Truth in Media: Understanding Big Pharma's Propaganda Machine

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cookt8 : Never waver Ben. You're doing the public a huge service with your investigative reporting.

Keith Greenan : There are herbs and and substances like chaga mushroon, chlorella etc. that can treat many health problems but big pharma suppresses the information on media.

devwreck127 : The Zika virus was manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, and they partnered with the corrupt corporate media to convince us it's a massive problem so they can make a fortune from us and the government, which is also in the pocket of these companies, on a cure they've developed for it, which is probably another injection of God knows what into our already toxified bodies.

Samuel Clough : Man these videos need to get more views and want to bet the 9 thumbs down are shills for the Pharma

HAI Jeff : Whenever a doctor wants to change my treatment from an old drug to the newest wonder drug, I refuse unless he can show me peer reviewed data as to why this is much better.

jimmy c : I always laughed at my doctor when he said a pill he gave me would work

Henry Toliver : Oh, yeah! I saw something like this on John Oliver last year. He says there is also a website which has all of the registered physicians' names as well as the monetary value of what was given during the "medical" presentation. Some can range from a few dollars for meals to up in the HUNDREDS of thousands for lots of luxurious items.

vintasalo : just disgusting what pharma is up to

amommamust : God bless ya, Ben. I am like "Willy." I had a little whistle, but it wooden whistle... These are the drug dealers destroying our country.

Ethan C : Part of "Survivor" by Chuck Palahniuk comes to mind: the new pharma drug names.

Jason bugz Noll 92 : This is one reason I don't have cable. And try to take as little medication as possible. I have family in the health care field. Most physicians in the US are taking big hand outs from big pharma.

Yuri Yanu : Wait a minute... Are you trying to tell me that drug companies are trying to make their products look good in order to convince me to buy them? Say it ain't so.

GiddyUp994 : An awesome look into the black hole of this industry. Keep shining the light on these criminals Ben. With enough education of the public and law makers/organizations whom chase down such issues and put a stop to these criminals. A fat chance of that happening.

Archie Hung : I don't a problem with big pharma, just the lack of science discipline in the medical field.

d8d8 : Great Video, Thanks.  FDA is so much worse, do a video on that too.

Adrianus Vlasveld : Walgelijke de ELITE wat ze allemaal doen om geld binnen te halen

HelloSerg : Yes, but we professionals are trained to learn how to read these journals... We are taught to distinguish what is actually true or false. It is always up to the person prescribing these drugs to go with the research or go against it. Pharmacist are trained on how to read these journals as well.

Chris Mac : Ben is clearly libertarian, but it's good to see that he's guided by truth rather than ideology.

chau nguyen : should do summary of this and post again ;)

chau nguyen : fk, lost big cuz of this

Tim Nolan : Stand up and speak out.The real truth will set us all free. Follow the money the greed always stays at the top. To many of us have been lab rats. My health records speak volumes.Living miracle to have consumed every thing literally from A to Z eight years we were dragged through the under belly of despair.

Iyad Qumseya : When reimbursement is less than profit..human lives doesn't matter.

AlexTalk : keep it up Ben!!!

Slamdizzle : Something I've known for a long time, thanks for making it so concise

Mark Jr. : Tobacco science that's why you don't trust that peer reviewed or scientific journals bull.

Shawn Jones : Arnon Milchan =Big Pharma =Regency Films hollywood= Mossad agent. Nuff said.

starrychloe : This sounds just like search engine optimization. I feel bad for anybody without discernment.

Winston : Thank you Ben Swann! Will be showing many people these videos

Emily Rose : Well, new drugs and corruption to the core aside. You need to realise that *almost everything* can be prevened or treated in a natural way without this chemical BS they produce to see you that in most cases does not even cure you in the long run and often makes you sicker or just prevents temporary pain ... Also a large percentage of drugs are just rebranded aold drugs for a way higher price. They have to just change 10% or so of the ingredients, then they can file for a new patent. And they do this all the time! They just put some other stuff in there to be able to put a new name on it and sell it for a higher price. The English word "drugs" for "medicine" is quite funny because its so true so much better fit. In Germany we say "Medikamente" ( = medicine) and never "Drogen" ( = Drugs). We call only Heroin, Crack ... drugs we should change that and call big pharma chemical cocktail shit by its name *drugs*.

CivicsR2Cool : believe nothing of what you hear, and only half if what you see