George Carlin about abortion and 'the sanctity of life'.
George Carlin on abortion and the sanctity of life

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Masterful performance of George Carlin taken from the show "Back in Town", 1996.


PIX Promos & More : (*SIGH*) George, we Needed you in Alabama in 2019...

Costantino Volpe : The world is a more ignorant place without Carlin. Man I miss him

NothingMaster : Freakin' genius; Carlin was a freakin' genius. 😂😂😂

Quantum Girl : Alabama brought me back here!

Joshua Weatherly : This man changed my life

MotherRat : Well.. Here we are again. I guess this will be relevant forever.

Ryan Bac : Georgia, Alabama, and other red states currently need this man

MDKArtist : LOL "Not every ejaculation deserves a name" funniest shit I heard all day.

Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau : George Carlin was ahead of his time.

David C : "...until I reached the age of reason."

Alessia Diana : Unfortunately there is nothing worse than to be right when a whole system is wrong! George Carlin, you were not a comedian... You were a philosopher!!!!

TJ Chimichanga : People, because their pests! And it's fun! And on a few occassions for some people..because we're hungry

Sophia Enriquez : "Everything that ever lived is dead and everything that lives will die." so what's so sacred about life 😂👌👌

Mark Wortman : These pro-lifers... Love the fetus, hate the child.

Jack James : Sigh. Pro-lifers will bring us back to the dark age

Arte a : Brilliant. As usual.

Tyler Swagar : "If a fetus is a human being, how come when there's a miscarriage, they don't have a funeral?" I miss the days when this was an absurd hypothetical and not an actual thing they do in Indiana.

Zoe Chapin : Ahhh George. I wish you were still here to give this beautiful soliloquy to the Alabama Legislature. They would have still signed the bill but not after few zealots spontaneously combusted from hearing all that blasphemy.....😜🤪🤤😵 *POOF* 💀

Jim Mehlich : George is a great comedian with such deep insight to the human condition. He was genius. His genius lied in the heavy subjects of life and delivered through comedy. There will never be another one like him.

S T : I loved this man. What a savage truth teller.

Henrik Bæckström : This was Carlins most genius period.

buff3dN3rf : He's right about everything.

Mohammad Mursalin : I cannot believe this was 2 decades ago

Ethan Baker-Hayes : The past 3-4 years in politics and society in the US make me wonder what George Carlin would make of all of this if alive.

Gregg Blade : 23 years ago... and way too fkn relevant

Mike P : If he was alive to see the shit that's happening these last 4 years he would have enough material for a decade

JoseiQueen : Had an abortion two years ago. Best decision of my life. :)

Anne Bloem : George carlin vs ben shapiro....let’s go

peter wurst : I love this man so much He will forever be m hero George Carlin was one of a kind

Ned Rostram : This is living proof that politics continues in circles rather than going forward. Tradition, challenge to tradition, progression, challenge to progression, rinse, repeat.

Ken P : 167 Republicans from Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana down-voted this gem.

vini916 smith : 🗣Say it few more times for the crazy Alabama’s in the back!

F.B.I Agent : If you ever see a car with a bumper sticker that says "I Brake For Advanced Melanoma" It's me.

Tiecong Li : The most important factor beside fun is he is tell you the truth.

schnook11 : Brilliant. So fucking brilliant, wise, and funny. Spot on.

Josh Hill : Not every ejaculation deserves a name!

Maura Nolan : Oh! We all miss this courageous comic genius!

Robert Watson : always brilliant. talks the TRUTH

francois couture : still (and more) relevant today....

Snatch Napkin : i miss you george you were so on point about everything

rohitchaoji : George Carlin's perspective on life was the most well-informed I've ever heard.

Shawn Brush : Realist comic of all time.

erlNite : I love this guy xD Brilliant!

Quinn Minear : Even after death, we still can learn.

tshirtjay : We need this man more than ever!

Justin DiMatteo : The debate on so many issues should have ended years ago when Carlin dispensed his wisdom on us, but here we are today. Leave it to humans to learn and retain nothing once we're no longer being spoonfed the truth from an entertainer.

Marvelous0ne : Way to go Cardinal Glick!

Sh0t : Alabama is a red state tax parasite

MadMan731 : I think I'll just keep posting this clip in response to every pro life fanatic from now on.