Mitch Hedberg on That 70's Show

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Zanzibar Breeze : Like I said "I DID NOT LOSE A LEG IN VIETNAM!"....

moonlily1 : I wish Frank had become a regular character, like Tommy Chong's Leo. A conversation between Frank and Leo would have been gold.

MrPixelptlk : Totally Mitch comedy, total Mitch delivery. Miss him!

HUinstinct : God Donna was hot.

CantStayAway : He was in That 70's Show?! I've seen this episode a bunch of times and I never realized it was him!!! :P

Ener Cash : Mitch was funny af

Eoghan O'Loughlin : It definitely seems like he wrote his lines too.

79bonscott : i wish Frank would've been a permanent character, or at least in majority of the episodes he cracked me up lol!! "like i said i did not lose a leg in Vietnam!" "oh, did i say wedding? Because i meant to say, BUY something or GET OUT!" lol

Skjetch : I never knew that was Mitch Hedberg! I can totally see it now though

Spence Wedum : RIP Mitch

Spence Wedum : Creepily enough doctors almost amputated his leg due to his heroin addiction :'(

John Vincent : So Mitch appeared in this episode only? What a missed opportunity right there.

Fershizzal : "buy something or get out" what about the dude with afro who's just sitting there behind Kelso?

Derek O'Connor : Mitch Hedberg's lines sound they were written by him.

pat schrodinger : Funny how he jokes about losing a leg. Life imitating art, art imitating life. R.I.P Mitch

eddiewinehosen : What a loss, Mitch dies and the two Scientology morons at the table is still wasting oxygen!

BostonKid13 : Hey I did not lose a leg in Vietnam to be serving hot dogs to teenagers

Liquid Snake : you know I'll be honest i was never a huge fan of that 70s show but damn Mitch always had me laughing.

Shiawasenaneko : Hedberg is genius. But not even he could make the 70s show funny. At least not when he wasn't talking!

Iraq Lobsta!! 45 : Frank, I did not loose a leg in Vietnam to serve hotdogs to teenagers. Kelso, you have both your legs frank. Frank, Like I said, I did not loose a leg in Vietnam...

funch357 : That "leg in Vietnam" gag is THE most memorable joke I ever heard on that show.  Just learned the guy was Mitch Hedberg.  Did not know he was a comedian in his own right.  Just learned that today and been watching his schtick on YouTube.  "Curt Cobain of comedy" nails it.

Allyssa Valdez : I LOVE HIM!!!

Erick Janich : His name is Frank and sales hot dogs

mrmrlaw : yep on that one

Jamie Wells : He was hanging out with that homo

Jamie Wells : I would have slapped the piss out of Frank

bkbj8282 : I would prefer Ashton Kutcher to have died.

Caleb Block : amazing how fake these guys all seem compared to Mitch

Bivouac : He should have been a recurring character

toben42 : I'm sure the regular cast members wouldn't want Mitch in regular episodes, because he would make them look ordinary.

cruhg : mitch shouldve been permanent on the show

steven smith : the one and only time mitch hedberg was entertaining.

lovelycars1 : who wrote that I did not lose a keg joke that is genius...

Michael Ares : Mitch's humor was perfect for that show. He should have been a regular for every Hub scene!

Just a White man : Mitch hedburg is my favorite comedian

URiAH : man, he was the best!

Junior V : "#10, I have limited counter space... Please remove your hot dog." Gets me every time!

AlexReynard : I thought for a few seconds the restaurant's name was The Buh.

John Gaquin : kelso just ate the hot dog without any condiments. I am angry

Beastamongst HumanSheep : Rest in Piss stoner commie!

Mitch Gibson : I heard a story that he was supposed to be the Leo of the show instead of Tommy Chong, but he died before they had a chance to make him that character. Imagine how different the show might've been with Hedberg in the supporting cast

THUNDERTURTLE : I knew it was him as soon as I heard him

Marvin Hernandez : Buddy's gay

Billy Bees : Define irony Mitch got busted for drugs at a Texas airport cops was his leg was gnarly from shooting dope it was so infected the almost had to amputate but a surgeon took meat from his back and saved it.

BostonKid13 : Funniest episode from season 1

Brody Wise : After learning about Mitch's drug problem the losing a leg line becomes chilling

Ran Sherman : frank is great! =D

RedSaint83 : Back before all the members of the show became scientology members..

Han Shot First : The leg in Vietnam joke is GOLD 😂😂😂🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Chris Fayte : Mitch Hedberg is my favorite comedian, he sorely missed.