BTS: Blood, Sweat & Tears - Piano Cover
A psychedelic and auditory representation of the song Blood Sweat amp Tears

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Listen to it on SoundCloud: Buy the sheet music for this piece: Check out the original Music Video: ----- Greetings everyone, welcome to my channel. The following video contains the first product that my magic shop has to offer, my psychedelic and auditory representation of the song: Blood, Sweat & Tears. This project took a very long time to finish and I would therefore really appreciate any feedback to it. Here are some statistics about the project: Project Name: BTS - Blood, Sweat & Tears - Piano Cover Estimated Project Start : June 20th, 2018 Project End : July 25th, 2018 Vertices : 663 494 Estimated Time spent on Audio : 40 hours Estimated Time spent on Visuals : 120hours Creating Materials & Textures : 30 hours Estimated Time spent on editing : 10 hours Estimated Render time in total : 125hours Approximated work time on project: 200 hours A little bonus: ----- Have you just reached the end of this description? Congratulations, you are amazing and therefore get a special question (which you can answer in the comments section below): If you suddenly got the chance to be part of an international band, which one would you choose ?


Shintaru : ;-; It sounds really great, keep it up!

LittleHeroMario : Great Piece AT! Kind of re-discovered it rn. Well, it got recommended to me, so I guess that's good! Honestly, your animations are very good and I also like the Cover. Keep it up, dude. I got mad respect for you. My favourite part probably is 2:18 - 2:40. The rest is ofc also brilliant, but that part just sticks out the most to me. If I had to choose in what international band I'd go to... Well. I'd probably create my own. I don't really know alot of bands, so I guess that wouldn't work out good.

kjdnjm921 : aaa wow it sounds amazing!! and visuals of the video are super cool

yoonminship : Hello, friend. You did an amazing job on the BTS cover. I give luck and joy to you.

Lyn : This is so good, I can tell you put a lot of work into it, love it!!

Cake Maniac : i bonked that like button harder than i bonked my toe into my table earlier

Silver Snow : I ish so proud of u^^ eheh it’s been a long journey hasn’t it? You’ve gotten this far so keep it up!❤️🤗

Sol Captor : Awesome!!! I love it soo much!! -TwiinArmageddons

TitchCRAFT 2 : Sounds amazing :-)

MD Valla : Pachink Pachink Pachinko Nyes I am here. Also, really nice, duud! I'm sure you'll be popular one day. Soooommee dayy....

Wolfy : nice, you are good at this

BubbaCaiks : This is really nice! Subscribed.

~Aurora~ : uwu dude good work ~

Islander SkillZ : omg I wanna learn how to play the piano like you when I grow up uwu owo

Lara Pierce : Nice!

keshiv heer : 👌👌👌