Jennifer Hudson - The Star Spangled Banner, Super Bowl XLIII 2009, subtitles lyrics HD 720p

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Bomb ass kale salad : I'm on a "amazing National Anthem performances" binge. Trying to cure myself from the damage Fergie did.

fed Z : Better then Fergie

태라Tera : just amazing anazing what more can I say?

DANG JOS : JESUS FREAKIN CHRIST that was amazing!!! Probably the best living singer (I mean vocally before anyone gets mad)

90s Baby : Came here to cleanse my ears after Fergie disrespected every US citizen lol.

Mar Zea : I'm on a National Anthem binge watching session right now. I just watched Lady Gaga's version, Whitney's and J. Hudson. Now off to Micheal Jackson, Beyonce, and, I might even throw in Janet + Justin for s**ts and giggles. :]

ForeverSeekingTruth : Really great job but it rates a 2nd in comparison to Whitney Houston's version.

Eroni Bale Lagilagi : Beauty!!!! Gives me chills every single time. Definitely one of my favourites and I'm certain will go down in history as one of the best reditions ever.

Jala J : them dudes trying not to cry! XD

Dimi G : Who came here after seeing Fergie’s version??

Nick G : Thanks to this, my ears are now cleansed from Fergie. I’m happy again

TrueCRaysball : VERY close 2nd to Whitney. I love that both of my top two national anthem performances both took place at a Super Bowl in my home metro area: Tampa Bay.


Blake : Only fergie could top this


Withus Masunda : The best performance of this rendition I have ever heard.

bubblegum baby : Lol everyone is watching national anthem videos because of Fergie

Kenyen Bloe : dang the end. that was perfect

Igor Henrique : She is capable, but unfortunately it is playback 😔

Krystle Martin : She is a close second to Whitney, in my opinion. And she def did better than Gaga!

Regina Knox : she killed it I must say!! but Whitney Houston MURDERED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dandreb Salangsang : J. Hudson made the national anthem a breakup song. lol

Mike Kay : A hair better than!

Rockyj Owens : Aretha, or Whitney have nothing on this rendition.

justchickenstrips : currently watching every Superbowl anthem to cure myself from fergie

julioigna71 : Amazing!!!!

malik Essex : Only one that came close to Whitney Huston

audioman205 : Just swinging through here after hearing Fergie's anthem..

napoleon lafayette : All these people who acting like they know everything about music and vocal classifications get on my nerves they think they know it all and the only degree they holding is from the university of Wikipedia and the community college of YouTube. Some of y'all can't sing a fucking note but want to talk about someone else. Just stay behind your computer and keep convincing yourself you know what your talking about! 😂😂😂😂😂

Gabriel Alves : playback. 2:41/ 2:42. "O'er the laaaaaa(breathe)nnnnd..."

Poetiksound85 : she is so underrated..

M Julie Kaur : After Whitney this has to be the only one that comes close...unbelieveable!

Rodney Setzer : Came to get away from Fergie

Irwansyah Pevensie : fergie's horrible rendition brought me here

Waylon Landers : Jennifer has a beautiful voice I love her singing I keep watching it over and over and it just bring goodness to me and thank you Veterans for what you did fighting for our country we love you veterans

Photis Wizard : goosebumps ... even i love the american anthem after that, and i'm like from Cyprus :-)

Marcos T : Fergie take notes, this is how you sing a National Anthem

Nawwk : Came here to flush out Fergie

2Clarence47 : Chills baby, chills!!!

Anthony Sharp : not as good as Whitney...

Aj Anane : I love this soulful rendition. lol im gonna start just Watching this and Gaga's version every superbowl.

Weyland-Yutani Corporation : The best national anthem ever performed.

Nei Ferreira : percect,magnific 😱😍👏👏👏👏👏😢👏👏

Frances Lovato : Extraordinary! 💖🎤🎶

AJillion96 : she actually hit the highest chest notes out of all the singers! I would stop complaining and just appreciate spectacular talent.

charlesmiller : Simply Wonderful!

Shawn : gaga who?

Renzairo Airp : 1st- Whitney' Version 2nd- Mariah 3rd- Hudson

jo ratner : her voice is magnificent...but the arrangement is awful....this isn't theater...

Rockhill Focho : Best rendition ever. Players were all teary.