Michael Jackson - Beat It (Chinese Communist Party Version)

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光复华夏 : 2:49 is EPIC!!

Munkhtuvshin Tumur-Ochir : 2:48 ... Godlike solo

pedro pullu : Mao Jackson !!!

404 Not Found : Enough internet for today...

myName : I thought this was the original.

TBNYC : Wish I could be half the editor this guy is.

Erwin Rommel : 2:50 That solo lol

David Fei : The solo around the 3 minute mark is OVER NINE THOUSAAAAANNNNNNNDDDD!

Exit Only : Genius. I love the Guitair solo scene.

Charles C : I saw this while I was in China working...couldn't stop laughing at the guitar solo

VincentVarkor : *C U L T U R A L R E V O L U T I O N*

Dejan Mirkovic : The solo guitar is killing meeee AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA !! LIKE !

Necron3145 : There's literally a whole bunch of music that were paired with edited version of this video, including Gangnam Style and a lot more others.  The true pros are hidden among us 高手在民间

정재은 : I want chello guitar

tothemoon : Electric erhu for the win

HT Zhou : 不厚道地笑了,哈哈哈

sti cazzih : This is the cultural revolution, people.

Sherman Brown : message to the U.S and western imperialists.

taka'nine'shi natsuha : 吾党の基本原则ワ 违背デキナイ!人民ガ意志ワ 违背デキナイ!

MrDmcb123 : This is good video. but China is really sick.

Gass Gonzalez : Better than the original

Roki Vulvovič : Its 3am what the hell im doing here

Krazy King246 : Watched this before I went to work... I kept doing the same movements as that dude while I was working. Mostly that whip-like motion whenever I get something done :D, 0:49

WA Chong : ...youtube, ladies and gentlemen

高进 : The solo part is amazing

sombragirl : The MOMENT: min 2:50

Wang Shuang : up主是干大事的人

匿名 : Is there intention to be insulting?

PinthekidVN : That guy look like Mao Zedong

LOLZ Compilation : im singaporean n my mom is from china i showed her this she was like wtf

chernikaya irina : Taiwan number one~ Taiwan number one~ China number nineteen~

gnrdude : Chairman Mao Sei-Jackson!!! owwwwwwweeeee heheheheeee!

Thumbelllina : omg hahahahahaha internet put me straight into laughingmyass mood thank you hahaa

Maxwell Sonnenburg : does anyone know the original song that belongs in this video cause I can't it anywhere, please let me know if u do

Cosmic Centurion Deathvoid Entropic Darkswarm Abyss Meteor Suplex Firefist Twerk Team Wolfpack : Chairman Michael

RIVARAPTOR : What china said to us after the vietnam war

RichardFeynmanRules : Surely one of the all-time cleverest and funniest YouTube videos...the editing to meld these Chinese Red Army soldiers singing and playing with Michael Jackson's "Beat It" is simply brilliant. Watched it many times, and it always delights me and makes me smile! (I always wanted to hear what they were really singing and saying! Something highly patriotic, no doubt!)

Jim Heckel : Okay, seriously...did this come from the real, official Chinese government? I mean, I can appreciate a good joke as much as anyone, but I need to know if this is for reals. It looks like it could be either real or fake.

GoldFishBoy1337 : I like China way better now. This is gold.

Lena Oxton : Chairman Michael Zedong.

Surapong Sappayakhom : อาแปะนี่​ Rock ได้ใจจริงๆครับ

陈吃吃 : 下一个视频 是 Michael Jackson 的唱红歌

James Thompson : Lol Mao Zedong is a chairman not famous singer , lol freaking red army .....

迷幻蘑菇 : 我擦,这不是A站的红军鬼畜视频吗,没想到搬到ytb来了

thang huy : cho xin bản gốc

Zhiyuan Li : do u guys like it? it is very famous in China. LOl

Владимир Дальский : All dislikes in this video put Chineses. I think so

Teacher Luka : Funny until you remember how many were murdered and are still repressed.

DeadTroperSociety : Gentlemen, I present to you, Communism with Chinese Characteristics!

Eric Wang : I hate CCP, it's totally evil, the video looks like the Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976 in China, which destroy traditional Chinese culture very deeply, it's absoluely evil, I suppose it tends to mock about the event, right?