For a Few Dollars More - Clint Eastwood's Entrance (1965 HD)
For a Few Dollars More Clint You people need a new Sheriff

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repetemcfly : Clint Eastwood never aims, his bullets are just too scared to not hit their target

Travis Bickle : "Didn't hear what the bet was." "Your life ..." Pure badass!

Frantz Horadin : Clint Eastwood was born to play this role. No one could have done better. Not even Marlon Brando.

David Beckham : He really look more like a cowboy than a cowboy being played by a cowboy

Dreadog : Seriously, is any body cooler than Clint? NO

dazhibernian : That era had Clint Eastwood. Today we have Arthur Morgan.

Mason Bricke : I suspect this is Harry Callahan's great-great-grandfather... ;)

iDest390Z : The man who gives fire to Clint is my grandfather , Guillermo Mendez

Nekoryu 202 : My dog just watched this and he's a wolf now 😎

Justin Justice : Amazing info: A. The film was initially panned by critics but now considered one of the best westerns ever made. B. The actors performed while the music played. C. Director Sergio Leone spoke no English while the two leads spoke no Italian. Clint Eastwood later claimed to have directed himself. D. The movie was shot in Spain. E. Sound was not recorded until after the film was finished. The actors dubbed in their voices. F. All but three actors spoke their lines in Italian, which were dubbed in English for the American cut. G. The three-movie trilogy was actually filmed in 1964 although released later. H. Gian Volonte was selected to play the main villain based on his evil good looks, as Leone put it. I. Henry Fonda and Charles Bronsons were offered leading roles but rejected them, although both later had leads in Leone's mega success, Once Upon a Time in the West. J. The trilogy turned Leone and Eastwood into worldwide superstars. K. Leone picked actors based on their appearances, not their talent.


Andy Cap : Clint already had wrinkles in this 1965 movie, 53 years ago! The world will miss him when he's gone.

DigitalPraise7 : Chuck Norris checks under his bed for Clint.

Andreas Hoppe : the whisteling musician is Alessandro Alessandroni. Look him up… he could whistle like no other human being!

Ghillie Hoplite : so disappointed there were no ponchos in rdr2! hoplefully there will be in multiplayer - i want that look! ;)

G00GLE IS WATCHING : The original swamp need a new Sheriff (Comey).

Rey Barreto : "You people need a new sheriff."

Jimmy Lewis : This is my favorite in the trilogy. Lee Van Cleef is awesome.

Nicolas Cacace : Everybody Eastwood's character shoots always gives him that look as if they are waiting for his permission to die.

Sam Judge : OK that is one of the coolest cowboy Bounty Hunter intros in cinema history.

kotetsu131 : Probably the only man Chuck Norris is afraid of....


John jacobjingle : Liberal tv doesn't allow this type of courageous strong men on TV anymore. He hurt someone's feeling and there's no safe place πŸ˜‚.

mowasab14 : Who knew an Italian director shooting in Spain could make the greatest Westerns.

Ray Turner : Watched this at the cinema when I was 16. I swaggered out of there smoking a cigarette, acting like Clint as I strode along the street. A huge guy walked by and menacingly asked me for a light. I respectfully complied with a shaking hand....and needless to say, I scurried on home.

Joe Smith : Clint's a non-smoker, but he said he used the nastiest cigars he could find to use in filming. That's why he has that 'grim look of death'.

burnakels kuyu : The real red dead redemption 😁😍

Savitar : My future, is coming on.... πŸ˜‚

AWelsh Celt : Chuck Norris had a near Clint Eastwood experience...and lived.

General Dritz : My man did martial arts before it even existed in America

TheWinterShadow : The silence, the acting, the eyes and the music. We are honored.

Chris Loesch : this movie still rocks and it's been 53 years since it was made!

Lookout Piano : Gotta love those "Karate Chops!" Pure gold.

A Rose Boregman : Did you ever notice Clint Eastwood always rode the best horses...???? He was an expert horseman, dont forget he was on Rawhide. Rowdy Yates..Keep them doggies rollin....

Calbenmike : The manliest man to ever live.

beatleman69 : They'll never be another Clint Eastwood.

darth : I'm getting a ton of Clint Eastwood clips suggested to me due to me watching RDR2 videos. Anyone else?

A man With his cigarette : "you people need a new.... president"

Leonard Jackson : Best one armed ass whipping since Spencer Tracy in "Bad Day At Black Rock"..

actorben : They NEED to put Clint in the next, "Expendables," movie no matter how old he is!

Bioshockin : Playing read dead redemption 2 with the score from this movie playing.

elmexiastro : Wow. Seen this movie so many times and I can't believe I've just realize something. The whole time he had his right hand on the gun while only using his left hand to punch and block. That's how he was able to shoot down the other 3 men so fast. Gosh, he was always thinking ahead. 😎

misterivan75 : The best western actor for all time. Everything is integrated properly from music, screenplay, actors. The best movie ever.

MR GALLAGHER : the original. everyone thinks Schwarzenegger originated the one liner, nope

Corey Hanson : I never heard of a question asked about Clint to Chuck Norris, and Bruce Died before both😁

rajvader : So much awesomeness for so little budget.

Dio : Absolute legend.

Greg Gallacci : I love "Yojimbo"! The epic tale of a wandering warrior, making money by killing ALL the bad-guys! Toshiro Mafune was brilliant as the no-name killer. Oh, wait. My bad.

Roland Benipayo : He's a badass actor... "Go Ahead...Makes My Day"