Secret Santa for Carsen

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u m a m i : "I never look at what I'm shaking." Words to live by.

Western Warden : We did it guys! we raised 7 dollars, Carson can finally have hands!

A Vandal : How dare someone give this a downvote? I'm here to throw hands. Not with Carsen though, that would be disrespectful.

Wobbles and Bean : Oh, Alex. We don't deserve you.

RadicalEdward37 : You know what this video deserves?... A hand

Flynn : Come to think of it, does he even have feet? From all of the photos and clips you showed he was always wearing shoes, so it wouldn’t be such a shock to find out that he’s hiding the fact that he doesn’t have feet. Have you seen his feet? 🤔

Mad Maverick : You know, I’ve had this hand sitting in a jar of preservative in my unlit basement for a while now. Maybe it could be of use to him? It’d be relatively cheap if you’re interested; quality hands cost an arm and a leg everywhere else.

Henry Carlson : This is some American Vandal stuff. Great editing!

Merlin Merlout : Do any of us really have hands?

Papyrus Super Spagity : Felix: i don't have legs! Carsen: i don't have hands. try Epic battle fantasy 5, great game btw. you might find something akin to pizza man, maybe.

Big Joshy Slap-Nuts : Is Pizza Time Pizza 10 coming soon?

Dashizzleface : I’ve never seen nor meet a man named Carson. I’ve never seen his hands either. COINCIDENCE?! I think not

TheSheeshKabob : Are you both in the Film school? I'm rocking Digital Media Productions at FSU. Go Noles!

jellybean STUDIOS : pore carsen too bad he dont have hands

ABIGBEAR : Its Tyler rose 2 What are you up to bale there isnt any pizza time pizza videos or on to your tricks the truth will be revealed Ooh a cuss word In a video from you that's probably a first

Cybervlogy Yt : What? Abuse

Gilly Bean : This lacked luster.

Figureight : Left hand reveal at 2:46

Red Squirrel : LOL this is awesome. So well executed.

Expired Gogurt : I’ve seen his hands and they are freckled and gingered.

The Erdoys : We think we know things now that you've shown the truth? What would you say if we told you. We don't know how to tell you this but we are going to go ice cream shopping tomorrow. What flavors interest you? Would you like us to show up at your parents house and pretend to be you some time? All four of us can do that.

beccabot89 : Will we ever know the truth?

jimmyjackz : Dam good video, but the suspense of not seeing his hands is killing me. I want I want to see his f'n hands.....

Karendrae : I wish you'd left the campaign open, it's too rich.

Babies, Toddlers, Kids Educational : This is such a handfull. I can't take it anymore.

papertrain : I feel really bad for the guy. I'd give up my own hands but I kinda need them for... stuff

John Laurence Poole : It will be interesting to track Alex Bale's career, this was clever. Take a bow.

PJ : watches american vandal once

Mike DeBlasio : I need to know what Carsen thought about this hahaha

Shawn Mooney : Carsen is hot af

NCKY : From Reddit?

Julian Monette : Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Michael Dunton : Go Noles!

adeptsaxophonist : Go Noles!

Kamden Vera : Who is carsen?

Tasha Love : This is hilarious

Luna Shivelight : Merry Christmas? Humm? Late release?

UP LATE A short horror : Fuckin hilarious!

rb : love this

Elyse Yang : A user named LewisGreen posted this to Reddit claiming that they made it. Is that you?

Saar : Actual Content

Andrew : American Vandal season 3