Dustins Dojo multiple angle kick

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Mason Eckebrecht : This move just saved my life, I was attacked by some mean boys bit I stopped them. Thank you dustins dojo

dustins dojo : first

FluffBalls {TheRealFluffy} : You’re actually a legend

Connor Smith : Why aren't you checking behind you for attackers?

Muditsh Sharma : i got here after watching your America got talent Audition , it was Just so cool and Howard used his Golden Buzzer for the right guyz ! , Like !

Air Gamer Playz : That isn't real karate it's called a star jump but your really good comiden

BDW wrestling : Dustin's Dojo what do I do if I am at mcdonalds and I get attacked?

anime guy : Legendary kicks saved me from 2 intruders !

Rachael Ward : Will you be releasing more TShirts? I would really like to buy one 😁

Lil WaterBucket : Terry, that combo was amazing.....

Tracy Cramer : UP man LOOK UP... attackers can be flying too

Fawzaan Muhammad : Go back to Americas got talent

Soup Will : Thank you I just fought off some bullies with this they came at me in diff directions and thought they had me

srpmedia : Thanks Mr. Dojo for helping me defend myself, can't trust anyone in these dark streets nowadays am i right

Advy 2013 : Im frombpoland. You are best!!!

xSoenq : Y e s

Alexander Osorio : You should do a tour inside Roger Bakers Taekwondo and Pizza

arko singh : u r act on AGT was nice..

collectivelight : Please try out for American Ninja Warrior! That would be awesome!

Obito Uchiha : Tarry is an all out savage

Fawzaan Muhammad : Can we seen terms face

WXY Soccer Skillz : I bought your Merch

Okay.Whatever : Is there an easier version? This one seems to be too difficult and the attackers are never close enough when I attempt this move.

Windex : thanks for the new move it works i fought 2 attackers and won

YT Funix : EARLY SQUAD WHERE ARE YOU AT!!!!! (Was here when 39 views)

Colin Brown : Make sure you thanks Terry's mom for lending her basement to you guys! And I hope Terry's mom approves of you when terry invites you over!

Mark Keogh : I acc luv him😂😂

PoliopiGaming : I bet spiders a good at multiple angle kicks. They could fight off 8 attackers in a single move.

Coca Cola : Thank you for the dancing lesson.

SofiaNator Official : Be honest this has to be jokes 😂

Captain Clash : No attackers disliked this time!!

Mi llamo Jose : Master Dustin, is it good to train while watching your videos and using your T-Shirt that is made of a very soft and comfy to use in any place and is only for sale for 7 days so people should worry to buy it?

Leisure Muffin : Sweet moves

Splendiferous : Awesome video!

The under Taker 49 : Today i was attacked by a bunch of peoples.But your training helped me to fight them back.Thanks!

TheKingDagon108 : You are my heroes!!!

Ssavy W : you're the best

murlocman 007 : Terry the beast

The Resolusional Gamer X : How is this not on Netflix????

Nass is Secretly a Pikmin : Thank the lord. I really needed this one. Now i can hit multiple attackers at once. this is useful due to the gang that lives in my backyard

Air Gamer Playz : #SoFunny

Square Master : Train me please I want to be able to defend myself

Reanna Kwan : In real life people won't just wait for you to attack. They will suffocate you and you will faint immediately. Man, please cut it out with the 'Ch ch ch' sounds.

Raf_The_Random : ᵔᴥᵔ●﹏●( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Raf_The_Random : Are you a boxing expert?

JeffHardyTributes : I loved you guys on AGT keep making these type of videos man

Megadylanplays : Dustin your my favorite YouTuber

Megadylanplays : Hi

Antonio Aiello football A : Can you come to my school and teach my P.E class self defense?

Danel Hooper : You guys should go back on Americas got talent