No BS! Brass Band: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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Mudhole Stomp : The tuba player (yes, its a modified tuba) gets no love but he's laying down some serious bass grooves.  And the drummer is the total truth.

JayDizz92 : anybody else dying to watch the drummer playing.

Nathan Pleasants : Accidentally wound up here and I am content as hell

donaldengine9 : Saxophone... in a Brass band... I'll allow it.

Joseph Sensor : can't see the drummer but you can sure as heck feel him

Ross Marshall : This is what happens when band nerds go to college for music. Awesome.

Steven Melton : TUBA PLAYER IS A GOD.

Cesar Romero : No BS! Brass Band and Kendrick Lamar collab please.

GuerrillaStyleFilms : They should call themselves the No BS Brass band and a drummer who is totally killin it!!!! next time show some love to your drummer and give him a little camera time. He sounded like he was playing his butt off lol. Great video guys.

Jeremy Taylor : There's a drummer in there... Somewhere...

David Harris : I'm impressed, the drummer & tuba player is putting in work for sure

Joel V : Who on earth would thumbs down this??

William Schwandt : i bet that tuba player is the most underrated tuba player ever the guy is just SHREDDING it, and i play! his tone is fantastic i want to know what kind of horn that is know what my next purchase will be! keep it up brother!!!!


Lucas Norrington : That tuba is doing work at 7:30

David Bowman : Gotta love the Low Low Brass :D Being a Tuba, Trombone, and Bass Trombone Player just gotta give them 1,000 props :D

Matt S : lets play the game "who marched drum corps"

LodgingOrc : Saxophone alert! Woodwind!

Ana Epefania Escober : THAT TUBA PLAYER IS SO BOSS.

Fjords : Alton Brown on that megaphone there

xeshtaed : These guys are adorably nerdy and totally badass at the same time. I love brass bands.

Claw : RVA All day: 0:00 Run around: 4:19 Infamous: 8:40


Ian Jeffrey : The trumpet player in purple is my theory professor at VCU! Just thought I'd share haha

Zee Brown : Could've shot the drummer in there 1 time. Sheesh! He gets busy. Shouts to the band. Just stumbled on to this group and video.

Gil Sela : If somebody wanted a book from the back these guys left them no chance

Josh Patterson : I want them to record their songs with more megaphone vocals. It works so well for their sound. I bought the the RVA All Day album anyway cause I wanted to support these dudes. It's on sale $3 off right now

areed264 : Tuba pedals tho!!!!

Tyler Campbell : The trombones are killin it!

Allan J. Taylor : I love how on the right the tuba and the 2 trombones are acting really hype, meanwhile the trumpets look they want to be anywhere but there xD

Bill Goodman : these guys make me want to drink.  That says a lot as 40 something with a mean day job, wife and kid.  Great Stuff....keep owning what you do!

8stringswildoo : Get out your old Tower of Power LP's folks!

trojantboneguy : I hate they don't show the drummer hes kicking ass

Darnell Avery : cowboy bebop at its best lol if they ever make a continuing season

Riley Preswood : I am a 6th grade middle school baritone player.I just want to say that this group is REALLY good and i hope to be able to play like that one day!I go to Nc East McDowell midle school check us out!


K. M. : I love NPR

Mark Ehle : Lose the sax - get a mellophone.

notesaw : No BS! is like the perfect mix of ska, funk, and hip hop.

Eli Morse : so filthy

Guilherme Menezes : MUitooooo Lokoooooooo !!!

Panic the Kid : I'm just checking out these guys for the first time. I'm really digging the variety of sounds here. Infectious melodies and earworm qualities aside, these dudes are badass musicians. The brassy, throaty cadences of a high school marching band are the backbone of these songs, but I especically love the heavy spin on it with the drummer's attitude and power, it definitely supports the rest of the ensemble well. I hear a lot of jazz thrown in on the solo sections of these songs. The passages are hectic and make the songs feel even better-structured after the fact. I also really love the megaphone vocals; it also harkens back to that high-school pep rally feeling. The whole thing gives off this wild, urban, robust sound that I didn't know I needed in my life. I hate sounding like a douchey music critic, but damn, I just needed to get those thoughts written down because I've not grown to like such an eclectic group this fast before. A-1 stuff.

pattomuso : Where was Lance.....I can hear him! ;)

ricardo martinez : El negro que agudea en el trombón se parece a Kenan de Kenan & Kell jajajaja

skyzefawlun : These guys remind me of Youngblood Brass Band, and that's a wonderful thing! Anyone who digs this and isn't familiar with YBB, check them out, they're legendary.

Alan Burns : No BS except for the saxophone

BenniM : When you play the baritone and you see all these trumpets and trombones being able to play so cool :,(


TheBlondebaby80 : the tuba player is amazing, (contra in drum corps) I used to play. all very talented. is the brass in key of G?

Luis Ortiz : Kinda funny, this guys are pack in that tiny room so tight that you can't see the drummer in the back doing a great job.