Molly Makes Egg-in-a-Hole Sandwich with Bacon and Cheddar | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Molly Baz : I mean....who can resist a Crispy McCrisperson Egg in a Hole bacon egg and cheese?!? Get after it and report back!


Shayan Givehchian : Yeah Andy whipping out some persian...

brenley woodard : Does brad ever cook besides it’s alive or does he just sit on the computer

Callum Scott : Molly is bae

J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen : EGGSTRODINARY!!

Tosh T : Fry up those bread center pieces as well. Love just about anything BEC so this is definitely my jam. 👍

Austin Thompson : easy recipe. i'd like to see Molly struggle for a week trying to make something ridiculous lol it was a great job though.

Hagrid : Remember Brad punking Andy about how he stands at the counter? Right there, 5 seconds into this video. Case closed lmao

Fiona Jackson : More Molly please. She is great.

Elijah UsedSplash : Is she off the xans

Benjamin Man — iBenTV : "das guuud"

Daniel A. Nilsson : Seems like a good idea when doing eggs in each breadslice to offset the egg holes. That way you get full egg coverage throughout the sandwich instead of a double egg in the center.

Dwayne Wladyka : That is an eggcellent recipe.

Roland Neal : I’m glad she’s breaking out of her shell

ash ley : I love Molly!!

Mich Hardy : That apron is made out of wife material.

Nun Ya : Just a mome?... im done.

Omneel Wadkar : dont u think d bread is

Scott Animation : She really burnt that bread tho

Penny Cameron : You guys are amazing and I wouldn't normally offer advice but...what if you off set the holes so that when you assemble the sandwich, you could put the two egg breads together with that egg-love in each half?

dagny : i love the content on this channel but the comments section is always toxic

Vu Nhan : Not gonna lie, that one piece of bread is severely toasted.. like burnt

David B : Give me Claire or give me death

DisaidraGaming : "We fry one side till it's super crispy" Um...Molly? That's....burnt.

bigwoo : "I mean that's perfect hangover food" I thought for sure she was reaching for a beer at that moment.

nomeaknat : Yay Molly! This looks so gooood.

james jamas : thumbs up for molly!

Mitesh Trivedi : Molly 😍

100nujabes : Though the bread is burnt, it's nothing too drastic. Hopefully it adds at a charred flavor to the dish rather than an acrid, bitter flavor.

Pedro Blanco : Never flip with the egg, flip the bread to toast both sides, then drop egg, drop temp and cover to cook top. Looks better and less chance of breaking the yolk and ruining breakfast

skull sniper 34 : Egg in the nest for the love of god its Called egg in the nest.

Prototype oZ : *Where is my Claire!?*

GilbertSJH : Hate to be that guy, since Molly is a great cook, but damn she fine

Andrew Colvin : Diet version: avocado toast.

ghostdrifter : add some hash browns and smother with sausage gravy

Samston : BA is killing it with these personalities. I don’t think there’s a single one I don’t like.

sycoforbidden : That bread is burnt. No way around that.

mike rotch : I'd punch it out off set from the center. This way you can have egg for the entire sandwich.

Chris Dutton : My aunt called them “One Eyed Sailors”. She was from Brooklyn. Another Great video Molly, thanks!! ✌️❤️😀

just4fun620 : Molly!!! Your personality was really glowing in this episode.

Melika A : This is for Andy: Tokhme Morgh not Tokhte Morgh :D

Joe Vandall : Too much bacon grease?!

Mr. Pixxul : No offense but that one piece of toast is too charred. Wouldn't let that go out the window.

Jessica Edwards : I miss bradddd

caviarandchampagne : Molly, you're so effing cute 😄

Desiree Johnston : My dad never made me anything like this!! All he does is tell me to fix my self a bowl of cereal

Jan : so burned : /

Malcom Chiam : the bread looks burnt as hell

witty screen name : Seems like it'd be better to put the holes as far to the sides as possible, and put the slices together with the eggs on opposite sides, so the egg distribution gets more even. Neat thing though.