American Psycho: Unreleased 10th Anniversary Director's Cut Deleted Scene
American Psycho card scene except with Pokemon

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In 2010, Lionsgate® planned to release a 10th Anniversary Special Edition DVD/Blu-Ray of American Psycho, complete with deleted scenes and various cuts approved by both director Mary Harron & the original book's author, Bret Easton Ellis. They never did. This is a deleted scene from one of the director's cuts intended to make the film applicable to a more youthful audience. All footage is the property of Lionsgate Entertainment® and its respective blah blah. Obviously I didn't create American Psycho, folks.


Tom Smurf : The tasteful *T H I C C N E S S* of it

Patrick Bateman : This was a real scene that was cut out; obviously, I was there.

Jesse James : American Psyduck 

milkmanv1 : LOL "eggshell" for Togepi

Holland Kerr : I love how Snorlax is thick and does have off white colouring on it's belly

Jon C. : The edit on this is actually ridiculous. Props to whoever did it

Sean Nadeau : "in order to appeal to a more youthful audience"...this video is brilliant on so many levels

Luis Carruthers : Something wrong Patrick? You're sweating.

Hubert Applebaum : They got nothing on me I got Charizard.

Menitta : Look at that subtle out of focus blurring...the detail of it...oh my even has background elements.

Anthem Gun Aether : BWUAHAHAHAH ! Look at the pictures on the wall! Just noticed this! BRILLIANT!

Queen Lemur : Oh my gosh, this was done so well...'bone' 'eggshell' lol way to match them up xD good laugh

Dominik Marcel : Snorlax - ".. the tasteful thickness of it" :D :D :D

Lee Mino : Oh my god. It even has a watermark.

Sammy Van Dankstein : I can't believe they deleted this scene. Much better than the one they used instead

Resanctify : This needs way more views

Oskar Schlangengift : HOW LONG DID THIS TAKE YOU

Dave Mk : This is just pure brilliance.

Shaolin Pete : this has got 5 million views on Machinima's Facebook page

Sara Cantero : Bateman, the Pokemon Master

Hamon Beat : What happened to the Yu-Gi-Oh version?

Sour Lemonade : “That’s bone” 😂😂 I lost it

Legace28 : How do I did you do this? How do I do this?

aurelius7778 : I see you using the 1st orginal 150 cards. They were the best.

João Otávio Dambrós Dezanet : Did you guys see the pictures on the walls!?

Shane Frazier : Finally found the original. This has been stolen so many times. Definitely underrated video.

Elmo James : 01:36 look at the way the card bounces, what an editing!

Justin : T H A T ' S B O N E

Ace Red : “Tasteful thickness” 😏😏😏😏

MartianJonn : good editing

TrippleH655321 : your thick as shit then.

Abbi Banana : this was not funny at all and i mean i'm a pokemon nerd but really....i wasted a moment on this dammit. i don't get the humour. i am judging all of you, like it matters

Lewis Kincaid : what makes this even funnier is that back in the day me and my buddies used to act almost the exact same way when comparing our cards.

Bukkit Brown : how the fuck did they do that oh. my. god.

Al_Pacino's_Stuntdouble : I was expecting Paul Allens card to be like a Mewtwo level 100 or something like that.

zeromant80 : Can you one of the 'The Dark Knight' joker cards?

korohyu : I was being facetious over the use of the word "Eh".


Clay3613 : I got 3 of those!

EnigmaBoi85 : very clever., well done photoshopping. :D

Zander von Neudegg : HARVEY DENT! CAN WE TRUST HIM!?

The Schmo : Whoah

MrNeddlemouse810 : Back in my elementary days, Yugioh was the thing. Eh, differant strokes for differant folks I guess.

Anders Lauritsen : Marry me you hilarious shithead

iffy D : Primary school flashback

Jack Needham : This should definitely be called 'American Psyduck'.

TonyVS : Well that certainly was unexpected.

RazorBeak : I was expecting Paul to whip out a MewTwo or something.

B4 Drypzz : leave... Now!!