The Simpsons Dr Zaius Song HD

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The Simpsons go to see "Planet of the Apes:The Musical" this scene is from the episode "A fish called Selma" XD


Donatello Jose : Those last 6 seconds though. 10/10

Andrew James : "I want a second opinion!" "You're also lazy" lmao

Jesse Woolridge : I wish this was an actual musical.

WhatWouldHouseDo : Probably my all-time favourite Simpsons line- "from Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z"! Just so ridiculous!

Paul McDonagh : Out of meee e e e e e e e e LOL

Evil Gary : The Simpsons used to be such a good show.

Dash 1138 : - Can i play the piano anymore? - Of course you can! - Well i couldn't before! (surprised face)

G R : "I love legitimate theater."

MrBlobby786 : Should I re-upload the video without the ee-eee-eee-ee bit at the end or keep it this way? Let me know.

monsterfurby : Back when this was made, the thought of genre fiction being turned into musicals was a joke in itself. Now we have Wicked, the Lion King, a Monty Python musical, even the ill-fated Spider Man adaptation. The only reason we don't have a Planet of the Apes musical is almost literally the fact that the Simpsons already did that. Interesting how times change.

Jeong-hun Sin : I love you, Dr Zaius!

Bergbau Hansi : Rock me Amadeus !

Superagurihyperteam : Troy McClure as the human? It's the part he was born to play!

LordoftheJimmy : The world is so much less funny without Phil Hartman...

Karl Black : If you're waiting for "I love you Dr Zaius!" You're gonna have a bad time.

raidthanfl : Back when Simpson’s was still good. Such a great skit. RIP Phil Hartman. This show never rebounded after losing him

Doctor Zaius : This is my religion.

Coffee : Whenever I see the glitchy ending i think my browser is crashing

Cinestar Productions : I love the one moonwalking in the background at 0:45

Not my name : I did this for my Drama ensemble performance examination.

Planet Schlock : There are important "milestones" in my life that I barely have any recollection of. I don't remember the names of any of my teachers in elementary, high school, and most of college, let alone a large majority of the bullshit that was taught there. But I'll always remember that fucking Planet of the Apes song from an episode of the Simpsons that I saw when I was 8.

Mateusz Ciszewski : WOW ! Trace of Falco - Rock me Amadeus :)

too sad : the Simpsons was a genius show from series 1 through 10, after that it just went downhill every episode

wideopenthrottl : In case you were oblivious to the 80s this song is a parody of Falco - Rock Me Amadeus.


CoolConner 307 : Still better then the Tim Burton remake

infectionsman : This is the only musical i would see!


wink west : chimpan A to chimpan Z im dead.lmao

Just a Random Dude : Poor moonwalking ape... Everyone is always distracted by the breakdancing one and nobody ever notices him... :(

Moore Games : Dr. Zeius best anime villain

TheCrazyFereldan : Remember when the Simpsons was good?

UncleBiscuits79 : DUDE, you cut out the best part of the video at the end (I Love you Dr Zaius)!!

TheBaioken : 40-45 eddy in tekken/neymar being slightly touched

Jaceblue04 : Oh my God, I just realized that this is a parody of Rock Me Amadeus.

Djadarian : Dr Zaius performance is both excellent and hilarious... my prognosis... this run will never end!

Paul Kroll : I LOVE U Dr Zaius

Lee Jones : The best song the Simpsons ever did

Michael Nally : Why isn't Dr Zaius a Broadway villain?

ddtnbn : The two biggest losses were Conan O' Brien and Phil Hartman. All that's left now is 20 years of weekly reminders of something once brilliant.

kwanarchive : They even animated Troy's piano fingers accurately...

XxSWAGZ-GAMINxX : dr zaius got me in crap a middle school

Spike Prime : Man the jokes and animation in this were so freakin' good. Let's not forget Phil Hartman, by all accounts a wonderful man and a tragic loss, before his time. RIP, Phil.

docdave15 : Given the musicals that are on Broadway right now, I'm a bit surprised we don't have a Planet of the Apes musical now.

MessrsHacker : One of my favourite scenes!

rmar67 : From chimpan-a to chimpanzee. Corny, but I still laughed.

Malik M : Winston from overwatch

Head Man : Completely ruined Rock Me Amadeus for me 10/10

Mac Graeme : The Winston song