Jennifer Hudson - The Star Spangled Banner, Super Bowl XLIII 2009, subtitles lyrics HD 720p

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Bomb Ass Kale Salad 💧🌙 : I'm on a "amazing National Anthem performances" binge. Trying to cure myself from the damage Fergie did.

fed Z : Better then Fergie

태라太儸Tera : just amazing anazing what more can I say?

Pretty Girl : Came here to cleanse my ears after Fergie disrespected every US citizen lol.

Mar Zea : I'm on a National Anthem binge watching session right now. I just watched Lady Gaga's version, Whitney's and J. Hudson. Now off to Micheal Jackson, Beyonce, and, I might even throw in Janet + Justin for s**ts and giggles. :]

Dimi G : Who came here after seeing Fergie’s version??

Nick G : Thanks to this, my ears are now cleansed from Fergie. I’m happy again

Trav : Only fergie could top this

bubblegum baby : Lol everyone is watching national anthem videos because of Fergie

Krystle Martin : She is a close second to Whitney, in my opinion. And she def did better than Gaga!

Mauro Lopes : 2:55 como a pessoa respira no meio da nota sem corta-la???? playback!

julioigna71 : Amazing!!!!


Regina Knox : she killed it I must say!! but Whitney Houston MURDERED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M Julie Kaur : After Whitney this has to be the only one that comes close...unbelieveable!

justchickenstrips : currently watching every Superbowl anthem to cure myself from fergie

audioman205 : Just swinging through here after hearing Fergie's anthem..

DANG JOS : JESUS FREAKIN CHRIST that was amazing!!! Probably the best living singer (I mean vocally before anyone gets mad)

Niisa Menefield : I don’t care what NOBODY say!! She sang this!!! The best National Anthem performance even above Whitney Houston!!

Rodney Setzer : Came to get away from Fergie

Irwansyah Pevensie : fergie's horrible rendition brought me here

Marcos T : Fergie take notes, this is how you sing a National Anthem

Dandreb Salangsang : J. Hudson made the national anthem a breakup song. lol

Renzairo Airp : 1st- Whitney' Version 2nd- Mariah 3rd- Hudson

2Clarence47 : Chills baby, chills!!!

Lee St.Louis : I know Whitney is the crowd favorite....but this one was sang on a higher note and she just killed it! I think it's right up there with Whitney's version.... if not better. Doesn't mean she's necessarily a better overall singer than Whitney but let's call a spade a spade. She was outstanding!

Angelo Fontenot : This is the best version I have ever heard!!!

Nawwk : Came here to flush out Fergie

Frances Lovato : Extraordinary! 💖🎤🎶

chychy lol : Legendary!😙

Aj Anane : I love this soulful rendition. lol im gonna start just Watching this and Gaga's version every superbowl.

Photis Wizard : goosebumps ... even i love the american anthem after that, and i'm like from Cyprus :-)

QuantumBraced : The only performance of the US national anthem that tops this is Whitney Houston, although it is pretty close. Gives me goosebumps every time.

GRENIC BAEZ : Her first public performance after her mother's, sister, nephew dead. She kill it.

kaii231 : 1000 views in and im not tired of it yet. Greatest rendition ever. Flat out.

Precious Baby Doll : Jennifer did one of the best rendition of this song ever done. Jennifer , you killed it !!!

c2bienaime : That’s one of the most amazing national anthem covers I’ve ever seen. I saw Metallica, Joey Belladonna, Luther Vandross and even Whitney Houston and they are all fantastic. These performances are way better than Fergie did

Brianda Pondexter : My God....😢

lifeisgolden41 : Who’s here after Fergies fail performance?

JujuVittorio 79 : She has one of the most powerful voices! I love her! Bravo! Whitney and then her. 😍💪🏻💪🏻

AJillion96 : she actually hit the highest chest notes out of all the singers! I would stop complaining and just appreciate spectacular talent.

Rangga Solagracia : Mariah carey was the best one, at least

Daniela Romer Perez : Omg, why are people placing Beyoncé and Whitney on the top? This is the best version. Period.

Ryan Tackett : Jenifer has such a powerhouse voice and she killed it

prudent : real talent so understated #sad

jillhbaudhaan : BTW, who is the player at 0:46 hella sexy lips

Mc Minvy : 1) Lady Gaga 2) Whitney 3) Her or Beyonce

Sherry Dalton : She is absolutely amazing! For me, this is 2nd only to Whitney Houston’s rendition.

amazonjungle z : Fergie can learn a thing or two from Jennifer.

Gnomeo Haranga kill : she done turned this Damn song out lol