Rare Steve Carrell Second City Pilot - Laundry Scene

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Caitlin Kelly : The Scranton Strangler?

James Davis : Her apartment is 17D. There are 17 Dead people because of him. So well written.

April MacDonald : its like dexter the sitcom

Blake Adams : What is the name of the actress? She's brilliant: carries this scene forward and makes him look great.

Amaechi Jones : Who knew he was such a stud ?

Gourgandise : Really well written and so well acted. Damn that was good!

Morahman7vnNo2 : Nothing makes a woman want a man more than a man who's already wanted.

martinbondesson : This might actually be the best piece of acting I've ever seen Steve perform.

Jim Fisher : One of the many brilliant sketches that have come out of Second City through its 50 years.

MJFreak10 : Steve Carell is the king!

Daveries : i would love to see the whole 45 minute pilot

Ana. : This was gold 😂😂😭 Steve Carrell is amazing

Arcana7609 : Wow the part where he was talking about how he kills was very creepy. Really displayed his acting chops.

Lucas : That's not Chuck, that's prison Mike.

Ryan Speck : It's from The Second City 149 1/2 Special.

Nunya Beeswax : lol this needs to be a sitcom.

Teah McCafferty : lol Steve seems so young in this😂

aly ! : Steve is so cute

hootie maniac : "I'm not mad, like I'm gonna kill you mad..."

Chase Hill : is this improv?

Zoe ZR : Aww he looks so cute 😊💖 He's so funny 😂💕 Steve Carrell playing a villain is interesting 😐 I've never seen him in a villain role 🙄

Aleksandar Rotar : Replace "killed" with "offended" and you get a modern version.

YOW Gyrl : wow, even back then you could tell Steve was a great actor.

Dhairya Khale : This was amazing.

Sudistek : This is so funny !!

Kevsners3 : Who's the lady?

Crystalyn Black : This is my favorite improve

Bob Anderson : Who's the bird in the smashing blouse?

brad lafferty : That was good plus she was talented

HecticBuzzVideo : The tasking in this is great

As Pooped By Anakin Skywalker : Hahahahahaha!!!!! He still has it! The comedy not the insanity.

GIGGLR : I see your video and I raise you a comment...