Michael Jackson - Beat It (Chinese Communist Party Version)

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Joseph Stalin : For once I like the Chinese knock off version more than the original.

rritambhar chakraborty : u see this kids? this is the fking future !!!

Kirov airship : I'm Vietnamese and I have to say... WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT??!

Jim Heckel : Okay, seriously...did this come from the real, official Chinese government? I mean, I can appreciate a good joke as much as anyone, but I need to know if this is for reals. It looks like it could be either real or fake.

KP KP : I guess this is what they called Jacko Mao.

Sebastian Schwaerzel : *(L)MAO*

Alfred Shaw : LMAOOOOO

Al : lol

sti cazzih : This is the cultural revolution, people.

VincentVarkor : *C U L T U R A L R E V O L U T I O N*

柳烬灯 : 不厚道地笑了hhh

Ylendeth : HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Healthy Pet : Awesome.....literally.

Atrik Roy : lovely red salute mao !

saiyaniam : Eddie chan halen

TBNYC : Wish I could be half the editor this guy is.

James Thompson : Lol Mao Zedong is a chairman not famous singer , lol freaking red army .....

류정헌 : 2:50 일렉트로닉 해금ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Joe hexagon : 这很社会主义 纸老虎们做的还不错

Robert : Uni-vos

Sherman Brown : message to the U.S and western imperialists.

Atrik Roy : lovely red salute mao !

Shix Lo The Crusading Slav : ))))))) Communism is so stronk it can crush Kapitilists at a sing off

高进 : The solo part is amazing

scotty mills : This is the sickest........buuuut funniest videoI've ever seen!

Vladímir Ilich Uliánov : Enough internet for today...

Otis Enthusiast73 : wtf im a maoist now


Yes Sure : Too funny

Bides Adhikari : Red Star over China.

Gass Gonzalez : Better than the original

Алексей Комлев : Вот это еблище сладкое!!!

Rockabilly Franky : I love the Solo <3 <3 <3

wolf228 Lonr : 毛泽东

scooture Archi : I am a communist,but this is SO FUCKING FUNNY !!!!HAHAHAHA

Murderous Communists : Funny until you remember how many were murdered and are still repressed.

Patrick : Weird that "Beat It" was released only 5 years after the Chinese video. China really was behind the times...

Blyat Man : long live ccp

swagswagify : Where is Branket

FreeLunch ForChildren : This is funny . . .

Josef Mengele : seriously....?

Allan Vendiola : I'm on the wrong side of the net , damnit. Lol

wolf228 Lonr : 毛泽东看到了想打人

Bilbo Baggins : 1000th COMMENT BITCH

Shuyu : I know this guy. His name is Mao Jia Shan.

Munkhtuvshin Tumur-Ochir : 2:48 ... Godlike solo

Benito Mussolini : Its 3am what the hell im doing here

MediTruth : This is classic :)

Comrade Valium : Seize it

Ûdu Không xa đâu : It's funny that China is a farce for mankind