Amber Says What: Nike's Colin Kaepernick Ad, Aretha Franklin's Funeral
Amber Says What Nikes Colin Kaepernick Ad Aretha Franklins Funeral

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Dani Long : Asking her to shut up and take it is asking her to be complicit her own abuse and WE DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE. I've been practicing enunciating that phrase for the last twenty minutes. It's powerful.

PhoebeFay RuthLouise : Amber is a national treasure! What a treat it was to go from “Amber says what” to “Amber says why”! BRILLIANT!!! Amber deserves an Emmy for this!

Joe Gaylord : I need a "Goddamn right whoop!" gif.

Ron Dear : At “Who are they and why are they that?” I laughed soda so hard out of my mouth it startled me. I could not have imagine how both ridiculous and very poignant that combination of words could be and how I would have reacted to them. Who are the people that wrote words like that and did they know they would do what those words did and how?

oscargordon : "Serena's French Open catsuit went too far and I'm like Quoi?" Also, her delivery of the Amber says why? was brilliant and flawless. Give this woman an Emmy for both writing and acting.

Annie Ranai : I'm creating fake accounts just to like this more because one like isn't enough...

Squirrel Gray : I GOT THE IDEA!!! Hour long show with Amber, she spends 10 minutes on what, why, where, when, who once a week like John Oliver's show. I don't need any monies for this just hit that thumbs up so she knows to make the show.

Robbie Backpacking : I know right, John McEnroe's career is entirely based around tantrums.

Josh Wilson : What, why, how, who, when, I want ALL the wh words! And Do! and ALL the questions! More Amber!

Kerrie Gipe : I must have been very good this week to get 7 minute Amber Says What.

somebodysonata : Amber Says Why is my new favorite. By the time she got to "Are you sure you want what this will do did?" I was crying laughing. I might have to start saying that when my husband is about to make a bad decision.

Ramses Stafford : Hell Yea, Amber going in. Long live Serena the GOAT.

Nurlinda F Sihotang : i said : "quoi!?" 😂😂

mooremiket : The final part called Amber Says Why is brilliant. Absolutely marvelous.

Kai Vickers : Goddamn right woo! I know nothing about tennis, I actually don’t like the sport at all and I was furious over all of it. Men can go shirtless but a woman FIXING HER SHIRT gets penalized.

Bee Whistler : I can't breathe... she gave words to the feeling of blank, speechless confusion. That was beautiful. That was "was that what you meant to do?" expanded and lit with neon lights.

61lastchild : The Putin/Segall bit...epic...Carlinesque word play...

Tyler Kochman : I am glad I am not the only person who has mistakenly thought of Faith Evans when I have heard people mention Faith Hill

Erica Gamet : I love Amber so much! She really does need her own show.

Taofiqiya Adelakun : Amber you should have congratulated Naomi Osaka as well she played a great game

Ivette Parra : “I’d be too beautiful and too fast!”

John Drummond : What?? White tennis players can build a career brand based on temper tantrums and get away with it!? You CANNOT be SERIOUS!!

Peter Matthews : I think we just found Serena William's anger translator. If Obama got to have one maybe other can benefit from the same opportunity?

Jodi-Ann Burrell : I almost choked on my laughter. I love that every part of "Amber Says Why?" made sense.

Kestral : When Amber started, I was like "why?" By the the she got to the funeral, I was like "Whaat?" By the time I got the Steven Seagal, I was like "Wow."

Bria Penn : Amber is Q U E E N

C. Hopper : Keep asking "What?", and I'm right there with you, asking "Why?". So much "WHY?"

maryinsanfrancisco : One of the best, maybe even THE best Amber Says What ever!

drmorq : yes, she needs her own show... something as good as full frontal with samantha bee... and not some crap shoot on true tv... when I saw it was another Amber segment.. I didnt even pause.. I jumped on it. Seth... you are consistent and really really good.. but part of that is that Amber is pretty great... smart as a whip... witty and quick... funny and so cute... You have a great staff making you a damned good show... and you are a great host.

lulu njoroge : I am crying. The Why segment.

Rachel Marie-Pfeifer : The way he looks at her at the end, as an actor I know his eyes are saying "great.fucking job amber!!!!" This made my heart sing I almost cried I love Amber so so so so much.

Commodore Victor Veinte : Dan says "WHY?" do we not see more of her... like everywhere?

VianneyCreates : If I had Serena's body, you couldn't get no clothes on me! LOL!!

aeromeba : I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Amber!!! And I TOTALLY agree about Serena.

Di Cuteness : This needs to be a weekly thing. I adore you!!!!!!!


Happy Haze : Amber! Killing with the What, so she added Why? Killing with the Why. So Who's next.

Jus Gie : Who are they and why are they that? Who do you think he is? When you look at him what do you see? Something good??😂😂😂😂😂

Shawatha G : Did she just say, "Gotdamn Right woop" and cut to scene like it didn't just happen!😳🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 "What!"🤦🏾‍♀️🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

TamelessKinks : I'm sure I'm late to the party but Amber is great!! ♥️👋🏾

Caribbean Betty : Amber is a frickin national treasure! This is the best Amber says what.

Kathy Amstutz : I LOVE Amber Ruffin! Seth should use her more or/and maybe she could get a series of her own!!!

Sleep System : One of the worst things about the “cat suit” thing was that the “cat suit” had a function: it was SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO PREVENT SERENA FROM HAVING A BLOOD CLOT, WHICH COULD KILL HER. She’s been dealing with blood clots ever since her daughter was born, and they nearly killed her on two separate occasions! By banning her “cat suit”, they could actually kill her by preventing her from wearing clothing that is necessary to keep her safe, all because they want to police her appearance!

Marie-Eve Leblanc : I think this is now my favorite bit of hers!!

Jessica Bonnar : Literal CHILLS after that flawless delivery of Amber Says Why Get this woman her 👏 own 👏 show 👏 !

Seetiyan : 2:36 Amber made Seth say what, lol! 5:03 Amber, you are perfection and my heart beats for you. 5:37 Ok, that made me say what.


Tina P : They need to give this woman her own show now!

Shelley Bancroft : OMG...this is brilliant; AMBER is brilliant!!! ❤ I laughed so hard! 😂😂