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Beats Reloaded : Some parts of the movie had a great mix of live action and CGI like the chase scene with Klaue. The parts I had a problem with wasn't the CGI itself, but the choreography of the CGI fights and moments. They didn't seem to match the intensity moment. Like Killmonger Vs the Dora Milaje. He looked sloppy compared to when he fought T'Challa on the mountain. Still a great movie though. One of my favorites.

EpicBeard815 : "We ended up doing full CG replacements for the actors" Yeah. We could tell.

Zakir Sheriff : Dope!

Amazuber : *blink* x 1500

G4RT : “I neva Freez”

sam Olive : TBH as good as the movie was, special effects and CGI wasn't the one of it's highlights.

Balta Bueno : When a movie uses that much CGI, you might as well call it an animated movie lol And I agree with sam Olive: "TBH as good as the movie was, special effects and CGI wasn't the one of it's highlights."

Animated Aaron : The cgi in Black Panther was some of the worst in the MCU. Even phase 1 movies looked better

The Selchies : Why does Black Panther even need to be animated? I can understand some scenes where he’s jumping or getting knocked back but when he’s just walking or running? I hope they improve on the sequel.

StoneOcean : The only thing I did not like with this film was the end animations. Looked to plastic and fake for a big budget movie. Otherwise it was okey :)

Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV! : WAYYY too much CGI in the movie, good movie but the best parts were without CGI like the fights at the waterfall

Divineshot 314 : Haven't seen it yet but awesome breakdown 😍

Tyler Galinanes : The CGI in the third act looked like two people made of rubber fighting in a PS2 cutscene.

Skylake Zero : "pivotal scene because the audience comes to realize that Black Panther has not died" HAHAHA

Twelve K : CGI was TRASH

Mew [Jacob] : I wish they had used a mix of practical effects and CGI because it looked so weird during the last fight

Jock McBile : While I loved BP, there were multiple scenes where the CGI looked pretty fake. I think this Effects House, was overwhelmed after Marvel decided to go with CGI suits for BP and Killmonger.

Robert Taylor : I get most CGI but it baffles me why they feel the need to resize the heads of the actors to make them look smaller when the helmets are on. I know bobblehead effect but still after you notice it, its almost unseeable.

Shakira Naé : This was sooooooo dope

Just Deion : Worst part of the movie was the CGI, that tunnel fight was atrocious.

Manatee32 : Honestly it is unacceptable that the first transformers movie which was 11 years ago with half the budget has cgi that blows this movie out of the water Edit: I wrote wayer instead of water

roentgen6 : Just came for the comments to see if anyone else thought the CG was trash.

lauboy de gamer : Its so awesome that they can make this!

M /Best Video : 👍🏼👏👏👏👏👏⚡👑⚡👑⚡⚡👑⚡⚡⚡👑👑⚡👑⚡⚡👑

Andres Borges : Oh this is why everything looked so fake. Gotcha. This is why movies like Mad Max which use CGI intelligently get such high acclaim for their action and BP doesnt. That said, it's clear the artists are very talented, however, CGI needs to used to enhance live action not replace it.

ryan0348 : Movie was trash my kangs

Sergio Lopez : Ya'll Black Panther's CG was bad because we killed the rhinos

prod. cxnder : Take a shot for every time he blinks.

slorr55 : This looks hard

DJ Jake V : Worst Visual Effects I've seen in a while but Movie was great

m94h : When LOTR was released more than 15 years ago, with worse cgi but still much more believable and immersive...

Artizan : No wonder the 2nd half of the movie looks so trash. Yall going with purely CGI is what ruined the movie.

dody armanto : Man that railway scenes was not that good man looka like star ship trooper the animated series

Cyen Sachin : I loved the fight with M’Baku and T’Challa by Warrior Falls! I also loved the fight between Killmonger and T’Challa at Warrior Falls! These two scenes felt so real and awesome! Then in the Third Act when Erik and T’Challa were fighting on the tracks, the CGI was so noticeable and fake. I Loved this movie but I was disappointed with the final fight. Fight scenes need to include practical effects.

Eniayo Ayoola : What he said at 9:07 really sticks with me. Imagine pouring hundreds of hours developing CGI movie scenes only to see the movie fail 😬

BPFMG : CGMehhhhhh

Corey Machado : TBH I kinda hated this entire fight sequence. It felt SO ridiculous and out of place compared to the first 2/3 of the film.

This 'n That Studio : If CG is good you don't notice it. Sometimes it's good. Sometimes it's not. Either way it does make me slightly sad when I find out that almost nothing in a scene is real.

Dustin Mullins : Car fight scene was amazing final fight scene was underwhelming

_MaZ_ : The rhinos looked really fake to be honest

Eduardo A. Álvarez : I honestly think that was one of the worst CGI in the MCU

smugtakagi : CGI is not bad, however bad CGI and over saturation of CGI is what hurts movies. Black panther was a good movie, however there was too much CGI (Wakanda. It would of an amazing movie if it wasn't for that. The fight underground didn't help either.


MrGNugget : The CGI in that final battle was horrendous, but everything else was great. Shoutout to them for making Wakanda look like a real place

Tigger Tail : I wanted to walk out the theatre. No real locations, no actual actors but computer models instead. No cinematography craft what so ever. Very sad and upsetting that cinema has taken this odd and lazy route. Just like the Hobbit was a a computer demo of a movie The Black Panther turn out to be exactly that. No atmosphere, no feel for the African land, not a single African animal but that hilarious computer rhino, no establishing of characters, no real people on sight, no interaction between actors since they are all present at different time and than stitched together after the fact. What a puky way to make a movie. No longer is the Movie Magic present. What is left is a generic mishmash of computer graphics. I rather watch Angrie Joe's green screen episodes than this.

Dadrian Johnson : THEIR CGI GUY NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!!!!

virgen virgen : It looks cheap. Saturday morning cg cartoon cheap

SHAAN : And they say DC uses a lot of CGI.... Cgi is necessary in superhero movies...

Simon Yip : Cgi was absolute garbage, special effects team should be ashamed

Jorge DC : Why does the guy always blink