American Psycho: Unreleased 10th Anniversary Director's Cut Deleted Scene

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dash : Editing is really solid, holy. Impressive, very nice.

Tom Smurf : The tasteful *T H I C C N E S S* of it

Holland Kerr : I love how Snorlax is thick and does have off white colouring on it's belly

Patrick Bateman : This was a real scene that was cut out; obviously, I was there.

milkmanv1 : LOL "eggshell" for Togepi

Hubert Applebaum : They got nothing on me I got Charizard.

Jon C. : The edit on this is actually ridiculous. Props to whoever did it

Luis Carruthers : Something wrong Patrick? You're sweating.

Sean Nadeau : "in order to appeal to a more youthful audience"...this video is brilliant on so many levels

Anthem Gun Aether : BWUAHAHAHAH ! Look at the pictures on the wall! Just noticed this! BRILLIANT!

Queen Lemur : Oh my gosh, this was done so well...'bone' 'eggshell' lol way to match them up xD good laugh

Oskar Schlangengift : HOW LONG DID THIS TAKE YOU

Hamon Beat : What happened to the Yu-Gi-Oh version?

aurelius7778 : I see you using the 1st orginal 150 cards. They were the best.

Sammy Van Dankstein : I can't believe they deleted this scene. Much better than the one they used instead

Resanctify : This needs way more views

Lee Mino : Oh my god. It even has a watermark.

Sara Cantero : Bateman, the Pokemon Master

Dominik Marcel : Snorlax - ".. the tasteful thickness of it" :D :D :D

Menitta : Look at that subtle out of focus blurring...the detail of it...oh my even has background elements.

Shaolin Pete : this has got 5 million views on Machinima's Facebook page

Legace28 : How do I did you do this? How do I do this?

João Otávio Dambrós Dezanet : Did you guys see the pictures on the walls!?

Sour Lemonade : “That’s bone” 😂😂 I lost it

Champiness : “Pale Nimbus” should’ve been a Swablu.

Elmo James : 01:36 look at the way the card bounces, what an editing!

metalmugen : Sea urchin ceviche

Justin : T H A T ' S B O N E

SairAerwyn : This was originally done back when YTMND was popular - created with different cards back in Jan 8th 2007. These cards match what the fellas are saying better, but I liked the end of the YTMND one more...

Dave Mk : This is just pure brilliance.

jigglypluff : I love this video

MartianJonn : good editing

Silas ofNj : Rockin. and a Rollin' !!

Creomortis : brilliant

Forrest Roth : Only thing missing is the "First Edition" watermark on the Snorlax.

Manus Hett : Better than the whole movie.

DapaChrons : hahahaah thank you for making this

Adriana B Vitucci : 1:33 the pokeball in the background gets me everytime

El Duderino : Haha, this is so super awesome, this is exactly how things were in school trading all those cards! :D

ILyaVashenko : Такой стеб а главное качественно сделано

Charles Dickens : Thicc Snorlax

ASMR FredBread : Tastefull Thiccness.

Shane Frazier : Finally found the original. This has been stolen so many times. Definitely underrated video.

alexgamer 155 : Van Patten's card has eggshell and it's illustration is togepi, perfection

Camping and Gaming : My room mate and I used to get so mad at each other opening pokemon cards and the other one getting good cards hahaha

Jay Tee Kay : The editing is amazing!

Lucas Gill : Haha you got me, man. The editing is great

wesley taylor : That’s nothing, I’ve gotten something better. (Slightly lays the Mewtwo on the table)

scottjulie27 : HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This is hysterically funny. :))))) Can you imagine if people on Wall Street, and financial districts all over the country, actually do this in the board room?!!! For Patrick Bateman to be bent out of shape over a business card was already funny enough. But for him to do it over a "Pokémon" card? HAHAHAHA!!!!! I got to admit, though... on a filmmaker and editing standpoint.... this is really fucking amazing what you did here. Really good job!!!! :))))

Marshma808 : lol @ gavin belson at the end.