Neanderthal Misconceptions

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Henry the PaleoGuy : Sorry for the long wait! I have been held up by life over the last few weeks, and I am truly annoyed about leaving you guys without content for such a time. New Zealand Bird of the Week will be back with the Rock Wren by the end of this week, and I hope I can continue to deliver on videos for the rest of the year and into 2019. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy! :D

Jesse Finnerty : Neanderthals may be cousins to homo sapiens sapiens and not direct ancestors, but there was definitely interbreeding between the two, meaning at least a few neanderthals ARE also ancestors to what is now actually most modern humans... Most humans on earth have an average of around 2% neanderthal DNA. So, that ancestor thing is not really 100% a misconception. In fact unless a person is of purely African descent, they almost certainly have some neanderthal ancestry.

sloth man : New post from Harry the Paleo guy, instant click time

Logan smith : On the other hand I'm totally descended from at least a Neanderthal

BlueKavet : Every time I hear your voice I know I'm going to have fun, it brings a smile to my face.

Zack P : I find it disappointing that you did not add the Flintstones theme playing in the background

Top Text Bottom Text : _Homo erectus_ is a very unfortunate name.

King Rexy : This video is certainly entertaining and informative. I'm interested into seeing more. I was interested in seeing you cover this subject.

MrTimetravler : this was good like your channel

Jorge Castaño : Great job!!

Mario Simoni : "evolution and the march of progress" hmm not so sure if wer're so progressed. look at crocodiles no "progress" in millions of years. i'd call it a change or a modification, not progress.

Logan smith : Aux-saints O saan

Ingwia Fraujaz : Great video! Thanks for addressing these misconceptions. I'd be interested to understand why Neanderthals wore less sophisticated clothing. From what I know, they made more sophisticated tools such as "swiss knives" than Sapiens, through a more complex method of breaking/chipping, potentially made possibly by superior spacial/visual reasoning.

Noir : I have mixed feelings on their extinction. On one hand I really don't want anything to go extinct but on the other the amount of racism they'd have to deal with on a daily basis is sad and their extinction kinda saved them.