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Ryukachoo : commence dead horse beating: if you essentially cut 1:40 to 2:08 it works pretty well. I get the err, poetry, is supposed to be a crazy possessed dude rambling but it kinda drags it down.

quicksurasshu : *Moon knocks on door* “I KNOW YALL IN THERE”

Decker Alsimia : This went from 0 to 60 faster than I could say “Call the Foundation”

Gregory The Gamer : The blood moon rises once again... be careful Link.

Maximum Borkdrive : I know a lot of people said this on the old upload, but it's worth repeating. If the video had ended at 1:40 it would have been prefect. Everything after just seems like really cheesy dialog you'd find in a horror movie. The final shot is admitedly really good though.

AnduinX BYM : *Today's forecast:* Partly cloudy with a chance of moon demons.

i use furry yiff as my profile picture : "this is out weather service today, im jenniza fuccload and this is jimmy hotpants. Jimmy, what can you tell us of the weather?" "D O N O T L O O K U P" "thanks jimmy"

Anony Mous : *goodbye moonmen.*

Some Guy : Guess I'll die

David J : They should air this on Adult Swim

Daniel MacKinnon : Well this was a really awful idea to watch just after midnight

Kick iF : Minor detail I noticed: at 1:06 and 1:12, the “warning” messages are being typed as they’re being displayed, like someone or something is frantically trying to get as many people outside as possible before they are cut off

mikusingularity : Gotta love it when it goes 2:15 a.m ... Blood of th-*BEEEEP*

Mason Bramblett : And now... The Weather.

Taylor : >county authorities Jokes on you, Louisiana doesn't have counties.

PossiblyAlive : Just a reminder, this is the same guy who made “Candle Cove”.

Fat Anime Tiddies : *The nameless moon presence beckoned by Laurence and his associates. Paleblood.*

Bobofe : this is perfect does anyone have any similar videos or anything giving this unsettling vibe like all of LOCAL58 videos? (no screamers, just plain horror)


Parad0x : "GO OUTSIDE NOW" See, here is a part where being lazy and having no life benefits.

Andrew V. : LMAO I can't believe they made the moon from Majora's Mask a real thing 😂

Jensi Oquendo : Implying that SCP-1812 is real Don't blame me when O5 come down your door. EDIT: I have been told that O5 doesn't do field work, so instead agents will be doing so. I apologise.

Anotherbloodyfanwriter : Jokes to make me feel better about the dread this abhorrent video produced: So this is what John Fogherty was talking about. That's no moon.... It's Mac tonight! Today's forecast; cloudy with a chance of hellspawns and Armageddon.

quicknicksreviews : The scariest part is near the end of the video we see a shot of the moon, and weird people are screaming like ghosts. It's so damn creepy!

No : 2:15 am ........ *BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT*

uslashcaxap : so im guessing the moon is going towards earth?

commander ollie : This channel is interesting as hell.

jethical b15 : Moonman moonman can't you see

rrr598 : What happened to the part where it says not to investigate people in the corner of your eye? Or the part where it said not to look for missing family members? I’m not trying to be spooky here, I swear that was in the video last time I watched.

Justified 1 : Why tf do I choose to watch this shit at 2:30 in the morning

森千春 : Happy super blue blood moon day (Jan. 31, 2018)

tony lu : Moonlight White sounds like a vaporwave album or artist.

William See : This is the shit I live for.


Patornz Gaming : "Celestial Creatures are Invading!"

RapBattle : J O Y C O N B O Y Z

Doktor rampage : R I P desmond the moon bear

Wow_ _It's_Me : Well this seems like a very nice poem, how long did it take you to make it?

WinderBlitz : apartenly chainswit moved the videos of local58 to its own channel

Braxton McKenna : Someone re-uploaded this titled "don't look up" and it has over 200k views.

Patchu : what happened to the original video?

Christopher Cyr : This is great/creepy.

thatonekidwithfandom : THE DAWN IS YOUR ENEMY

SwashbuckleMcHrue : I... I shall consume. Consume... Consume everything..

Lachie Creek : http://bit.ly/IqT6zt

red shadow : Damn it just found this channel and i can see it has a lot more too it. Notifications are on.

TheNomadReturns _ : I bet Local58 could be made into an SCP of some kind

some abomination : can somebody out there explain the underlined plot in this, is this like a blood moon or something

smol bean : I now have the bright idea to play this on TV with my *handy dandy* YouTube app Edit: I did just this and they were literally starting to pack their bags to leave

balrogdahomie : I sincerely don’t understand the hate for 1:40 onward. My interpretation was that, a supernatural event was occurring, the weather service tried to warn people, but the event took over and tried to use the poetry and footage to get eyes on the moon. I didn’t see it as a person as much as a monster or force. It doesn’t seem realistic because it’s not supposed to be.