Michael Jackson - Beat It (Chinese Communist Party Version)

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光复华夏 : 2:49 is EPIC!!

pedro pullu : Mao Jackson !!!

Munkhtuvshin Tumur-Ochir : 2:48 ... Godlike solo

404 Not Found : Enough internet for today...

GoldFishBoy1337 : I like China way better now. This is gold.

TBNYC : Wish I could be half the editor this guy is.

Zhiyuan Li : do u guys like it? it is very famous in China. LOl

Erwin Rommel : 2:50 That solo lol

David Fei : The solo around the 3 minute mark is OVER NINE THOUSAAAAANNNNNNNDDDD!

myName : I thought this was the original.

Exit Only : Genius. I love the Guitair solo scene.

Charles C : I saw this while I was in China working...couldn't stop laughing at the guitar solo

Necron3145 : There's literally a whole bunch of music that were paired with edited version of this video, including Gangnam Style and a lot more others.  The true pros are hidden among us 高手在民间

Dejan Mirkovic : The solo guitar is killing meeee AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA !! LIKE !

Chris YG : 我擦,这不是A站的红军鬼畜视频吗,没想到搬到ytb来了

정재은 : I want chello guitar

tothemoon : Electric erhu for the win

HT Zhou : 不厚道地笑了,哈哈哈

VincentVarkor : *C U L T U R A L R E V O L U T I O N*

Eric Wang : I hate CCP, it's totally evil, the video looks like the Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976 in China, which destroy traditional Chinese culture very deeply, it's absoluely evil, I suppose it tends to mock about the event, right?

匿名 : Is there intention to be insulting?

WA Chong : ...youtube, ladies and gentlemen

Gass Gonzalez : Better than the original

Krazy King246 : Watched this before I went to work... I kept doing the same movements as that dude while I was working. Mostly that whip-like motion whenever I get something done :D, 0:49

taka'nine'shi natsuha : 吾党の基本原则ワ 违背デキナイ!人民ガ意志ワ 违背デキナイ!

sti cazzih : This is the cultural revolution, people.

Jim Heckel : Okay, seriously...did this come from the real, official Chinese government? I mean, I can appreciate a good joke as much as anyone, but I need to know if this is for reals. It looks like it could be either real or fake.

sombragirl : The MOMENT: min 2:50

scooture Archi : I am a communist,but this is SO FUCKING FUNNY !!!!HAHAHAHA

Sherman Brown : message to the U.S and western imperialists.

Jonathan Foo gaming : im singaporean n my mom is from china i showed her this she was like wtf

Roki Vulvovič : Its 3am what the hell im doing here

Wang Shuang : up主是干大事的人

gnrdude : Chairman Mao Sei-Jackson!!! owwwwwwweeeee heheheheeee!

MrDmcb123 : This is good video. but China is really sick.

Maxwell Sonnenburg : does anyone know the original song that belongs in this video cause I can't it anywhere, please let me know if u do

Владимир Дальский : All dislikes in this video put Chineses. I think so

Cosmic Centurion Deathvoid Entropic Darkswarm Abyss Meteor Suplex Firefist Twerk Team Wolfpack : Chairman Michael

PinthekidVN : That guy look like Mao Zedong

RIVARAPTOR : What china said to us after the vietnam war

chernikaya irina : Taiwan number one~ Taiwan number one~ China number nineteen~

VincentVarkor : Chairman Michael

Surapong Sappayakhom : อาแปะนี่​ Rock ได้ใจจริงๆครับ

James Thompson : Lol Mao Zedong is a chairman not famous singer , lol freaking red army .....

David Lemont : 106 stinking dirty commies vs. 4,682 freedom loving capitalist! Take that Red bastards!

thang huy : cho xin bản gốc

Thumbelllina : omg hahahahahaha internet put me straight into laughingmyass mood thank you hahaa

Murderous Communists : Funny until you remember how many were murdered and are still repressed.

kia koko : isis devil communism demon evil= communist shit communist=hell communism=too bad communism=bad guy crimes communist=prision

高进 : The solo part is amazing