The Milk Situation | Dead Parrot Original
Ive recently been making comedy sketches I made one recently about people who use too much Milk

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We've all had that one housemate who uses too much milk... Dead Parrot are excited to introduce the second in a series of original comedy shorts. Keep your eyes peeled for more! Starring: Jimmy Graham Sylvie Briggs Directed by David Thorp Written by Jimmy Graham Produced by Roberta Whitford Cinematography by Ed Conder VFX by David Post Subscribe to Dead Parrot for weekly videos - Follow Dead Parrot on Twitter -


changethewords2 : Finally! Some new fresh content! :D

Marta Font : I've never seen someone drink so much milk

Matt Amys : Hahaha brilliant

Scott Cooney : To some extent we are all lactose intolerant

BradleyBupkiss : New York Times lol

Bongwater33 : You have great taste in comedy, this would be funnier with sharper timing!

The Owlets : quite alo for that one thing maybe... the artificaail ressusataion theing s just dark tho

Chris Powell : This didn't make me laugh so much as hyperventilate.

Takaya in Action : Keep doing great work

Echodonut : This is going viral, bigtime. Soon.

Janice Spyby : Is that 4 pints 😂

OfficialRB2 : She needs some milk...

Oliver Diamond : I hate it when my housemate does this!

Janice Spyby : How annoying 😊