PNBHS Haka for Mr. Dawson Tamatea's Funeral Service

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Dolan Dark : Doing NZ proud :')

Kemal & Pınar : This is one of the nicest, most elegant and most saddening farewells I've ever seen. May he rest in peace. Be proud of your students...

CBS Sports : We would like to use this video on  We'll courtesy your school.  Are we ok to use?  Thank you for taking the time.

Camron Gregor : I lost it when the boys parted in silence to let the hearse pass. I wish my country had a tradition like this. Well done boys.

OkChig : Amazing stuff. Great to see an indigenous culture so integrated into modern day NZ that now cultural expressions are held high as a form of utmost respect. As Australians recently we grieve that we aren't able to embrace our indigenous culture in the same way and have often tried to rid it even further.

chilleverest : Shed some manly tears.

WhatTheHeck : That moment when all the rage and passion leads to the students silently letting the car drive. Damn you kids, you called the feels train on that one.

The Nihl : I just imagined myself on battlefield, standing against force what preforming haka... pants full of shit....

Kimtothekizzo : I'm not sure how I made it through my entire life never seeing anything like this. This is amazing. I can't imagine what it would be like to witness it in person.

geerenmo : The level of respect went through the roof with this one. The teacher must have been a good person.

Michael S : Never had a haka make me cry.

Augusto Trepat : I am a former rugby player from Argentina and saw many, many times the Haka but this is the first time that it make me cry. This professor was one of the richest man of the world since you don't carry money or gold to the other world. The richest ones , like Mr. Tamatea, carry with them this treasure, the respect of his students and peers. Rest in peace.

David Boucher : A warning to the Gods that a good man is coming, and that they should let him in (to where They dwell).

Talieisn Morgan : they put some respek on that shit

Augusto Dolci L. : Idk why but it made me drop some tears.... nice done guys!

Jonah kingi : Who came after seeing the wedding haka?

Doodlebug : This is very moving and I'm ashamed that the England Rigby team feel the need to belittle and ridicule the Haka. I for one think it's disrespectful and the views of the England Rugby team aren't always the view of the rest of us here in England.

Nellah Grace : This is so emotional!

Augusto Dolci L. : Idk why but it made me drop some tears.... nice done guys!

PanzerGlowa : Respect from Poland. My condolences...

ANG Belgium : R.i.p

habeshalmighty : This got me hyped up I had to punch a fucking wall! and now my hand freaking hurts!

Maggie M : Never heard of Haka before until this appeared on my news feed Now I've watched it countless times and will never get tired of it What I like most is the passion in these students

Shauna Delaney : Blown away by this, every goosebump is up, well done boys, you've made headlines in the UK

Left Right Up ᖜᕏᐥᕝᖅᖕᐥ Step Right Up ᐦᓵᘑᖪᒺᕀᖽᐦᔅᓪᔾᒼ : Maybe one of my favorite videos in human history.

simpski : This is the coolest fucking thing ive ever seen!

Davide Ascanio Visconti-Borghese : Amazing! People of the world, keep alive your beautiful traditions.

NeverSurrender : What a fucking badass tribute to him. Well done!

yakuza941 : This is the type of spirit the All Blacks represent. Must be why they win so much.

mekanicaldave : Why would anyone dislike this is beyond me

SalvadorLosAngeles : probably my fave haka

Hi : nz ain't to be fucked with. intense

James E : When it went from the scream to the dead silence, just wow. So powerful.

Slyboi : I love this.  I wish Australians could embrace the Original People of our country this way.  New Zealand does it right, teaching the kids of the Nations heritage, all the heritage..not just the white mans..

Mark Robinson : Death, where is your sting, where is your victory?

Christopher Tysowski : moved me to tears, you can feel every emotion of respect coursing through those students, and the devotion he had for them. simply beautiful.

New Creative : A little background to this haka I'm apart of the school and new mr tamatea better than most at the school. He was originally one of the creators to this haka and this is our school haka. Only our school and the old boys of the school perform this haka so it is unique to us. Mr tamatea was the head of Maori achievement in our school and he would always try (and successfully so) uphold the Maori traditions not within our school but the entire community. He was involved in one of the leading kapa haka groups in the country i.e the world ( kapa haka group being a group in which perform traditional Maori songs and Hakas) and I believe the Maori culture and maintaining the culture was engrained in his life. So to farewell this awesome teacher we did this haka and the significance of this haka as a farewell and the passion in which the boys performed it with can only be understood by the people who really knew him. But I hope that this helps others around the world understand how fitting that we perform this haka for him.

FROGMAN : now after I got the meaning of the HAKA dance I can say it's beautifull greats from israel

Terina Triponel : I first watched this while living abroad/away from New Zealand. Seeing this truly made me cry and home sick. You'll never find mana/respect the way you would in NZ/Aōtearoa. Anyone of any ethnic persuasion that lives in NZ, will understand this. You don't have to be Māori, all cultures in NZ if not most felt this Haka in their hearts.

Zack Gudle : Mr Tamatea was my Math's teacher back in 2010 , he was that one teacher who pushed students to pass even if you felt so low & insecure about your capabilities , happy man & sometimes could get on your shoulders from his passion to make you pass but thats what made me pass my class . Thank You Mr Dawson Tamatea for making my year successful & many others ,  we will miss you , (Put both hands together) Rest In Peace

Struckgold : If the New Zealanders ever become imperialistic we're in trouble lads.

ricecristi : Now I'm bawling, this was so beautiful

Vi Haze : Can we please take a moment to remember that during the world war, the New Zealand soldiers did a Haka in the face of the Germans (who had machine guns) and the Germans were so terrified that they were like "NOPE" and ran away with their tails between their legs?

CivicGuard : I felt my facial hair growing watching this video

borninkaraj : I saw this today for the first time in my life and it moved me.respect from Canada.

Adam Cox : Wow. What unity and commitment. What a culture the New Zealanders share. They are truly fortunate. An incredible moment to capture, I can't imagine how it must have felt being there.

Mark Schofield : As an American, I am insanely jealous of how the Maori tradition remains such a prevalent staple in your everyday culture, while the native tribes of the Americas have been all but forgotten in our modern world. Such beautiful tradition, dedication and honor, something sorely lacking here in the States.

Ricki Coughlan : Everyone who appreciates generosity, respect and gratitude will love this awesome tribute. I've never even been to New Zealand but I'm pouring mountains of pride and respect on you guys from over the ditch here in Australia.

Jferguson66 : New Zealand really is an amazing country, how they manage to continue traditions of their Maori ancestors surpasses any other country

Hayden : Although I am a Chinese but I am still deeply touched by it. tear just drops. Great respect to these boys and to your teacher.