Nicki Minaj - Good Form ft. Lil Wayne

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HaerteTest : 2019??

AmTube : Nicki minaj is not the queen if rap She is the goddess of rap

Yogini Kay : Come on let's get this to 200million views 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Аласёнок : Who's better? Like:NICKI MINAJ COMMENT:cardi b I'm like NICKI QUEEN

august ken : the Queen album definetly deserve a grammy

Shivam Trivedi : Who else thought wayne wouldn’t fit into this song but he did?😂🔥

Drew Parks : 2:14 omg nicki really twerking in milk💀 only a queen!!!!!👑

Ash Mezz : 50M DONE 100M DONE 300M ???

Samuel Padilla : barbz we already achieved that good form reached 100 million views now let's do it with barbie dream the queen deserves let's share it!!!!!!

Alexander David TICKNER LABARTA : 200k comments, let's do this 👑🔥

Xø Queen : *I can't believe she's 36 years* *Old!!! Damn Good Form*

Ted'Aysyah Belcher : *Not all Angels have wings - Beyonce* *Not all Heroes have capes - Ariana Grande* *Not all Queens wear crowns - Nicki Minaj* *Not all People can rap - Cardi B* Edit: Don't be coming at me getting y'all Mfing feelings hurt SMH

Estou em todos os videos desse YT : Brasileiros cade voces pra falar dessas rolas

Just Saying : I know she doesn't need a grammy, but I always assumed she had one. I mean, she is one of the most recognisable acts in the mainstream industry and has had hit singles and albums; spanning a career of more than 10 years! Oh well, better to not have one and be told you deserve one than to have one and be told you don't. #StillQueen

YanisRo Gaming : Im the 103.903.991 viewer pls like cauze u know i will be happy and this is Also a magic .

DDOTM PRODUCTIONS : who ever is reading this, i hope you have a great day

shandelable : Nicki is a way better rapper than cardi b. I’m not into rap but nicki has a nice tone ❤️

Julia Roslyn : 110M views soon y’all and we still not back on the billboard 100 chart I don’t understand why

Julia Roslyn : Steam anaconda barbz it needs a billion view ❤️

HorsingAround : Someone told me nicki needed a Grammy, I told them she is better than a Grammy.

Fox Club : Anaconda part 2

wiseman siyanda : since now young money is stable again let them take over hip hop again all love for#youngmoney group

Shamaria Jones : I been team nicki ever since moment for life 😊

Isslam bidozel : I'm Algerian people ilove you nicki minaj 💗

krista DeFelice : I don’t care who you are, her and Lil Wayne belong together 100% nobody can tell me otherwise

XUrbanSimsX : Old Nicki Vibes, MIXED WITH THAT NEW NEW, I am FEELING THIS! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Keyshia Floyd : The views are moving ...yasss 1million views in less than 24hr

THASMYGIRL1234 GAMES : Come 200M VIEWS AND 2M LIKES fot that queen of World 👀👍💘💎

Mshanxo : Nicki deserved the Grammy for this! 😉😋

Arunachal raps : Anyone ..after hard white 😊

mood : stop freezing the views yt

Berrys Berrys : O que tu que ? ROLA ROLA ROLA,..

adri quintero : I love this song, quien habla español y le encanta esta musica nicki te amo.

Mimi !! : Who tf is here before 200milly🤨👑?!

CrayonKanitakhung BurijungSWNP : Like this song so much. Better than Cardi B ever.

Carson YouTube : 100 MILLION HERE WE ARE🙏💓


mobile phone : Nicki do you now Shirin David she is the new Nicki in Germany haha


Stephon Martin : They lycrism and wordplay alone is untouchable! 🙌🏿

Potato Hoe : Yessssss old Nicki vibes 😍

Davi Gamer DG : rola,rola,rola,rola kkkkkk

Robbie B : Why Gutta Gutta look like Young MA wit sideburns??? 😂😂😂😂

Alex Calleja : Barrrbz!!!! we need to get this to 200million!!!

Mariana59 Cruz : Nicki Minaj 👅👅👄💪

hannah stocking fans : Who liked the red outfit!??

Living in *1984* : Nicki so sexy would eat that cookie with good form

Janet JJ : This was meant to be on 300mill but keep playing and Nicki will keep shinin

Julia Roslyn : Dear barbz we’ve reached a 100M but that doesn’t mean we have to stop steaming we are unstoppable keep steaming ❤️❤️

Rigby : I still can’t believe Nicki Minaj was the one who sang “super bass” idk why but I can’t