Why Photos of the Eiffel Tower at Night are Illegal

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Half as Interesting : To clarify, just because you can find an image on Google doesn't mean it's legal. This law is very loosly enforced but still is a law.

LucasArg : I never knew buildings were copyrighted!

gaming4you : Alright, so my next goal is to go to Paris and start flying vlogs and other videos at night around the Eiffel tower. That's a really shit restriction

Safa : sometimes humans are so extra bruh

Javed Ali : My current wallpaper is Eiffel Tower at night,THUG LIFE. B|

Alltimeboxing : I'm french and never heard of this. Eiffel tower is filmed and photographed every day and every night by thousands of ppl/tourists. Plus with all the crime, the terrorism, and considering how full prisons are and how busy cops are.... there are approximately 0.00000001 chance to get in trouble for that. Only thing you risk doing that at night is being attacked by thugs for your camera.

My Instant Search : Next thing I'm gonna search now is "Eiffel tower at night" lol

P̷s̷ʏ̷ᴄ̷ʜ̷ᴏ̷ᴛ̷ɪ̷ᴄ̷ R̷ᴀ̷ɪ̷ɴ̷ʙ̷ᴏ̷ᴡ̷ᴢ̷ : Panorama is in Europe??

John Doe : Are you not breaking the law by posting those blurred out pictures, because one could simply consider those pictures "low resolution"

karthi keyan : In China the people's private parts are copyrighted ... that's why they are blurred in porn movies ..😂😂😂

Calvin236 : There's a time lapse of the Eiffel Tower at night that came with my Apple Watch. Send Tim Cook to jail!

Jeet Sharma : 'Searches Effiel Tower at Night on Google'

Soheil Nikdoust : Fuck all of these stupid ridiculous laws😆😆😆 r u kiddin me? I'll be sent to fuckin jail just cuz I took a picture from that metallic dildo at night?

Amit Kumar : This type of stupid restrictions are called as *chutiyapa* in Hindi.

Vanick Bg : I am a fifteen years and last year i went to Paris and took a picture of the Eiffel Tower at night. Damn it now they're probably gonna find me and do something on me to prevent me building a replica of the Tower. Bad time to be living :( LOL

Cars Overdose : The Eiffle Tower is built with the Algerian steel.

Elnathan Wong : Hey look I created a magnificent building and I want the world to see my wonderful creation but God forbid it’s in another persons video oh please God no!

Sam Randolph : That's not how this works. Even if a building is copyrighted, that doesn't make taking photographs of it illegal, because you're not reproducing the building. This is true of images, video, and text (since they can of course be copied digitally). It's not true of a building unless you actually build an exact replica - simply taking a photo (or even drawing a picture) of what a building looks like is not any sense making a copy of that building. Now, if the image of the building is trademarked or if its design is a trade secret, that would be a different story. For the purposes of copyright, though, there's nothing inherently illegal about reproducing the image of a building.

Mr. Voicecrack : Haha, bullshit.

esco : I litterly searched up "eiffel tower at night" on google and it's there.

Rishabh Nair : but what about Rush Hour 3? they had the whole end climax shown on the eiffle tower!

Yuuma _ : Actiolly, youre wrong. Yes, you could show us all that censored images. Just because you are showing them on a video, does not mean you own them... So you can't say that you can't show that to us because you could. There is a thing called fair use where you can show other things not ownimg them... Idk why you said you could not show that censored thing but you are fooling people. Sry for english mistakes.

Anonymous Official : https://youtu.be/R3hCIrk0DbA what's that then ?

Greg Annucci : dumbest video ever, completely misleading and full of half-truths. Glad I used adblock so the creators got zero from me.

Goog Phi : Copyright is wrong . You cant own a design or idea. Nobodies idea is original. Ask yourself if the ideas have are your own !!! Nothing you think is your own it is all from outside. You dont own shit. Copyright is slavery. I buy a CD a book software etc it is 100% mine i can do with it as i please share and show it to anyone . If taking a picture is copyrighted then you have to blindfold everyone from seeing a so called copyrighted building. If you dont want you imaginary ownership of your ideas to be shared then dont make it for the public to buy or to see.

UnPhayzable : "Welcome to the Salty Spittoon, how tough are ya?" "I took a picture of the Eiffel Tower." "So?" " *At night.* " "Oh shit come on in."

newmagicfilms : I've google it now : *eiffel tower at night* . And I've got the results i've wanted to , even apply the filter to use them in commercial way

the delta gamer : the reason why it's illegal to take photos at night is sooooooo thinking outside the box

Alessandro Zanardi : Come here in Italy, there in France they only have the Eiffel tower (a big amount of metal) We are the only who have the 60% of the UNESCO In their country there were Celtics, but here, there were Romans.

ÇŁØRØX BŁĘÃÇH : Is this hentai?

Леонид Декабрёв : Let’s troll France by uploading many videos of the Eiffel Tower at night on YouTube!

Zahra Hamid : How about a clip on 'There's nothing holding me back' music video by shawn mendes?

King : Wtf? Taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower at night is the last thing I’m gonna do on my bucket list, WHAT NOW

Dwright Productions : Not a very enforced law then..

BillionPie : What if there's an eclipse during the day?

Authentik : never heard of that, but great video!

Never Lucky m8 : 2:10 I live next to Paris so I see this everyday.

Shira Godsi : MIND.BLOWN.


Meghan Leathers : Mon Frances prof a une image de La Toure Effiel

Teemo : 60 years are up: yay now I can take photos of the Eiffel Tower at night! (light breaks and has to be fixed) Oh well now we have to wait another 60 years

Zyad Hasan : https://youtu.be/rpMClVCcgWM

The Amulet : That is actually quite Interesting! I would have never know! Thanks for this Video! You just made the World smarter... :-)

Leaf Lady : whoops I took some pics of it at night

Shantanu Kawale : Ok he has an illegal video FBI GET HIM!!

Lim Ming Quan : So Rush Hour 3 could be illegal eh?

enduro pancen oye : Pointless

TwofiddyFourstroke : I saw it at night on a live stream on Twitch.

The REDindian : Rush hour 3 ....final scene in nyt @eiffel twr

Fameme Team : I created a we page using squarspace woth free trial. All I do there is post copyrighted building photos and your videos...