The Gundersen Family - "Doxology/Poor Man's Son/Down To The River To Pray" // Ballard Sessions

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Gabriel Kerr : Dude chatting in the background was totally killing the mood. I was cringing when he chimed in. Lol totally ruined it for me beyond recovery. So annoying! !

Zak Johns : Ima start a band called The Ugly Brother.

Tom Jones : Met my girlfriend to poor mans song on that alter, she became my most gracious wife!

Aurelia Gaar : The gunnderson family is my cousins

RIDETHESUNSHINE : When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind. ~Chinese Proverb . Hearts of Faith will understand why this quote above fits with this video. I am what I am... for a reason.... The Lord will show you the way, but you will still have to do the walking... Please Be Well, and Stay Strong on Your Journeys, Will.

Fred Des : Oh my god! Amazing voices. Thanks so much for sharing this.

RIDETHESUNSHINE : "Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6 NKJV . I am, what I am. This is some of the music I grew up around...

Summer Farley : Beautiful

Abby More : aren't they playing in a church? I think i know what you mean though. ;)

jlynks101 : what a hidden gem.

Phoebe Dierdorff : 6 people dont have a life

biscuitdave : I know that Noah is essentially agnostic. They were all raised in church though, so they could be in a range of mindsets.

Jeremiah Satterfield : These people are just beautiful.

Charity Rattray : Love this

PartywithSaul : this is what music is supposed to be

stophashtagging : just keep listening to this on repeat. i love the gundersens. and they sing like angels. <3

Joshua West : Okay how come I'm just now learning about these clearly gifted vocalists?

NoTheOtherJonathan : How do people like this exist? I wish I could say I'm not jealous. These people. Fucking Gundersens. They break my heart with their music. I now understand how someone's song could kill me softly, because of these stupidly awe-inspiring people.

redhatgnome : ??Where can I download this?? It's absolutely beautiful. Not your typical worship music. SO SO touching and heartfelt. VERY honest and beautiful.

marcher312 : i'm pretty sure the gundersens are religious....

Aaron Rumley : I was yearning for some nice folk vocal bends though during the doxology

Sarah Houston : This is neat!

nathan parsons : Good job

Aaron Rumley : please leave the earth. this is amazing.

Deborah Pennington : I've supported Noah before he was famous. His entire family is so talented! Love listening to the harmony!

John O'Sullivan : amazing toz! Hope to see you again!

benh. yas. : What about''le wrens ''?

benh. yas. : What about ''le wrens ''?

benh. yas. : Magnificent

omar canales : where can i go to download this great music?

Winston Galt : Much Love.

Greer Johnston : Amazing! I've been listening to this one recording for an hour and singing along in public!

שת בנ־אברהם : The Gundersen girls are gorgeous.

Wilfred Hubbard : love the song amazing :)

Ben Middleton : f****** incredible!!!!

Natalie Steiner : Is the blonde brother the infant on the front of the album?! :P

frotography : I wasn't so sold on the album version of this and as a result on the song in general, but after listening to this I can see how much it really means, and it's made me love it that much more.

Moonshine Mollys : Lovely! This is the first I have seen and I like you guys a lot!!!

biscuitdave : How is it that the best religious music comes from non-religious people? Dang.

Daniel Wade : dudes and dudettes, you just witnessed what i like to call a trifecta of soul-crunching gospel infused mashup of some very beautifully written and performed songs. All yall are very musically talented thank you for being you, glad i found yall, exactly what i wanted to hear.

Nicholas Poppin : Amen

Johnna Miller : Truly incredible!!!!!!!

katie collins : I saw them in Athens Ohio Friday! They where amazing!

3NeoNxoxo3 : The cook at my youth group's daughter is dating noah's brother... so noah gunderson and possible the rest of his family will be at my winter camp..... I just found out today and the camp is next weekend.... i don't think you realize how stoked i am because every word you just wrote is the same for me!!!

Mary Sue Daoud : ooof - I've listened to this song hundreds of times over the past couple months. they should release this :)

Hawk_eyes2011 : Who is the one Idiot who disliked this? Who ever did must have no soul.

jimmyjamusa503 : Word

Michelle Rice : the harmony a blood connection makes is unbelievable. Heard Noah on SOA, so glad I found this.

MELISSA BLAIR MUSIC : My new favorites

Hawk_eyes2011 : I love this... My heart is broken.. I love them... Good job.. Amen.