Fracking Accident
Fracking Accident Arlington TX not my video9 10 18

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Another pollution problem from this same site Saddle Operating Gas well accident in Fannin Farms community in Arlington, Texas


St3ven Seagal : This guy sounds like he could do one hell of a computer generated voice impression.

coyotedawg : you want attention brought to it? attach a flare to the drone and go fly it in there.

SciFi Addict : It didn't ignite therefore no "incident" occurred is what they'll tell you. File Freedom of Information Act Requests for the paperwork the fire department had to fill out on their response.

Miguel Cortez : Dude I was out there last weekend, no wonder it smelled like Pasadena in Arlington

Nathan Gaudin : It's a hazmat scene. They need to take their time. You rush in on a hazmat scene you die.

Pekka Väisänen : Hmm... while we should be actively thinking of solutions to capture carbon from the atmosphere to as long duration as possible, some are making all they can to to release perfectly captured and stored carbon. The cost of continuing burning of fossile fuels is already grater than the value gotten from it. Sadly this value and losses are not equally distributed.

Octavio Ibarra : I worked on that site before. Small horsepower units used to be there. They are doing work over on the pipeline it looks like

Elizabeth Blaze : I'd be on the phone to every TV and radio station within 100 miles.

Jason Malyon : There is no hydraulic fracturing going on there! You are Mis informed. It's a service rig.

Jon Irenicus : Be careful man, they might send a Hitman after you.

David Savage : Wow! One spark is all y'all gonna need!

Jason Weaver : Also that picture you have pointed out to the yellow cages would be a really weird well head seeing as how that is 15-20ft away from the well heads that are in a line under the pulling unit that is rigged up on one. Also it might have been nitrogen from that nitrogen truck...

FrickingArt : This isn't fracking

Fish Creek Neighbor : The City of Arlington, TX and the State of Texas are negligent for allowing this to happen so dangerously close to neighborhoods. Anyone with half a brain understands that heavy industrial activity shouldn’t be zoned for Residential because these two land uses are incompatible.

THEfamouspolka : Guy has a similar speech meter to Mitch Hedberg. My mind kept wanting to laugh! I'm just going to follow the fireman's suggestion and relax. And il be ok, because my clothes are made from blankets.

Brian Viola : Kept expecting him to go into the bit about a receipt for a donut, guy sounds just like Mitch Hedberg.

Cool Products : What exactly is happening here?

Faux : Inconsiderate frackers.

Sidd Finch : Nothing to worry about here, folks. Just a little clean oxygen with vitamins coming off the frack pits to enrich your life. Trust the oil and gas industry. They have nothing but your good health and best interests at heart.

Matt E : Well, your wrong. THAT sir, is nitrogen. They were bleeding off N2. When they purge N2 down from 75 MPA, its a hell of squeal, first time i heard it, scared me too. Source, 8 years of oil and gas support as a instrumentation tech. And, i actually dont see any frac equipment either, no horsepowers, no blender, no chem van. I think your clueless about it.

floyd gilcrease : h2s buddy

Alan Dampog : this is very dangerous.

John Doe : Hi, i'm Inspector Reddit. I just wanted to tell someone they're wrong. You're wrong! I'm wrong! This whole comment section is wrong!

I. Я. don : Would have been more fun if the Fracking Accident had become a Freak Accident: "Self-proclaimed Sheriff ignites gas cloud in the neighbourhood while filming with his drone."

eastcoastpaperboy : Hey Chris, I'm a reporter w/ Patch (; any chance we could talk for a story on your video?

Drilling Maps : Can you add this issue to

scott ferguson : there are patriots out there

Andrew Dieb : You put your drone up illegally btw. Did you notify all the airports and heliports that are required? If you’re part 107, then you have to get a waiver from FAA to fly at night. Btw. I live in Fannin Farm and drive by that area all the time. Guess I’m lucky. I’ve never smelled anything.

LeonidasSthlm : Nicely done man. Keep up the good work.

KEEPROLLINROLLINROLLINYO : yo that is safe to breathe yo it taste like lemonade yo

Micheal Jackson : So how does Uranium taste, bitter i heard?

gayloe : No boom? No big deal.

