Neglected, abandoned horse bonds with golden retriever at NC rescue shelter

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jonathan sodemann : oh just open the gate so they can snuggle already!

Joe Tadlas : Now that's an emotional support dog.

Benny Martinez : Every living thing just wants love.

Pack Leader Sally as a YT channel : What kind of monsters dislike the video??

Robert Bruce : Respect ALL animals right to life

superextremelaser : Lil Sebastian!

Christopher Dulaney : I would eat that horse.

Katie Landry : Almost looks like the children's book ( and one of my favorites), "Sadie" by Robin James, but the miniature horse is the disabled one.

RIVARAPTOR : Bojack Horseman and Mr Peanutbutter in the same room. WHAT IS THIS A CROSSOVER EPISODE?

mike de julia : So much we can learn from animals

George Brown : Hey guys, George from LADbible here. We LOVE this video, do you own? And if so please could we post onto our page? We will fully credit you, thanks!

Kemal : fat dog