily imagines that he can fly 3. Half-closed eyes that display a complete lack of interest in reality 4. Mouth open to squeak the unknown truths of the universe 5. Every activity very expressively narrated by a man with a heavy Scottish accent.

Stahlherz-Succubus : Mr. Krabs: Mrs.Puff? Oh, she’s married... Spongebob: Oh, no, she’s single. Mr. Krabs: Well what happened to Mr. Puff? Spongebob: She doesn’t like to talk about it.

Kawaii Desu : Stop hogging the puffer fish, Derek!

Yeeric : Hey nature can I have toxins for protection? For protection? Yeeeesssss Actually helps dolphins get high Drug time

Baby Girl : I would love to hear Snoop Dogg narrate this

lem0nwings : Can someone edit Elon Musk’s face on to one of the dolphins

MeowingInsanely : Are we just going to ignore the fact, unlike a needle being jabbed in your arm. They are jabbing lots of needles in their faces...

Alexander Klissurov : Brrrooo look at the air man. It looks like water bro. It's like upside down water. Or am I upside down. Or is the world upside down. Or is the sea upside down.

Koodie Xo : Bruh, I'm *submerged*

John Doe : High dolphins describing the camera man: "yo yo check out this dolphin with weird structure, he looks so funny hahahaha" "Hahahaha"

Allison蟻雪 : I wonder what their mothers will think... “Jimmy, have you been out doing pufferfish again??” “If anything smells fishy, it’s just the dolphin I had for lunch..” “Dolphin???” “I meant the Nemo...?”

Ronald K. Drum : Teenage dolphins act the same as human teenagers.

Space duck : Seaweed?

WoowJustin : They are literally passing a blunt 💀

Michael Peavoy : me as a dolphin when I get reincarnated

Hyua : I'm here before daily dose of internet.

Mauro Molinero : imagine if you where in highschool and 5 bullys started pushing you and hitting you only to, when they finally stop, start liking your skin to get high. what would you do? actually nvm im getting aroused...

Liv & Lily : the dolphins got the biggest smile on their face

Jazzy B : So animals can also be drug addicts........

Leilani Lani : They smokin that good kush Edit:HUUUUH THATS WHY THEY CALL IT PUFF-ERFISH

shvn. : Does the puffer fish get physically hurt at all by this? Or just high inconvenienced and frightened? Dolphin teeth look sharp.

Redbones Honeypot : Puff puff

Gabriella Lee : If you don't talk to your dolphin about puffer fish.... then who will? lol

Amia R : Dolphins: *Oh yeah lemme get high on this freaking puffer fish* 😂

nii dai : 0:40 - 0:44 me on the toilet after taco bell

Seeker : I wanna know what they are thinking. We need to decode their clicks.

Akshat Govekar : Dolphin 1:"Dude try this Puffer. I bought it from MALANA" Dolphin2:"What Strain is it?"

Daniel Luster : Dolphins are cute, even if they're high. :)

Sal S : Dolphins stimulated their endorphins....probably got a s.u.i.....😁

k SMH hcjchkx 9cxrzigxitz : Aye bruh pass the *F I S H*

Swol Team 6 : You hear that Jeff Sessions? Even dolphins do drugs!

Mark Anderson : It’s apparently a laxative too

thats nice : I hope these teenagers are wearing protection..

DCUE : Did Shrek narrate this

Froot Bat : omg is this narrated by david tennant

MyLife : Sounds like the dentist drills

Flame Werewolf : The whales that are smart and very playful get high Idk why that’s adorable to me

A TNT King : Is it better than cocaine?

astral ariela : 420,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Vaniillabean : Yo, duuuude, pass me the pufferfish

A M : The speaker sounds like David Tennant. Really, is it David Tennant????

Ray Bans : "Pass the puffer on ya left hand side."