PVP Lord : Lol this title says fracking that’s not a frac. So before you post something get your facts straight an sounds like nitrogen bleed off btw.

bluisna : Aside from the comments about whether or not it's fracking or whether or not it's safe, can we all agree that there's no reason the firefighters should be "ashamed" of themselves? I'm sure that when you called 911 the call taker thought it was a gas leak in your house and it's not like the responding engine is gonna have any better information until they are actually on scene. Rule #1 of being on a HAZMAT scene is stay away from whatever the thing is. Arlington FD has a HAZMAT unit but that doesn't mean every firefighter on every truck is trained for it. First on scene means you set up a perimeter and make sure some rando civilian with his drone doesn't try to go in just because he was curious and wanted to literally smell whatever was coming out. It's not like they're gonna turn to you and say "oh shit dude we don't know what it is, run home and freak out." If they need to evacuate they will.

Daniel Grisham : Fraccident

Kim Feil : This is the Fannin Farms drill site in Arlington Gasland Texas and while he says this emission event was on September 10, 2018, there was a TCEQ air test done by request of Jessica Youngblood, a city of Arlington gaswell inspector due to residents complaints back in May of 2018... here is the pdf and of course no violations found as usual!

captain murph : So many Maries up in here...

KAB : This looks just like a work-over rig. This isn't frac site. The chemical that you described as rotten egg scent is most likely H2S. Good catch.

cindi curry : local news published an article over the weekend- i commented sun 9-23, cant locate it today. article included that pinholes appeared present by employees- arson at previous sites have included drills with small tips. security was searching and found video of unauthorized people cut through fence. the city shut down the site without a complete investigation, planning to vote on relocation in the future-bad idea= fema has not not arrived per article which is federal hazmat. locals have discussed boilers and hot water lines are cut off, no natural gas, which implies pressure can be building. a statement from the president at the oval office regarding gas explosions around u.s.a. ie chicago facility, boston 80 homes on update, others...inconclusive

yukineswan : typical c j

Sinikka Dickerson : I almost lost my life back in 2012 after finding myself in a low lying area, within a chemical plume. Instantly felt I was losing my capacity to think, with instant horrific headache and nausea. These powerful chemicals are heavier than air and settle in low lying areas. Our 'Dream City' council still keeps approving more drill sites after years of research on the dangers. Sickening, literally and figuratively. Shame on our Council!!!

Fish Creek Neighbor : A similar incident happened in our southeast Arlington neighborhood in April 2011. Our family got poisoned in our bedrooms in the middle of the night. Our neighborhood could have gone up in flames. Rather than protecting residents, the City Council issued additional gas wells to the operator who was, at that time, Chesapeake. Where is the justice? Where are the lawyers to sue the industry and the city for its reckless endangerment of the public? Ban Fracking Now!

bot robot : Good job man, i appreciate the effort you made to let us know about this.

Jason Weaver : It's not a fracking site. Fracking happens way before this. The reason they lost interest is because it was probably explained. Next time call the phone number on the information board next to the street. Chesapeake has a 24 hour line with people able to jump into the camera system to see what's going on. They can also dispatch someone to the site. The large machine on site is called a pulling unit or workover rig. Without being on site I cant tell you what is leaking.

Ivain : The comments are so full of contradictory information that I honestly have no idea what's true and what is not. However, those fumes simply aren't safe. It's not at night, so it's not water vapor. Whether this is an active fracking installation, a preliminary drill site or a remnant of a previously-existing fracking site doesn't matter, it's clearly not being attended to properly and is clearly directly related to the process of fracking. A responsible council would immediately suspend any licenses for fracking by whatever company did this while they investigate what happened, and depending on the result might need to keep the suspension indefinitely or until the company can prove they've taken adequate steps to prevent it happening again. Honestly that it's this close to your house is frightening. Even gas drilling sites in both the Netherlands and Germany are further away from living areas than this. most of them are AT LEAST 500m away (1500+ feet), and most of them are closer to a km away. To have any type of drilling operation within 200 meters of your house is something I just can't imagine.

internet person : what the frack

Sidd Finch : Read Eliza Griswold's new best seller "Amity and Prosperity" to learn about how Range Resources killed animals, sickened people, falsified test data, and bribed state regulators in Western Pennsylvania. It's so horrible, you won't be able to finish it. Now Republicans push people like Brett Kavanaugh for our Supreme Court so they can keep all of our medical professionals from telling sick people that their illnesses are caused by fracking - just like they did in Pennsylvania.

koopk1 : yay texas

Fish Creek Neighbor : When this kind of incident happened in my neighborhood, the operator told us that the gases dissipate and amount of gas that escaped was equivalent to a couple of guys barbecuing. Of course, we know they are liars. Thank you for capturing this video to dispel the lies of the oil and gas industry.