Sébastien Loeb World Record - 'On-board' POV | Pikes Peak 2013

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eff yoo : remove the asphalt plz.

Ch0plol : The paving of Pike's Peak kind of ruined it in my opinion. It's still amazing driving and great to watch, but without the dirt/gravel section there's just something missing.

Sebastian Jenewein : He is a good driver but you simply can´t compare this to Walter Röhrls run in the Audi. Röhrl did this on Dirt in a very short wheelbase car and was almost constantly powersliding. Also you can see that Loeb is always keeping away from the downhill edges in the corners whereas Röhrl took the corners so aggressive that he was sometimes even over the edge with half a tire.

learn share : Very Pikes

framfull : No shadow on Loeb, he is one of the greats., But Pikes lost its soul when it was paved. Ari Vatanen and Walter Röhrl, nough said.

moppedmann123 : without tourists 10 sec. faster 🙈

peanutaxis : Quite literally, 0% of this is POV

SkiiLLeDxRoyaL : Thats not POV

Black n Tan : I have been a Loeb fan since 2003. At the end of the WRC season I said... He's ace! I am now a fan. Then 9 years in a row he proved he is the best!

Miguel Ferrandis Perez : Dirt rally has better graphics O_O

ivanovsd :  remember when he went ot the states to take part in X games, and the comentator was like lets see how the european?!!? rally champion will do against our best...lmao

TommyWD40 : Video looks sped up when it isn't... Balls of steel driving on this course at that speed.

TheMightyBeer : what happen to the dirt road for the last 9 km? guess I am too old

Koysono Yamata : as a comparison on 1980 years on pike's peak that aint wr as long as its tarmac and a lot of better car... Even can see from hands of Loeb, he barely even has to move steering wheel, lmao VATANEN, RÖHRL KINGS OF PIKES PEAK FOREVER! LEGENDS. Like Kankkunen said b group was for mens, WRC is for boys...

Yassine EL AZMI : loved when they put the heart beat rate after he went full speed.

qpmkro : i watched past pikes peak runs and the road was dirt not tarmac. I think half of what made pikes peak great was the fact that it was a dirt road and you were powersliding on the edge of the bend, this asphalt run is not impressive at all.

Riley Goss : See the guy running across the road at 0:50 That's a bad idea.

Trueenglishgent1 : Yanks shut it ,there is not one man in the USA that could beat this guy even in the same car he's that good .

Jack Dahi : we in germany love Sebastien Loeb!

guigui54140 : il avait le temps de s'arreter pisser un coup sur le bord de la route il aurait quand même pété le record...

kingpolo86 : langweilig, kann jede landstraße sein. was is mit dreck.

Tom Salmon : i thought the pikes peak course had a gravel part on it...

bragee : A tachometer would be pretty more useful than a crappy fake altitude counter

Chris Chapman : Very nice driving as always from this God of WRC  The final drive ratio was worked to perfection. Seb was only on the rev limiter for about 3 secs on top gear ONCE in the whole run. I don't think he could ask more of that car.  A credit to the build team 

mostimbawarri : pfff nothing against waler röhrl an his audi s1

hulzsepperl : Soooo.: Herr Loeb kann fahren wie sau! Bin auch Fan. ABER!!!!! Einen Rallywagen von heute der auf komplett geteerter Straße fährt, mit einem Wagen zu messen der zu "Lebzeiten" auf losem Untergrund nicht viel langsamer war, ist schlicht und ergreifend nicht zu bemessen.Und wahrscheinlich hat sich Herr Röhrl ( Walter du bist der beste) wegen wissentlicher Überlegenheit bis heute nicht herausfordern lassen! Oder gehe ich falsch in der Annahme?

Francisco Neto Silva : 2nd gear @ over 100Km/h. Just like my Punto :D

Stathis Tzouvaras : Fantastic driver as always!! But Ari Vatanen and Peugeot 405 T16 was the best combination ever ......

C Lyssy : ich würde behaupten Röhl wäre schneller auf der heutigen strecke

YourArgumentIsInvalid : LOL.. POV? This is only POV if you tape someone's ass right to the front splitter.

maikicba : Everybody is talking about the "dirt" missing part. Are you sure you want to talk about dirt or gravel missing parts as a way to making a point of that with the NINE times in a row WORLD RALLY CHAMPION?? Put some dirt part and he breaks that record too as he checks his mails on his cellphone.!!

Google+ SUCKS BALLS - the worst forced social network : Too bad he'll never have a chance to try and beat the old track record

Pedro Areias : I was never a Loeb fan and always thought is driving style was boring. But look at all he's achievements ? I'm starting to think he's the greatest sports driver ever.

DDS029 : All you guys complaining about it being all paved now the US Department of Interior HAD to pave it due to erosion. If they hadn't the road would be gone above the treeline. The gravel washing down the side of the mountain was choking the vegitation at lower altitudes. The road is there for tourists first. Racing second. Would you rather have pavement or no Pikes Peak Hill Climb at all?

1ls376 : 8:31  I knew it, the World is flat.

Gordan Novakovic : this guy has balls of steel...

Johnny English : Driving that fast and never having to control oversteer in corners is just incredible, bringing France to the highest mountains of rallye car Think he could won a F1 championship if he wanted to

Jenson Button : uphill is easy... downhill would be a challenge

LoppanH : Nice to bad about the camerawork almost got epilepsy from all the camera view change, maybe there are more videos of the same race without camera changing it would be nice

Siddharth Rajkumar : 06:52 Did he hit the rev limit in 6th gear??

F4SEASONS : New Track...New Record...but the Old track record is impresive.

iiredeye : Greatest Rally driver of all time? Makes Ken Block look like driving Miss Daisy.

Владислав Воронин : "-" fake altitude meter.

David Lyon : Oh dear, the Yanks much be sick to the stomach that a European OWNS their beloved Pikes Peak record, go go go Sebastian......

Konformation07 : I remember when the course was unpaved. That really require some hair on your chest to go fast.

keosintal : Fantastic

B Gomez : Epic!

Marlon Schroth : F1 und Ralley zu vergleichen ist wie Tour de France und Downhillworldcup gegenüberzustellen.Beides(bessergesagt alle 4 ) ist Spitzensport,aber haben nichts miteinander zutun.Selbe Art(grob gesehen) von Gefährt,aber das wars auch schon.Ein 100m Läufer tritt ja auch nicht gegen einen Marathonläufer an.So sehe ich das.

Kostt Riderz46 : SEB L❤EB

Taffy 83 : for as good loeb is i still regard tommi as a better champion cuz of the competition around at the time