Neanderthal Misconceptions

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Neanderthals are our closest relatives and their extinction 40,000 years left us as the last remaining member of the genus Homo. Misconceptions about them, however, have continued to prosper since their demise, and I hope that this video succeeds in lessening the impacts of such negative misconceptions. Background music: Lost Frontier/Frontier Make sure to like and subscribe to learn more about our wonderful world! Sources: Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education, and research. All video/game content is recorded and edited under fair use rights for reasons of commentary and social satire.

Comments from Youtube

Jesse Finnerty : Neanderthals may be cousins to homo sapiens sapiens and not direct ancestors, but there was definitely interbreeding between the two, meaning at least a few neanderthals ARE also ancestors to what is now actually most modern humans... Most humans on earth have an average of around 2% neanderthal DNA. So, that ancestor thing is not really 100% a misconception. In fact unless a person is of purely African descent, they almost certainly have some neanderthal ancestry.

sloth man : New post from Harry the Paleo guy, instant click time

Logan smith : On the other hand I'm totally descended from at least a Neanderthal

BlueKavet : Every time I hear your voice I know I'm going to have fun, it brings a smile to my face.

Zack P : I find it disappointing that you did not add the Flintstones theme playing in the background

Adinan Cenci : 10:38 does it mean that homo erectus (or whatever derivate of erectus both species descend from) could talk as well?

MrTimetravler : this was good like your channel

Mitchell Skene : I'd just like to say, the whole descended thing is partly true for all non- African sapiens, since we mixed with Neanderthals, atleast twice, when we wandered out of Africa. While we are not the next evolution, we still are descended from Neanderthals. What kept Neanderthals warm, was their insulating pounds of muscle, combined with their clothing. It's also likely, as simplistic as it was, that Neanderthal clothing was in some respects, better than what sapiens had at the same time. Whenever I hear someone talk about Shanidar 1, I always get happy that someone's talking about Creb. From my understanding, based on the Neanderthal documentary released this past year with Andy Serkis, Neanderthals could speak, however certain sounds we make, for example "Ahh" would have been much different, sounding more like "Uhr".

King Rexy : This video is certainly entertaining and informative. I'm interested into seeing more. I was interested in seeing you cover this subject.

Logan smith : Aux-saints O saan

N'Thavo Telcam : It sad sometimes the pain our ancestors went through like the old man Neanderthal had very advanced arthritis and lost all his teeth by 40 years old. I feel bad for him.

Jorge Castaño : Great job!!

Lee B : There was a species of prehistoric human living 14,000 years ago in China. The red deer cave people.

sam rizzardi : I wish Disney would go back to its experimental roots and do an animated film on Neanderthals with no dialogue, opting instead for an orchestral score, as it did with Fantasia.

Morf : Very interesting video! Thanks

Jeremy Ashford : "We descend from Neanderthals" is not a misconception: it is a fact ... ... unless you are sub-saharan African. All other human beings have a combination of DNA contributions that include, generally, at least 2% Neanderthal. As the numbers stack up this accounts for almost complete assimilation of the Neanderthal population into the genome of modern humans, as distinct from the "anatomically modern humans" of prehistoric times, and modern day sub-saharan Africans, neither of which have Neanderthal DNA. This is supported by scientific data. "Theories" that the two branches went to war, or that Neanderthal died out from other unspecified causes are not supported by data. Some anthropologists still have problems with having Neanderthal ancestry but they have no scientific grounds for such a belief. Two branches of human ancestry diverged and later recombined. Henry, your "cousin" is also your great-grandmother. Viva Neanderthal.

Top Text Bottom Text : _Homo erectus_ is a very unfortunate name.

Mario Simoni : "evolution and the march of progress" hmm not so sure if wer're so progressed. look at crocodiles no "progress" in millions of years. i'd call it a change or a modification, not progress.

Ingwia Fraujaz : Great video! Thanks for addressing these misconceptions. I'd be interested to understand why Neanderthals wore less sophisticated clothing. From what I know, they made more sophisticated tools such as "swiss knives" than Sapiens, through a more complex method of breaking/chipping, potentially made possibly by superior spacial/visual reasoning.

Noir : I have mixed feelings on their extinction. On one hand I really don't want anything to go extinct but on the other the amount of racism they'd have to deal with on a daily basis is sad and their extinction kinda saved them.