Perfect Cell Vs Fleece johnson

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DevilArtemis : Lmao that cell yelling at the end was just....PERFECT...dont you say? Ill let myself out. Just turn on notifications.

Professor Villager : Legend says. Cell's still getting Johnsoned till this day

Teabagjoker : Fleece vs zarbon omg please do that

Hex Hub Music : _"Now let me tell you something Mr. Perfect Cell..."_

Raw som : Don't forget cells 6 or so years old

FataLBlade : That moment when u realize The Booty Warrior is actually in a Cell 😂😂

natalia lozoya : 1:47 It looks like cell was ANNALihilated

TheGamingNova : I lost it when he said "you're the perfect being with the perfect ass"

SERVENT OF GOD, CREATOR OF LIFE : "You came here looking for mans butt?" 😂😂😂💀

Lord Aizen : Damn even Popo was shocked at Cell getting his booty stolen.

Chris Murdock : Fleece got that ultra instinct going for that ass without even thinking!!

Professor McMuffin Man : PLOT TWIST: When Cell was killed by Gohan, Fleece Johnson was waiting for him in hell. Hence, why Cell told Goku in Fighterz "As well as.....other things."

ghostman zimo : Plot twist, Po sent the booty warrior.

King Jae : Loooolll

Alexander Plays : Boodah is more important than food Boodah is more important than watah Now lemme tell you something I likes yah and I wants ya

David Hogan : Now we need Fleece vs Beerus

A M : He flew all the way out to Japan for booty?

Devin White : Goku: what's that sound Me: sounds like cell getting raped

Thomas Gedak : I think the booty warrior is the only person Mr Po Po is afraid of

Onibaka : What Cell didn't know was that the man he faced had reached the highest peak of power, the legendary Booty Warrior God Booty Warrior or BWGBW for short.

Kenneth Green : Booty Warrior Wins Flawless Victory.

Alexander Plays : "NO NO NO IM A VIRGIN NOOOOOOOOOO" lmao

De Wae : Cell still does not know de wae

Shaun Bowen : And Ugandan knuckles just sits there and watches huh?

Ćley FullAnime : The easy way or THE HARD WAY!!!!!

Emma Reeves : Even Mr. Popo fears Fleece Johnson.

TheGamingNova : CELL!! Senzu Beans heal Physical Damage Only Therapy Will Aid Emotional Trauma

Steven Green : Well now we know what happened to one of the Boondocks characters after the show ended. :P

speed Demon : wait umm so Ugandan knuckles just watched cell get raped I guess he should've knew da wae


FuntimeToy Chica : Dude if i were u I would run

Cj Taylor : Would have been funny if he screamed gokuuuu helllp I'll even take Vegeta, krillin for God's sake

Big Show : CELL VS THE REGIS MK5!!!!! needs to happen XD

Javier R. Castillo : The Perfect Butt

NoLimitJayB : Fleece vs Jiren

Jacob Bailey : “Do you know the dae way?”

Phillip Matawaran : Perfect Cell vs Donald trump

Kurt2012007 : Missed opportunity for a Zarbon “oh my” quote hahaha

RyuKage83 : I've watched this vid so many times and its still one of my favorites and Cell screaming I'm a virgin made me laugh so hard I almost hit the floor. Keep up the good work DevilArtemis.

Roy Albritton : Outro song name 🤔🤔🤔

MeeM Sandvich : Now lemme tell you something. *PERFECTION* is more important than food. *PERFECTION* is more important than water. Whether or not there's haters, to us it don't make no difference.

Red Death Anims : “You’re that perfect being with the perfect ass” 😂😂😂😂

Perfect Cell : Fleece vs Zeno

its adre'onna : Wait Uganda will never leave my brudah lol I'm dying right now


Yo Woe : I want more fleece 😂😂😂😂😂

clanwargods : Fleece Johnson : "BOODAY is more important than food, BOODAY is more important than water." This is a man of culture.

Guilty The God : What's the ending theme

Teshin Dax : Swiggity swoogity. I'm here for that booty

zeke cooper : I love the look on Mr.Popo's face hahaha