Monster bee hive removal and relocation.

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Instagram Things have pretty much settled down in our bee yards, as all of hives are now split, and I was finally able to do my first cut out of the year, and folks, what a cut out is was. This one was a monster! Over 6 feet long, at least 100 pounds of honey, and 40,000 plus bees in the hive. Fortunately, I did not have to tackle this monster on my own, with the quality help provided by one of club members, Mike, we were able to subdue this beast in only about 4 hours. The Swarm Catch Challenge is in full swing now and the pictures are coming in steady. So, if you'd like to get in on the fun, send me your picture of your swarm catch, and I'd prefer if your face was in the frame with the swarm, and I will bee more than happy to include it on one of my videos. Remember, by sending your shot to me, you are giving me permission to use it on my video. You can send that shot to and I am much appreciative to you for doing that. So, grab your favorite morning beverage, and get ready to see what a monster hive looks like on this beautiful morning. God's peace to all. Mr. Ed


Jacob Doddroe : Your attitude and joy at doing what you love keeps me coming back (even though I itch horribly).

AnimeT0getherEU : You should open a patreon for new equipment. Great job saving the bees.

Andrew Hayes : WOW that thing was enormous that queen knows her job, you have some mighty genetics there Jeff

MaMa Q. : i love your videos sooo much.great job.God is good

628DirtRooster Bees : I’m glad you didn’t hurt your back lifting that one. It was honey loaded big time.

Cheryl Jackson : Oh my! That was a crazy large hive. Were people living in the house? And if so how did they discover there were bees 🐝? God bless Mr. Ed.

Oneofdazzz : how heavy was that first load you pulled out of the floor? at 2:30

d hamby : Huge hive while it's still cool. Great job. Are we going to double the honey harvest this year?

Jcrm : Wow that was a lot in there. Have a great weekend and stay safe God Bless .

Treespirit : Are you having the same bet with dirtrooster because... you should let that man catch up to you XD

C Vigness Lenhart : Totally enjoy your videos!!! Will be moving from SE MN to SW MO this yr. on my bucket list is to have a hive or two on our new property!! Learning a lot from you!! Thanks so much!! Keep on keepin’ on for Jesus!! Colene

Piledriver : God is good, love your style. God bless you and yours. One day the dirt rooster will show you some tricksπŸ€—

MyHollowpoint : Can't help but notice you've been eating too much honey, catching up with DirtRooster in belt size :)

Jay A : I found one of your videos on Snapchat and Ive just watched most of your videos. Love it keep it up πŸ‘

Debra Hargett : Your going to need to start taking 4 handles with you if this is any indication of what is in store for you this year! Love your videos!

Apis Rubus : Full very full.a nice queen.bravo Mr ed.πŸ‘

Carole Warner : SIXTEEN?!!! Geez, you're rollin' in bees out there! Love seeing other people's swarms too. Way to go everybody!

Mike Perreman : Why is it so important to get the queen? Why not just vacuum them all up?

ThexMongoloidxFreak : for the first cut out hive of the year that sure is a monster!!!

Mark cottrell : Great video Jeff that sure was a big swarm I sure do like your videos keep up the good work and GODS blessings to you.

Pangela : No intro needed you doing such good work .

Chelsea Leonard : What a surprise! I can't believe you found the Queen in that massive hive!

Dan Ski : Jeff, 16 swarms, WOW! That hive was huge, how long did that cut out take?

Rhaine E. Daize : Incredible!! May God Bless and Keep you Wrangling.

James Carter : Great video, Jeff. I haven't seen a hive that large in quite a few years. Hope you have a great week. God bless and keep up the good work

Soaps From Home : What an incredible swarm! Great job! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

D.M. Russ : What is the machine you used to show the heat inside the floor, Thanks and great job

Danielle McCloskey : Love your videos, Jeff! Your sweet smile and pleasant, upbeat attitude keeps me tuned in. Another great job. God Bless. Love from Philly!! ❀🐝🐝❀

MATT RUFF : Beautiful! What a gorgeous monster of a hive!!! Great job friend!

jesus m solis jr : Wow Jeff That's a big Hive πŸ―πŸ―πŸ―πŸ―πŸ―πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† Is that the biggest? Hive yet

Ray Sarasin : Good deal I enjoy your videos I pick up my bees next week thanks for sharing

Megs From Aus : Brilliant job Mr Ed! Love Fridays and your uploads. Gods peace and blessings ❀️

Melad K. : You always busy like bees🐝 God bless you. πŸ•‡

DrKate L. : Unbelievable how quickly you found Her Highness πŸ‘‘ in that mammoth hive. WooHoo!

TheReddinotimeforce : Jeff I have a question,with the vacuum do you happen to kill some bees or the suction is not strong enough to kill them, I am curious about it

Kyriakos Theodosioy : Hi mate. Hi from Cyprus I would like to ask you if all these bees are coming fro one queen? Thanks.

terry saunders : all i can say is wow mr ed god bless u

bluzervic : That thing was massive, you need a couple vacs for that thing 😜 nice run of swarm photos.....even one of Randy....I got one in a swarm trap so far.

Roy Schrader : Wow! Mr. Ed you have way to much fun.

Charles Norris : Your videos are always amazing. Keep up the good work. Both for the bees and the Creator! God bless.

Richard *Grumpy* Welsh : Another great video Mr Lucky, thanks for showing, god bless you and all of the bees.

Renee Jackson : The bees may their queens but Mr. Ed is their King! Long live Mr. Ed!

Line Danzer : Hey Mr. Ed!! Dang! That was a big job!! Doing what you do so well!! Have a good week My Friend.

danman1980 : Wow that was a big one! Good job Mr. Ed.

JP thebeemaninDE : Wow thats a Monster hive Jeff ! I'm curious how often do you need to rebait swarm traps if you're using Lemon Grass Oil?

MrSmallANDLoud : Four hour job, we did f it really fast! Bill -> charges for 4 hours

MJ Railey : Mr Ed, How long do you think the bees were there? Wow that many bees, how could you not hear the buzzing?

Geyote Pilkington : Oh wow the FLIR trick is so cool and smart!

testje aapiel : so amazing to see nature working!, curious tho what kind of vac r u using for bee sucking?