For a Few Dollars More - Clint Eastwood's Entrance (1965 HD)

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Argumemnon : Eastwood is so good, his bullets change course in mid-air to hit his targets.

The Southern Gamer : My now late grandfather loved westerns and anything to do with cowboys that he essentially lived the life of one. He'd always be wearing a cowboy hat and had a whole room in his house decorated with nothin but western stuff. Not to mention having 30+ guns just lying around the house. Every time he turned on the TV, he'd watch nothing but westerns. After seeing this, I can understand why. RIP Papa

Pasajero De La Brújula : His right hand was strictly for his gun, his left was for gambling & manhandling.

TheWinterShadow : The silence, the acting, the eyes and the music. We are honored.

iDest390Z : The man who gives fire to Clint is my grandfather , Guillermo Mendez

Robert Carver : Clint was smooth in every movement of his body, not a single effort wasted and even riding that horse, never saw another actor do that. Most actors bounce all over the place.

Butch Seeger : Yes that's why they wore cowboy hats, so they could smoke in the rain


John Krausse : Sergio Leone .He took the western movie to heights no other director ever dreamed of. All his movie's where awesome!!! Anybody remember once upon a time in the west? Yeah ser

Joe Smith : Clint's a non-smoker, but he said he used the nastiest cigars he could find to use in filming. That's why he has that 'grim look of death'.

peter murphy : i played the movie to my 9 years son and couldnt get a word out of him while he was watching it it is timeless.

somalia somali ba leh : I remember when I was Yong since 1965 he was my favorite I liked the cowboy films it was a time Now I am 70 years old.

Lee Farrow : Was allowed to watch spaghetti westerns when I was 6 yrs old back in the 70's.even at that age I was mesmerized by them .Leone's brilliant direction,moriconne's perfect music score,eastwood's minimalist acting style it was a perfect match that probably will never be repeated.

Harshith : I have a question I've watch this movie like a hundred times but still I won't get bored, why???

jq747 : When Eastwood whips that poncho aside.. you know you're shit outta luck. Lol

kotetsu131 : Probably the only man Chuck Norris is afraid of....

Leonard Jackson : Lots of bodies hitting the floor? Oh shit! Clint Eastwood must be in town!

ღMs Sinocentღ : LOVE the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns!!

The Joker : I actually saw this before Fistful of Dollars back in the 60s. Clint single handily brought the western back from the grave.

Helium Road : Now THAT is how you make a movie, folks. Nobody makes westerns this good anymore. Nobody makes any movies this good anymore. Even the best of today's movies can't be watched over and over again the way these Leone movies can.

68blues : So, Clint sort of knew he had a better poker hand than Red. He beat Red up with his left hand. He shot Red without looking. Never seen such bad luck in a movie as Red just had. Another thing, The coolest character in the history of movies was after Red. Dammit, Red, what a loser.

Alan Wilson : Clint Eastwood should have been the president of the USA okay go ahead punk make ma day 😀👍👍👍😀

HIGH FLYER : he is a sharp shooter

Tauhid Mcnish : "Tell me isn't a sheriff supposed to be courageous, loyal, and above all honest", "yes that he is", rips his badge off, walks out throws badge in the gutter says, " you people need a new sherrif", rides off

rajvader : So much awesomeness for so little budget.

Mike Rod : Amazing the more you watch Clint's movies the more you realize what a icon he is. Thank you Clint

Slomofogo : In reality people like Eastwood;s character would have been shot dead in their sleep back in the old west.

Gerald Balciar Jr : Never gets old.

DJosephWells : 4:48 Clint is so cool he can even shoot at the floor and make the bullet ricochet upwards in the right direction.

Dajuro : American men 1965 = Clint Eastwood American men 2015 = Bruce Jenner America fell that far in just 50 years? Sad

Charlie Alder : These movies aren't just westerns they are cinematic perfection. The music and the acting make them masterpieces. They just don't make movies like this any more.

Jack Spratt : Clint could light a match and fire up his stogy even in a hurricane.

DAVID0665 : Compare that to Hollywood's output

Wedge Antilles : His Sergio Leone westerns is what I consider some of his best movies

Leigh Garfield : They don’t make movies like this no more. Sad to say. The background music, the scenery, the actors, the story. All comes together in perfect harmony. Perfect film to watch on a Sunday afternoon, eating a roast dinner with the family.

DarKKnightt07 : I feel like eastwood was born during the wrong era, he really does look like a authentic cowboy from the old west.

T Ballstaedt : Classic Sergio Leone. Simple acting, gritty characters and amazing screenshots. The problem with modern western is they try to jam too much drama action and dialog into the scenes and complicate the characters too much. Some pleasant recent exceptions to this would be Apaloosa, Open Range.

beatleman69 : They'll never be another Clint Eastwood.

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling : It's gonna be a real sad day when Clint passes away. He's the last in a breed of iconic screen superstars. The opening scene draws you in like a tractor beam and the action just builds after that. What great about these films is that you're never taken on a roller coaster ride, but brought along slowly, like a crockpot just before it boils over. I particularly enjoy the music in this film, and it all his westerns. It's pure genius the part of the composers.

Shin Kansen : If only he were as good in picking political sides as acting roles.

Souria Adnane : Thé good actor un thé world

trwent : This middle film of the trilogy was by far the best.

Maria Bonser : Love this man Fantastic acting

Danfuerth Gillis : This is before steadicam, before heavy green screening, before any heavy digital compositing, this is when you had to move gear and cameras by hand. This is the time when rails had to be put down for cameras, when no auto zoom follow, before heavy depth of field started killing good movies, when Actors had to be their own stuntman ie ride horses.  Actors back then got dirty, that is what Western Movies are about, dirt everywhere. And you can see when manual labour pays off This is a massive testament to manual work = Priceless Cinematography.

Kobal2k7 : - What do you know about Cavanagh ? - About a week ago (week ago) he was seen at White Rocks - Thanks - If it's of any interest to you, somebody else dropped in to see me about him. - Who ? - I'd never seen him before, his name is Manco.

Fucking Peasants : Only a true badass like Clint can decide who runs this town.

ANTI HERO : He only used one hand.....

Любимый Богом : Джону Рэмбо, персонажам Сигала и прочим киномэнам 80-ых было у кого поучиться в плане пафоса! ;))

Swiss Militis Christi LXXII : I'm sure people in this saloon are really having fun. They're not even acting, it looks so real, the quality is incredible in comparison with the mainstream shit of today. You don't need 150 millions $ to make a good movie, only talent.

Ebefren Revo : An entire movie in 6 minutes. A movie 1000 times better than ANY movie of the last decade.