Dustins Dojo multiple angle kick

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Connor Smith : Why aren't you checking behind you for attackers?

Coca Cola : Thank you for the dancing lesson.

Mason Eckebrecht : This move just saved my life, I was attacked by some mean boys bit I stopped them. Thank you dustins dojo

im. Reflex : Thanks Mr. Dojo for helping me defend myself, can't trust anyone in these dark streets nowadays am i right

Colin Brown : Make sure you thanks Terry's mom for lending her basement to you guys! And I hope Terry's mom approves of you when terry invites you over!

Anonnyymkous Eroorredd : lol your just like throwing spider web while s*xing a girl😂

Muditsh Sharma : i got here after watching your America got talent Audition , it was Just so cool and Howard used his Golden Buzzer for the right guyz ! , Like !


FluffBalls {TheRealFluffy} : You’re actually a legend

BDW wrestling : Dustin's Dojo what do I do if I am at mcdonalds and I get attacked?

JeffHardyTributes : I loved you guys on AGT keep making these type of videos man

TheKingDagon108 : You are my heroes!!!

NovaAssaultKing : PS you da best Dustin and I will always remember your sweet moves if I am attacked

ChucK Belschner : 1:58 that air thrust do

ItzRaze : I subscribed. And I bought a shirt in blue

Danel Hooper : You guys should go back on Americas got talent

Turk Sandwich : $500 for the attack dummy! Deal!~

SomeBritish Cat : U guys are cool

Air Gamer Playz : That isn't real karate it's called a star jump but your really good comiden

Rusty Shakleford : Tarry is an all out savage

Commenting Account : Wait... Why do you have a rocking horse?

Moses WRX : Terry is the best

Dak Prescott : It's supposed to be dustin's dojo not dustins dojo

1up_LgciX : first


TakeInventory : Yes

Brian Druckenmiller : But what if there are three attackers?

ESN Productions : This is a life savior, thank you so much

Best Grill Reviews : Dustin, if I am ever attacked by a dummy I will remember what you did to fight him off. Say does Roger Baker's take phone in orders for pizza?

Lucas Le Confort : This is brilliant!

Splendiferous : Awesome video!

Gamer X : How is this not on Netflix????

Alexander Osorio : You should do a tour inside Roger Bakers Taekwondo and Pizza

Lightbeast 83 : Nice shirt man

Captain Clash : No attackers disliked this time!!

Braden Mclain : go dojo

Xavier Lugo : 30,000 subs reveal terrys face

The Gaming Gargoyle : Love the new shirt! Keep up the great work, you guys are hilarious

Latta Viking : The usual also I'm a huge fan and your so funny

Megadylanplays : Dustin your my favorite YouTuber

austin Banga : Love your videos 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

Valencia Colvin : He's kinda attractive... *Sips Tea*

Nass is Secretly a Pikmin : Thank the lord. I really needed this one. Now i can hit multiple attackers at once. this is useful due to the gang that lives in my backyard

Kuwabatake Sanjuro : This is just great, hilarious.

Nate : I'm gonna try as hard as I can to get a shirt that would be hilarious xD

Ben Jacobs : Dustin, what do I do if attackers are coming above me and below me?

Mikey Boss : You've taught me a lot of ways to defend against attackers, thank you Sensai

GamingWith Ashwin : Legendary kicks saved me from 2 intruders !

John Cena : Great to see another video from the best youtuber of all time

arko singh : u r act on AGT was nice..