4 midgets relay race against a camel.

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what description do you need the title says it all it's pretty amazing.

Comments from Youtube

TippedCinema : Me: Ok what am I going to watch toda- YouTube: HoW AbOuT A CaMeL MiDgEt RaCe?!

Tiberian Fiend : People hate the YouTube recommendation algorithm, but this is evidence that it's one of the greatest inventions known to mankind.

Cronos The God : This is not the video we asked for, but the video we need.

Kame/Blue Stream : Doctor: you have 3 minutes and 3 seconds left to live Me:

Clint .R : Holy shit how fast was that last guy?! Seriously impressed!

Kyntteri : ...So one day, YouTube's recommendation algorithm got drunk and...

flying munk89 : All these comments are so good. I cant like them all. So just so you all know. I like them all lol.

Just a dude who likes Dbz : *Top 10 athletes Usain Bolt is too afraid to go against* #1: The dude running the anchor

Vecret .M : Recommended video *Justin Y. : **_Its free real estate_*

hotmojoe. : The last guy was like Usain Spark

RetroMeme Naga : How fast are you? "I'm fast af boiiiiiii"

Forrest Gump : Never in my history of YouTube have I ever searched for midget anything. This pops up in my recommendations. "Damn! I gotta see this!" YouTube knows me better than I do.

JimsEquipmentShed : I uh, yea, I’ve got nothing... Dude at the end was hella fast.

Dyarx : *The video nobody asked,* *The video noboby wanted,* *The video everybody needed.*

Elephant 0 : Nobody: Youtube recommendations: 4 midgets relay race against a camel

Not A Neko : As a camel I found this very empowering.

Sahil Ahmed : Why is it recommend 10 years after it's release? Edit: Not disappointed at all.

Just some guy : Usain bolt breaks a record meh Midgets beat camel 🗿

Kuanyshev Azamat : okay, im not gonna tell anybody that ive watched this

jimmy fox : Imagine suddenly getting tons of revenue from the video you posted 10 years ago

By Kir : Youtube recommendation always knows what I really want to watch

Bongo Boy : Nobody: YouTube algorithm: 4 midgets racing against a camel

Dumbeldore : This is what Youtube is all about. Midgets racing a camel. I can die Happy knowing i got to witness this.

Jude Felton : Why ride a camel in the desert when you can ride on 4 midgets

Linkmon99 : Just proves you’ve never seen it all.. 😂😭

721 116 : I thought it was Tyler1 from the thumbnail lmao

Kylie Rose : Thank you for sharing this with the world

TAPKING13 XX THE KID : The last guy was the midget flash when he came back for his team

Mr Know it All : The last guy running was looking like Speedy Gonzalez lol

Ilustrado : You simply can't ignore this title. YOU SIMPLY CAN'T.

Simon Desue : Imagine your mom will find out about your „Youtube Viewing History“ how tf do you explain this😂

jørgen kvamme : That's not a camel......it is a dromedary!;)

123 : I use to think camels look stupid while running. But with the midget next to him its suddenly graceful

Kalimai : Welcome to episode 142 of why is this in my recommendation section

The comment 27 : Love how the coach was a midget.

Arma Lol : its like mario. feet moving fast as fk but they aint moving.

Ryövärintytär : I wouldn't race against that last runner. He'd win easily.

Samet Zen : Yo tyler is actually pretty fast 💨

Twitch_ Peso_ : Bro why is this in my recommendation like for real???

Bo Dog : This is one of the greatest moments in human history.

ScorpsJunk Nstuff : What if the midgets we're actually FishMongers?

Sharan singh Kandola : Camel:I AM FAST AF BOI!!! 0:27

lennykappa27 : I didn’t know this is what Tyler1 was doing 10 years ago

Thanos For President : Mainstream media: world war three is coming! Me: cracking up at midgets racing a camel.

DamienDorian : Thanks for the recommendation YouTube. The last guy holy shit!!😂

Libertarian Zionist : YouTube has been recommending lots of camel videos to me lately... last time, it was a Saudi Arabian camel beauty show, and before that, it was a camel toe prank.

CzWant'sYouToBuyAinz-SamaRunecraftTM : I just watch a few videos from Tyler1 and now this type of videos are being recommended to me

Marios Grend : Me: opens youtube YouTube algorythm: HoW aBoUt ThIs? Me: brain melted :r

Wildcat14 : Announcer: The race results are in. Sorry guys but you came up short... Midgets: -_-