Kevin the Flag - Time-Lapse of Frying Pan Ocean Cam

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worseto1 : God bless Kevin.

I Review YOU! : ...If it still waves in the morning.. we have won and the British will be done

MrJEM13 : Kevin Take my Energy

Logan Hales : May Kevin have a healthy recovery.

palreigstad : made in america

Jon W : Flags are people to.

Daryl A : A flag means NOTHING: it is what is in your heart that means EVERYTHING.

Mark Ifi : That's a really good flag!

Coolestswagking : Rip Kevin🇺🇸🙏🏽😫😭 You will be missed. #HurricaneFighter👊🏽🇺🇸😭

Lucianrider : Thanks for creating this!!

FrontLineFox 20 : That flag held on for FIVE WHOLE HOURS before starting to tear

Anom Mona : Ocean Cam Take me by the hand Take me to the flag

Peter : Made in China

Frank : So long Kevin and thanks for all the fish.

Kieran Mullen : Add some dramatic music

HenkeFTW : Flag made in China

airlockengage : I love metaphors!

Kate Ross : Run this on .25 speed.

LibertyMagnus : We love you Kevin!

Alek Coradini : F

Miguel arana : Kevin 😭😭

TheCujo71 : RIP Kevin!!

this is quist : Oh say can you see

sadf asdf : Those three torn stripes are named Trump, Jared & Ivanka. Hopefully, the country will be rid of them all soon, blowing in the wind...

Steve : It's like watching the USA under the Trump administration...

JK GEHR : Thoughts + Prayers #Kevin

Gaia Miranda : Uhm no one notices that the US flag is supposed to be put away and taken down at night (unless lighting) and inclement weather? No one? SMH :/ Because no one knows is most likely the reason. The U.S. Flag Code addresses the rules for flying flags, rain or shine. It is specific on what to do in the case of rain. The United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, states: "The flag should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement."

Depcom : That shredded flag represents what Donald Chump is doing to our country.

Khadijah Hameen : (Drops to knees, dramatically) KEVIN!! NOOOOOOO!!!

IthacaStLondon : Thank you for your service, Kevin. You will be remembered!

The Z Man : Hey, do you mind if I use this for a video? I would give you credit and a link to your channel in the description. :)

O'Sullivan : The Flag represents the USA and the rain represents black people.

Wayward Waggs : Working on time lapses for our channel so we are researching by watching everyone's work. This one is really cool. That flag took a beating. Thanks for sharing.

Adz : The power of love manifested in a flag we named Kevin. Some wished for catastrophe, the media urged us to prepare for the worst storm ever. Kevin was supposed to be taken down, yet this was not to be. The power of our love (you know who you are) and our good intentions, manifested. Kevin said defiantly "LET'S DO THIS!" Florence fueled with hate and anger shrieked, "LOOK HOW BIG I AM! AREN'T YOU TERRIFIED?" Kevin laughed at her. He was born for this. Florence raged and howled for hours. Kevin laughed, he could feel no pain, He yelled, "IS THIS ALL YOU'VE GOT?" She threw everything she had at Kevin....and went from a cat 5 hurricane to a category zero storm. There were many witnesses who will always remember this with love in their hearts and smile whenever they see the American flag. Love wins.

_CamPlayz : Kevin will be remembered please send love to his family ♥

Huy Nguyễn : What's the name of the camera though?

Dorain1969 : Kevin ate Chuck Norris' French Fries without asking.

Smitty Smiths : I checked at 4am est and I could still hear the wind and Kevin. Then again at 7... gone...

Stephanie Jordan : 🌀🌊🌊🇺🇸 🍳💪😬💪


Snooby66 : Proof that even God hates America

Joshua Longsack : I are become one with the kevin.

xd Keir Factor : So thus is kevin

Patrik Magnusson : Did he make a full recovery?

TaterzMcBiscuit : o7

NTomlin575 : o7

Gobi Grey : Kevin needs a beer!

Gobi Grey : Must see kevin!

Austyn. L : It’s like the flag is screaming for help

Paul C : it should have been brought in before dark