Red-Tail Hawk and Great Horned Owl Confrontation

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A pair of great horned owls have been visiting this red-tail hawk nest at Presidio for several nights. This is the first time it's come to the nest during the day, and the first time the RTH has seen it. It didn't take kindly to the invasion and attacked it soon after it arrived. The GHO was able to fend off the RTH the first time, but in the 2nd attempt, it falls off the nest and doesn't come back. The RTH returns to make sure all is secure, however. Confrontations done in real time and SloMo. NOTE: The owl comes back the next day & lays an egg, an another a few days later. There are a few minor skirmishes, but the RTH finally moves on & lets the GHO have the nest. One of its two eggs broke, but the remaining egg is due to hatch mid-March.

Comments from Youtube

A Googler : WOW, thanks for sharing this amazing footage!!

Rodney Ballew : 2 angry birds lol But 2 beautiful angry birds

O.o fo : That owl got into the hawks right leg pretty good but... Man with that last whack from the hawk at that speed it.. It was done Hawks are just ruthless.

Matthew Phillips : This is actually very common behavior. Redtail Hawks and Great Horned Owl, are in continues competition for the same nesting sights. Redtail Hawks build nests, however Great Horned Owls, commonly use abandoned nests from Redtail Hawks, and other birds. This can lead to some compatition between the two over a nesting site. It also doesn't help that their nesting seasons overlape.

Terry Melvin : The Hawk: "Who are you?".. The Owl.."Who? Whoooo am I? If you were wise you'd let me have this nest".

Kiante Brown : They do no talking in the wild just pull up 😂

SomeoneCommenting : Hawk forgot that the owl is an even more powerful predator and can tear it apart with those huge talons. Compare the sizes of the toes.

Roger Molina : Mr Owl, how many licks does it take to kicked out of somebody's else's nest? Let me see, ooonnneee, twoo POW!🤣

Kentucky Bear : The owl seems to have a far superior ground game. While the hawk is a bit more proficient in the stand up striking. I gave round 1 to the owl.

Big Bluesguy : Amazing video. Thanks for sharing. That Hawk was never gonna let the owl win !!

INSATIABLE IS MY NAME : My Favorite Bird would destroy all of them The Harpy Eagle talons as long as a Grizzly Bear claws

Lateef Omidiji : 2:34 The owl hit a backflip into a kick that landed on the RTH 👀👀


king reck : Looks like me and my brother fighting over a bed

Emily McHenry : She will be back. It ain't over

Gillybop Adoodle : That owl's reflexes are like it's talon's...Sharp.

old school hawking : The red-tail said get the hell out of here I spent three months building this nest. OSH :-)

vinish shetty : The owls predate on hawks in their natural range the hawk has no chance the owl is stronger.

INSATIABLE IS MY NAME : They were roommates somebody didn't pay their half of rent

7Sin0City2 : They must be from Seminary, straight goon's!

Storm Spotter 76 : At night Mr GHO strikes back!)

spelunkerd : I believe owls typically nest and lay eggs earlier in the season, and they don't migrate as far. They steal the nest before the hawks return, maybe that's why they nest earlier.... When hawks return to a nest they built up over the past season, they face the dilemma over whether to build elsewhere or fight to reclaim their property. Fortunately many raptors build several nests so they have choices, though prime real estate will always come with a premium.

sñr bandala : Recupero su nido y al final lo dejo

Sash Kilesa : То чувство, когда охотник мог стать жертвой......

james pisano : Damn. Thar hawk is not small, but looks small compared to that owl!

R Pena : Whooo do ya think you are?! This is my nest!

O.o fo : 71 Great Horned Owls disliked this video

Urban Delinquent : Ric Flair VS Coco B Ware Woo vs Flying 3/19/2019

Pizza Coke : Is this the new legends of the guardian movie?

MISHIT KINGS : I Love the way they fight..

Shane Miles : An intense moment of footies.

joshua smith : Awesome video. Glad to know that these badass raptors are protected here in the states. That being said that owl will be back tonight and the hawk will never hear him coming. Muhahaha!!

Tom Sawyer : That was awesome! The Hawk let out the war cry before coming back on that second staffing run. Proof for that GHO that before you take over someone's house, you had better be prepared for the consequences. Thanks Jann!😄

Pablo Sautillo : Look at the note 😎 The thing I love about owls is that they look so unassuming :) you better keep your eyes peeled if you wanna avoid an encounter with whispering death

CITYFOLK GARDENING : They just playin footzies

The Royal Aggressive Bengal Tiger : Hawks are brave birds..

Mark McArthy : The Owl was doing some Serious Trash Talking...Who who do you think you are swoopin down here?

Adam M : RT gives him the warrior cry before he finally bangs the ol owl out

Yung Wynna : *golden eagle pulls up*

Traicionero : Hawk used Sky Attack

Wunder kind : Had the RTH won over the nest for the season, the GHOs will have perceived them as a threat to their "territory" - and would likely have conducted nigh time raids on the nest. I've seen this happen many times to other birds of prey attempting to nest in GHO territory -- including bald eagles.

Sam Hauser : *Challenger Approaching!*

Stay Safe : The Great Horned Owl was like. "If you dont use it, you will lose it"

Tobias Hansen : the owl is like, "hey can´t we talk about it??"

amanda miller : The owl went into “the guard” and maintained, EXCELLENT, “wrist control”..hats off! 👍🏼👍🏼😀

R'shawn Santiago : Rocky 6.. Eye of the red tailed, it's the thrill of the fight

PutiN 92 : Hum , living as a bird seems fun. From now on i'm a bird "kaaaakaah kaaakaaah"

thegrayrenegade : Get, get, whoop whoop, I aint playin around. Make one false move and I'll take ya down. Get back, motherhawker, you dont know me like that!

dijin456 : Incredible...thk for showing this