Neverwinter Nights - Acoustic Guitar Cover (with TABs)

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Kwihan Woods : Wow, that brings me're truly a bard, Mister. Thanks.

Zac Hawkins : I miss this game so much.

Майксим Масальский : Чотко, особенно доставила музыка из таверны

Kleberson Gomes : Greetings from Brazil!! From Dragons Everywhere page!! Awesome, man!!!

jonhylight : a Bow to you Sir. :)

Danny Perez : Me da nostalgia escuchar esta música de Neverwinter Night. .. xDD

Zanna_ Walter97 : you're a genius man!

tornado600rr : WOW are one of a kind ...a bard ...... i always wanted to do what you have already achieved ..... RPG , fantasy , tolkien , medieval music .... your guitar skills are amazing also .... clean accurate and colorfull .. Congrats .. keep the uploads comin :-)... im listening to your tracks every day ( id also like to hear the diablo tristram theme from your fingers:-) )

JC Stelu : Absolutely amazing! I love how in all your videos you capture the actual essence of every song. Keep being awesome! * Liked and subscribed

HotoPiano : Really enjoyed it! High nostalgia value! =D

Nataraj Monk : This just made me real happy! :)

camyc : Uwielbiam serię NWN a Twoje aranżacje są świetne. Daję suba, żeby mieć "na oku" dalsze Twoje poczynania :)

G@tts : This is simply brilliant! Loved it!

Liliana Nahuel : tu interpretación es maravillosa, me traes recuerdos de mi adolescencia :) Gracias!

Alexandr S. : Impressive work, thank you for this wonderful cover.

Skosh : Very nice indeed. Any chance of some Diablo music covers?

kingofnogame : awesome luke , im an old nwn player that loves this game immensely. you remind me of between 9 to 12 yrs ago when my chars were the evil scourge of rp servers in neverwinter!! ((really no exaggeration)) 

watchthefunnystuff : no wonder you put out the tabs, no1 can play this as smooth as you :p no honestly, amazing job!!

Śleć : No, to już wiem co będzie przez najbliższy miesiąc hitem wśród imperialnych bardów :> Słowem - jakkolwiek homoseksualnie to nie zabrzmi - stałeś mi się zarzewiem i natchnieniem erpegowej tawerny ;) Propsy!

Soul Separator : Круто.

TheMazpat : Uwielbiam tę, melodię. Tyle godzin spędzonych przy nwn za dzieciaka. Kiedyś chcąc się nauczyć grać tego utworu na gitarze musiałem sam sobie to ze słuchu zaaranżować bo nie znalazłem tabulatur. Miło jest teraz zobaczyć że gość którego jestem wielkim fanem gra ten utwór i rozpisany jest tak podobnie do mojej wersji. Szkoda że większość utworów na tym kanale mimo dostępnych tabulatur jest jeszcze poza moim zasięgiem ze względu na umiejętności. Chyba czas wziąć się do pracy :)

David Wurczel : Thank you for the nice comment on my Skyrim. This is great, perfectly played with much passion. Game music is the bright future of musicians and guitarists like us.

Seric : Nie grałem w Neverwintera, ale zagrałeś to tak zajebiście jakbym to gdzieś słyszał :D Szacun, na prawdę świetnie!

Amin Khani *Alexamin, AmineLL* : true talents!

Cameron Gibb : Just stumbled across this, you should have more views.

Glen Smith : Beautifully played

KookiMonsta : Awesome <3

Richnfg _ : Absolutely amazing.

MrsLaamaa : This is freaking amazing

Maria Waterdip : Спасибо чел

Musabre : Subbed for all your RPG arrangements, total nostalgia hits with all and superbly played. I'm a guitarist myself and I love playing acoustic versions of my favourite tunes. I'll be keeping an eye out for your next videos ;).

noumercy : could you might make a tutorial of Cutlass Inn (Neverwinter Nights), plzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Kalaskula2000 : Better than the original! Amazing! What an artist!

Elrithien Danlen : <3

Jhost90 : My god my feelings

Shawn Cottrell : Tavern 4.

TaPS Epic : Love This game! But love the soundtrack much more. Good job tho ;)

Desiun : Awesome

Antonin : Amazing cover! By the way, could you do the cutlass inn cover? That's one of the most beautiful music of Neverwinter!

DancingFox100 : aww! thank you! you made my day no doubt =D

Alan : Hey man, do you do live shows?

Алексей Борейко : Thank you so much for these few minutes of nostalgy...

Liliana Nahuel : Maravilloso!

Justin Erickson : Dude, you are amazing!!!!!

SoulPunkPuffin : Absolutely beautiful. You are just...Incredible.

KeZeKeMeN21 : Really nice! thank you ; )

Anton Flin : This song like spirit of oldschool gaming

TheShepherdJo : Your comment made me come back, I m glad I did. This arrangement is outstanding. You need to make more of these for solo guitar too. You have so much potential but only a few subscibers(just like me I guess). I ll sub to you, keep it up mate:)

phukoph : Your version of the 'Shining Serpent' theme is better than the original - whatever instrument was used the original was too sharp, high-pitched  and tinny - it sound much better on acoustic guitar