Why Photos of the Eiffel Tower at Night are Illegal

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Half as Interesting : To clarify, just because you can find an image on Google doesn't mean it's legal. This law is very loosly enforced but still is a law.

Stranded in Space : Hello. welcome to Paris, how tough are you? *How tough am I? I took a photo of the Eiffel Tower.* Yeah, so? *AT NIGHT* *gulp* go right ahead, sir.

michael hopkins : I have it !  on my 3rd video !

Phefonyawena : But it still has its lights attached on it during the day? LOOPHOLE!

Mad Ra21 : You managed to say ' Gustsv Eiffel didnt design the Eiffel Tower ' and pronounce Eiffel differently both times

Ervin Khamisi Vlogs : There’s 928267272622662625252525 pics of Eiffel tower at night

Nahidh Kurdi : Those copyright laws are outrageous. Lights hanging on a tower is an artistic work that should be protected by law? What a joke.

Mastermind8908 : What about the video of the New Years fireworks display on Jan 1 2000?

Farid Yar Khan : Rush Hour 3 has night picture of Eiffel tower and is a commercial movie

BayDagamer TV : I once drew a picture of the Eiffel tower at night for a school project........I TURNED THAT IN! I HAVE TO HIDE HOLY SHIT IM GOIN TO JAIL!

Diogenes The Cynic : Europe does have some stupid just like any other place on earth. I would like to see France try and sue an American for taking a public picture.

ICXC CXCI : OOOOO I AM SCARED , AM I GOING TO JAIL?? https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6e/Eiffel_Tower_at_night%2C_Paris_20_April_2013.jpg

DaisyWaterhouse : Instantly finds this after searching it up on youtube.... https://youtu.be/kuPOcIuVCQI

Szczepan Szklarczyk : Copyright exists only to be ignored.

Juan Regis Apolinário : Hahahaha, i loved how you made that Ad. So clever.

12pharro : Haha! What a bunch of bullshit. Fuck politicians and Uber rich mother fuckers

Patrick Star : Seriously, who makes these laws, it's a huge fucking tower for everyone to see in a high tourism dependable city, is humanity literally this stupid?

8,8 flak : I thought the only reason why is illegal because it brings back horrible memories of paris during it's occupied by germans during WWII especially when horrible things happen during nighttime on that Event

MASSIA2000 : Does that mean i cant take a picture of a bagel bcuz food is art.

James Berry : well then, what about the movie "rush hour" when it showed the Eiffel Tower at night?

D Welsh : Who exactly is going to enforce that law internationally? Even if you showed those buildings in your video.

OtakulunZ : Fck...its Humans Right to take pictures....Our world is Hooooorible!! fck that Law...Haha!

J F H McCudden : Never been enforced in court eh? This video is redundant. Do something worthwhile with your life

michael massengale : LMAO showing Disney is such a fare, absolutely nothing he did was original and these same laws your talking about made his theft all possible.

Cat God : Why is this video made in 2017?

Alexander Lim : Apparently shawn mendes music video has a eiffel tower at night?? (Theres nothin holding me back)

Krspy Chken : That just sound's stupid.

mrkthmn : I'm confused cause you just said it was illegal for commercial use, not personal, so why would my holiday photo land me in jail?

NanoMech : Personally i don't think the copyright system shouldn't exist. It's just a bit flawed.

Slime Bucket : copyright and trademark law are the reasons i got out of the music industry. that shit is made so rich have an advantage over non rich people

Cooper Stone : Good thing her blurred out Tour Montparnasse at 2:22 literally would vomit. A disgrace to paris

Mike Canion : Is this a joke

TheGamingSeal : Hitler has a photo of the eiffel tower behind him he's such a rebel

Redaljks redaljka : waka flocka have video of tower at night time :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wG-8MRzMPzI

alex cam : What about that movie Rush Hour 3? Half of the movie is filmed at the Eiffel Tower at night.

Joey Batts : This dude just took all of his information from a news article i found, there are alot of script discrepancies in the video, http://metro.co.uk/2016/09/09/you-cant-take-pictures-of-the-eiffel-tower-at-night-6118230/

Uriel Medina : So what about the Giovangi comercial of Amanda seygfried showing it how she light the eifel ?

Idnhtfan : So if I go to Walmart and film there and it was built 2 years ago, I could go to jail?

john smith : Best build a wall around it then. You can stop people from viewing it. Suck it Eiffel tower.

JJake Pau1124 : You can't see the lights during the day?

Some Guy : What's the penalty ? Say if they pick you as the lucky person to make a example of and enforce the law on ?

Tim Tjeerdsma : I didnt even know that

Barack Obama : Insightful video. Folks, I wonder who holds the copyright to be the first black US president.

The GamingTek : so your saying that all news sites in france are illeagaly usingbackgrounds with those buildings???

Lindsay Quinn : I've seen pictures of it at night

Avathar : That makes sense but is also the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I don't know how to feel about this.

King Keegster : Eh... sounds almost like a loophole.  They should define those laws more.

James Bowersock : Oh shit don't go through my photos then.

henryzbug493 亨利酷 : Why have 50% of these commenters not watched the video

Christian Mathison : Anyone else read the entire thing at 0:39 ?