Neverwinter Nights - Acoustic Guitar Cover (with TABs)

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Lukasz Kapuscinski - Guitars & Dragons : Buy & Download my music in HQ: Tabs (Free!): Donate:

tornado600rr : WOW are one of a kind ...a bard ...... i always wanted to do what you have already achieved ..... RPG , fantasy , tolkien , medieval music .... your guitar skills are amazing also .... clean accurate and colorfull .. Congrats .. keep the uploads comin :-)... im listening to your tracks every day ( id also like to hear the diablo tristram theme from your fingers:-) )

watchthefunnystuff : no wonder you put out the tabs, no1 can play this as smooth as you :p no honestly, amazing job!!

KookiMonsta : Awesome <3

Lukasz Kapuscinski - Guitars & Dragons : *** PLEASE READ *** I would like to inform you that I have changed the tablatures sharing policy. From now on all of my tabs are available from one place. This approach makes finding them easier and far more convenient for you. Check out the details in the description. Regards! :-)

TheMazpat : Uwielbiam tę, melodię. Tyle godzin spędzonych przy nwn za dzieciaka. Kiedyś chcąc się nauczyć grać tego utworu na gitarze musiałem sam sobie to ze słuchu zaaranżować bo nie znalazłem tabulatur. Miło jest teraz zobaczyć że gość którego jestem wielkim fanem gra ten utwór i rozpisany jest tak podobnie do mojej wersji. Szkoda że większość utworów na tym kanale mimo dostępnych tabulatur jest jeszcze poza moim zasięgiem ze względu na umiejętności. Chyba czas wziąć się do pracy :)

Yusuf Eroğlu : I would like to see you play "Cutlass Inn" as well. :)

Justin Erickson : Dude, you are amazing!!!!!

Zac Hawkins : I miss this game so much.

Liliana Nahuel : tu interpretación es maravillosa, me traes recuerdos de mi adolescencia :) Gracias!

Nataraj Monk : This just made me real happy! :)

Alexamin *Amin Khani* : true talents!

Alan : Hey man, do you do live shows?

Ted Jennings : Brilliant.

Zanna_ Walter97 : you're a genius man!

Anton Flin : This song like spirit of oldschool gaming

Antonin : Amazing cover! By the way, could you do the cutlass inn cover? That's one of the most beautiful music of Neverwinter!

Kwihan Woods : Wow, that brings me're truly a bard, Mister. Thanks.

Skoshtwo : Very nice indeed. Any chance of some Diablo music covers?

Soul Separator : Круто.

Владислав Романович : Очень хорошо:)

blekfut : Te trzy osoby które dały łapkę w dół to chyba z zazdrości ;)

Майксим Масальский : Чотко, особенно доставила музыка из таверны

Danny Perez : Me da nostalgia escuchar esta música de Neverwinter Night. .. xDD

Cameron Gibb : Just stumbled across this, you should have more views.

TaPS : Love This game! But love the soundtrack much more. Good job tho ;)

Jan Šťástka : I love the feeling in your performance. Most covers on youtube are emotionless, but this is awesome technically, emotionally and musically :) I'd love more songs from NWN, BG or IWD series and also your own stuff.

Glen Smith : Beautifully played

Dalethan : Tyle wspomnień... i taki warsztat. Zapętlam. :)

Arraqnz : Jakim programem otwierać plik z tabami do gitary?

Bilal Çoban : awesome mi bro

Elrithien Danlen : <3

Mindlabytinth : The Shining Serpent Tavern's song sounds even better than the original, imho. That's some mighty impressive work there, no kidding.

Kleberson Gomes : Greetings from Brazil!! From Dragons Everywhere page!! Awesome, man!!!

HotoPiano : Really enjoyed it! High nostalgia value! =D

noumercy : could you might make a tutorial of Cutlass Inn (Neverwinter Nights), plzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

G@tts : This is simply brilliant! Loved it!

lujagoa : Greetings from Serbia !

Kalaskula2000 : Better than the original! Amazing! What an artist!

SoulPunkPuffin : Absolutely beautiful. You are just...Incredible.

Лам llammer : Здорово,что тут ещё скажешь!

KeZeKeMeN21 : Really nice! thank you ; )

Alter Schwede : Sehr geil

Alexandr S. : Impressive work, thank you for this wonderful cover.

Desiun : Awesome

Max Schmeling : My dear, you'r simply the best ever...

jonhylight : a Bow to you Sir. :)

Yuri Pereira : great!!!

smiesznypol : Bardzo ładnie. Grałeś/-asz w Neveriwnter Nights?

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