Sébastien Loeb World Record - 'On-board' POV | Pikes Peak 2013

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Incredible on-board action as Sébastien Loeb flies up Pikes Peak and smashes the record time in his Peugeot 208. Subscribe for more: http://link.base79.com/polepositionsub Pole Position is the place for motor sport fans and petrol heads covering the very best races, teams and drivers from around the world. From F1 to banger racing and from Indianapolis to Monte Carlo we'll cover the best of the best, keeping you entertained. Highlights, interviews, team tours and on location we'll be there to give you the inside track. Follow on Twitter: http://goo.gl/fyE5O Like on Facebook: http://goo.gl/d15Mv +1 on Google+: http://goo.gl/B7PU4

Comments from Youtube

DDS029 : All you guys complaining about it being all paved now the US Department of Interior HAD to pave it due to erosion. If they hadn't the road would be gone above the treeline. The gravel washing down the side of the mountain was choking the vegitation at lower altitudes. The road is there for tourists first. Racing second. Would you rather have pavement or no Pikes Peak Hill Climb at all?

moppedmann123 : without tourists 10 sec. faster 🙈

Ch0plol : The paving of Pike's Peak kind of ruined it in my opinion. It's still amazing driving and great to watch, but without the dirt/gravel section there's just something missing.

Bryon Lape : Crazy people standing on the apex of the corners.....

framfull : No shadow on Loeb, he is one of the greats., But Pikes lost its soul when it was paved. Ari Vatanen and Walter Röhrl, nough said.

Riley Goss : See the guy running across the road at 0:50 That's a bad idea.

bo2web as : The car was especially built for Pikes Peak with montruous ratios like 875 kg for 875 hp... The top speed is 240 kph but 0 to 60 in 1,6 sec. Better than a formula 1 !

TommyWD40 : Video looks sped up when it isn't... Balls of steel driving on this course at that speed.

guigui54140 : il avait le temps de s'arreter pisser un coup sur le bord de la route il aurait quand même pété le record...

Reiffan : Since they made tarmac from the start to finish, pikes peak lost a lot of faszination and is not demanding as befor for the pilots. To be fast on every surface with the same tires made the big difference to all the other hillclimbs. Compare this video with the one from Walther Rhörl in his Audi 1987...

Vinsu Karma : they putted aspahlt on pikes peak and should be punishable by law

Jack Dahi : we in germany love Sebastien Loeb!

SpriGgEx : Oh man, this Guy drives like a Machine. No Errors and he doesnt even look that fast its almost scary. He would be the Perfect AI in Racing Sims that you just cant beat. ^^

fukthegoog : Not exactly a factory Pug 208 though...

Tom Salmon : i thought the pikes peak course had a gravel part on it...

Yassine EL AZMI : loved when they put the heart beat rate after he went full speed.

Francisco Neto Silva : 2nd gear @ over 100Km/h. Just like my Punto :D

Gordan Novakovic : this guy has balls of steel...

ur skraggen : Per Eklund SAAB 9-3 H-gearbox and no asphalt that is my favorite driver

Chris Chapman : Very nice driving as always from this God of WRC  The final drive ratio was worked to perfection. Seb was only on the rev limiter for about 3 secs on top gear ONCE in the whole run. I don't think he could ask more of that car.  A credit to the build team 

bragee : A tachometer would be pretty more useful than a crappy fake altitude counter

Thibaulti Giovanni : Une démonstration du boss sébastien face aux ricains.... 1ere participation et humiliation direct 1m30s de moins que le précédent record de pikes peak !!  ( PS: ken block tes un guignol mon gars )

Pedro Areias : I was never a Loeb fan and always thought is driving style was boring. But look at all he's achievements ? I'm starting to think he's the greatest sports driver ever.

Bryon Lape : When did they pave it the whole way?

Färt Blu : Pavement, no class B car. You guys play in easy mode 😂

Konformation07 : I remember when the course was unpaved. That really require some hair on your chest to go fast.

Sean Price : paved road... *thumbs down* vatanen and rohrl must be laughing their asses off at this "world record". ahahah i know i am. pikes peak is not pikes peak anymore.

Henry Pascal BILLY : La FRANCE QUI GAGNE . MERCI champion ! Soyons fiers de lui .

Denis Sol : une pointe à 245 km//h sur une telle route ! fichtre !!

Trueenglishgent1 : Yanks shut it ,there is not one man in the USA that could beat this guy even in the same car he's that good .

TheMightyBeer : what happen to the dirt road for the last 9 km? guess I am too old

Charlie Abbot : I'm guessing the man spent a few years driving in the French Alps? Awesome video and driving.

Teqo7 : Ari Vatanen so much better driver... Asphalt and so much never and better can just gave Load the wr....

El guapo : 1: the best race driver 2: the best race car 3: the best time of all time........It is mathematical!!

Pferdesalami : this engine has enogh power. The Problemm is only the breaking. With 240 km/h accerlerating towards the abyss. Nice done Loeb. Great performance.

Black n Tan : I have been a Loeb fan since 2003. At the end of the WRC season I said... He's ace! I am now a fan. Then 9 years in a row he proved he is the best!

Siddharth Rajkumar : 06:52 Did he hit the rev limit in 6th gear??

Mahoney : 4 km altitude and no barriers :o

F4SEASONS : New Track...New Record...but the Old track record is impresive.

mosrrifi : I think for most gearheads, we kind of want one pov the entire time

Stuart Pope : I like this run but prefer Ari's in 88 on dirt

Perry V : Sebastian Loeb is really the Best Driver in the World, 9 time WRC, and many more this Record at Pikes Peak will stand for many years. "AWESOME MATE"

1ls376 : 8:31  I knew it, the World is flat.

georgeelgato : to my humple opinion Ari Vatanen did the best pikes peak climb....I'm not only talking of time records,but the way he drove!!!!

László Baranyai : Circuit drivers makes movies. Rally drivers makes History!

Artur Koszela : THIS IS A FREHCH BALLET :p:p

Chris floros : Asphalt...full technology...Watch out Sebastian you will rip your...skirt off! Ari Vatanen for ever!

VAN dit : Puta locura a 200 km/h a 4000 metros de altura por carreteras sin guardarail. Me quito el sombrero😉

ebrahim alfardan : I really dont appreciate the bad camera switches. Outstanding driving though.