How Black Panther's Visual Effects Were Made | WIRED

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sam Olive : TBH as good as the movie was, special effects and CGI wasn't the one of it's highlights.

Balta Bueno : When a movie uses that much CGI, you might as well call it an animated movie lol And I agree with sam Olive: "TBH as good as the movie was, special effects and CGI wasn't the one of it's highlights."

Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV! : WAYYY too much CGI in the movie, good movie but the best parts were without CGI like the fights at the waterfall

Slyther Studios : This was my favorite animated movie of the year! Maybe they'll make a live action version one day.

Just Deion : Worst part of the movie was the CGI, that tunnel fight was atrocious.

slorr55 : This looks hard

pen art : Iron man 1 CGI still surprises me to this day

Violet Null : Anybody else who isn’t bugged by the CGI?

TheValueKing : The CGI in most marvel movies is pretty bad with the exception of Logan and Doctor Strange (MCU). Even in Infinity War, when Thor comed down to earth and he jumps up with lighting around him, it looked like an amateur added it in After Effects. With that said, the black panther cgi isn't as bad as everybody is making it out to be. Spiderman Homecoming takes the cake for worst CGI in the MCU

MrGNugget : The CGI in that final battle was horrendous, but everything else was great. Shoutout to them for making Wakanda look like a real place

Mango Steel : People are dogging out the cgi. Some of it wasn’t even noticeable. The 100 or so women fighting in the background look real AF! Stop hating 🛑.

The Selchies : Why does Black Panther even need to be animated? I can understand some scenes where he’s jumping or getting knocked back but when he’s just walking or running? I hope they improve on the sequel.

Nick : The CG budget for this movie was $58

Ernest Sacco : The CGI was the worst part of the movie....never mind the generic plot and the lame characterization

EPM 101 : Poorly, that’s how.

Manatee32 : Honestly it is unacceptable that the first transformers movie which was 11 years ago with half the budget has cgi that blows this movie out of the water Edit: I wrote wayer instead of water

Corey Machado : TBH I kinda hated this entire fight sequence. It felt SO ridiculous and out of place compared to the first 2/3 of the film.

m94h : When LOTR was released more than 15 years ago, with worse cgi but still much more believable and immersive...

Jake V : Worst Visual Effects I've seen in a while but Movie was great

CySa Naidoo : I loved the fight with M’Baku and T’Challa by Warrior Falls! I also loved the fight between Killmonger and T’Challa at Warrior Falls! These two scenes felt so real and awesome! Then in the Third Act when Erik and T’Challa were fighting on the tracks, the CGI was so noticeable and fake. I Loved this movie but I was disappointed with the final fight. Fight scenes need to include practical effects.

Jeffrey Root : That CGI is pretty horrible. The Rhinos in the 1994 version of Jumanji looked better.

virgen virgen : It looks cheap. Saturday morning cg cartoon cheap

_MaZ_TeR_ : The rhinos looked really fake to be honest

Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube : If you watch Black Panther then watch civil war. You can see in civil war all the BP movement looks more believable. Dont get me wrong this CG is remarkable, some scene i cant really see the difference. But i just prefer BP movement in civil war.

roentgen6 : Just came for the comments to see if anyone else thought the CG was trash.

SALT : I just realised Kilmonger changed his hair further in the movie,so like who did his hair in Wakanda? 😂😂😂

bruce : some of the cg in this looked really bad. like videogame render bad. studios need to try to do as much physically as possible

Chris Koelsch : If CG is good you don't notice it. Sometimes it's good. Sometimes it's not. Either way it does make me slightly sad when I find out that almost nothing in a scene is real.

Ethém Shallabdullem : All good cept for the final fight in the caves, the CGI there was worse then Battelfield 2.

Luchiop : Wouldn't brag about them. Worst effects in a marvel movie so far.

Dustin Mullins : Car fight scene was amazing final fight scene was underwhelming

Swaggy : Just wish the fight scenes were better

ZDEyE : I am disappointed in the Infinity War... Where was the Rhinos???

lauboy de gamer : Its so awesome that they can make this!

saitofu : So many people here are just commenting the cgi is bad, horrible bla bla. Meanwhile here i am just enjoying the movie without caring any minus thing on.

Purple Galaxy : No one understands how hard it is to make up a new world without using CGI no matter what CGI is important.

Jethron Micah : The cgi was rubbish

Janthdanl : The train fight scene cgi was awful, everything else was pretty amazing though, those rhinos were dope

Shivam S. Patel : All these people saying everything looked like trash, I bet they couldn't do even a tenth of what the animators did. Second, they say it's all bad, but don't say how they can make it better. What's the point of criticism if you can't provide a reason for it? CGI hating seems like the cool thing to do these days it seems. Any comic book movie needs to have some level of CGI.

Dadrian Johnson : THEIR CGI GUY NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!!!!

MirokuPlays : I completely understand that this movie used ALOT of experimental CGI technology. However completely replacing characters for long and drawn out scenes is a terrible idea. They should have stuck with an actual actor then using CHI to “touch them up”. Like T’challa walking up the wreck the suit actually looked decent. But the fight scenes look so rubbery and fake. I understand you can’t drop a person off a cliff and just “touch it up” but other films manage it so well.

Saleh Siddiqi : Respect.

WretchedWacko : I have a cousin in Canada who worked on both the visual affects on Black panther and Infinity war

Captain Underpants : SO BAD!

Josh Hilfer : I don't want to know how they made black panthers justice league level of speacil effects lmao

NonsensicalVids : tunnel fight was kinda bad tbh, especially for 2018 standards

Section GamingPlus : The CGI looks (in my opinion) so bad here, it looks like PS3 game. I really wanted a Creed style final battle between T'challa and Killmonger in where they both have Black Panther suits and they engage in a fist fight like true warriors not this overblown, CGI mess. Don't care about Disney coming in and saying "that's too bloody, too violence" because shooting people and seeing a building blow up in Civil War is okay with them.

Cynima Rapscallion : Poorly. Saved you 10 minutes.

Jesper Hellvik : I am in shock at how bad the CG is in this movie! I am in shock at how bad this movie is overall!

Cookie Crumbulls : This video changes the way I see these movie has it is one of my favourite. I did not think this much CGI needed to be in this movie. Of course most movies have CGI and “movie magic” but this movie almost every scene was made out of CGI, I will still love this movie, they just should of died down the CGI a bit, it’s a ‘Live-Action’ movie and an animated movie. Just hope the second one has a little less.