The Milk Situation | Dead Parrot Original

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changethewords2 : Finally! Some new fresh content! :D

Matt Amys : Hahaha brilliant

longbeard180 : That had to have been very hard to keep a straight face... even for the cameraman hahaha

Marta Font : I've never seen someone drink so much milk

Scott Cooney : To some extent we are all lactose intolerant

BradleyBupkiss : New York Times lol

OfficialRB2 : She needs some milk...

Oliver Diamond : I hate it when my housemate does this!

Chris Powell : This didn't make me laugh so much as hyperventilate.

Echodonut : This is going viral, bigtime. Soon.

Janice Spyby : Is that 4 pints 😂

Janice Spyby : How annoying 😊

Takaya in Action : Keep doing great work