Mitch Hedberg on That 70's Show

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moonlily1 : I wish Frank had become a regular character, like Tommy Chong's Leo. A conversation between Frank and Leo would have been gold.

Zanzibar Breeze : Like I said "I DID NOT LOSE A LEG IN VIETNAM!"....

Eoghan O'Loughlin : It definitely seems like he wrote his lines too.

MrPixelptlk : Totally Mitch comedy, total Mitch delivery. Miss him!

HUinstinct : God Donna was hot.

AlexReynard : I thought for a few seconds the restaurant's name was The Buh.

Michael Ares : Mitch's humor was perfect for that show. He should have been a regular for every Hub scene!

John Gaquin : kelso just ate the hot dog without any condiments. I am angry

eddiewinehosen : What a loss, Mitch dies and the two Scientology morons at the table is still wasting oxygen!

Derek O'Connor : Mitch Hedberg's lines sound they were written by him.

John Vincent : So Mitch appeared in this episode only? What a missed opportunity right there.

Caleb Block : amazing how fake these guys all seem compared to Mitch

Spence Wedum : Creepily enough doctors almost amputated his leg due to his heroin addiction :'(

Ener Cash : Mitch was funny af

CantStayAway : He was in That 70's Show?! I've seen this episode a bunch of times and I never realized it was him!!! :P

79bonscott : i wish Frank would've been a permanent character, or at least in majority of the episodes he cracked me up lol!! "like i said i did not lose a leg in Vietnam!" "oh, did i say wedding? Because i meant to say, BUY something or GET OUT!" lol

Just a White man : Mitch hedburg is my favorite comedian

toben42 : I'm sure the regular cast members wouldn't want Mitch in regular episodes, because he would make them look ordinary.

Fershizzal : "buy something or get out" what about the dude with afro who's just sitting there behind Kelso?

Bivouac : He should have been a recurring character

lovelycars1 : who wrote that I did not lose a keg joke that is genius...

Erick Janich : His name is Frank and sales hot dogs

cruhg : mitch shouldve been permanent on the show

Junior V : "#10, I have limited counter space... Please remove your hot dog." Gets me every time!

Skjetch : I never knew that was Mitch Hedberg! I can totally see it now though

bkbj8282 : I would prefer Ashton Kutcher to have died.

BostonKid13 : Hey I did not lose a leg in Vietnam to be serving hot dogs to teenagers

funch357 : That "leg in Vietnam" gag is THE most memorable joke I ever heard on that show.  Just learned the guy was Mitch Hedberg.  Did not know he was a comedian in his own right.  Just learned that today and been watching his schtick on YouTube.  "Curt Cobain of comedy" nails it.

Spence Wedum : RIP Mitch

Liquid Snake : you know I'll be honest i was never a huge fan of that 70s show but damn Mitch always had me laughing.

Mitch Gibson : I heard a story that he was supposed to be the Leo of the show instead of Tommy Chong, but he died before they had a chance to make him that character. Imagine how different the show might've been with Hedberg in the supporting cast

Shiawasenaneko : Hedberg is genius. But not even he could make the 70s show funny. At least not when he wasn't talking!

Brody Wise : After learning about Mitch's drug problem the losing a leg line becomes chilling

Iraq Lobsta!! 45 : Frank, I did not loose a leg in Vietnam to serve hotdogs to teenagers. Kelso, you have both your legs frank. Frank, Like I said, I did not loose a leg in Vietnam...

Jamie Wells : He was hanging out with that homo

URiAH : man, he was the best!

Allyssa Valdez : I LOVE HIM!!!

mrmrlaw : yep on that one

Jamie Wells : I would have slapped the piss out of Frank

steven smith : the one and only time mitch hedberg was entertaining.

John Hendrix : Just recently heard of Mitch for the first time. I’m guessing he was likely stoned most of the time, just some times more than others. Too bad he was not able to recognize the end was near.

MrsPeebles62 : This looks like the same set from the show "What's Happening!"

jimmy tuesday : donna is such a startlingly unique character 😎 her face her demeanor her voice all of her 🤔 when i first saw the show she is the one that most caught my eye ❤ and i love mitch and agree that he should have been cast as a regular ✨ why this was such a damn good show was primarily because of damn good characters🌪👻

RedSaint83 : Back before all the members of the show became scientology members..

Hinkles3 : I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too.

Billy Bees : Define irony Mitch got busted for drugs at a Texas airport cops was his leg was gnarly from shooting dope it was so infected the almost had to amputate but a surgeon took meat from his back and saved it.

Mathew Giljum : Mitch was going to totally change comedy. So sad we lost him early.

dontbeshady411 : No wonder he wasn't cast in more things before he died. Yeesh.

Coleman Adamson : I always thought Mitch had a great career in his own show running a restaurant.....if Hollywood had only been more astute I really think Mitch would be alive today. (Because of the stability, recognition and better quality of life he'd have had.)

Nathan Orme : I guess Mitch Hedberg needed some unconscious bias training back then. Buy something or get out, LOL